Execution of Three Chinese Teenage Girls

Execution of Three Chinese Teenage Girls

Pictures of Chinese Executions by Beheading we already have on Best Gore were taken in the early 1900s. Since then, Chinese executioners modernised their arsenal and come mid to late 20th century, they started executing people with a gunshot to the head. What these three teenage girl were accused of is uncertain, but they were executed despite their age. They were lined against the wall of dirt and took a rifle shot in the skull. They were either not as young as they seem from the photos, or they do also execute underage people in China.

Notice how there are soldiers who get to hold the condemned while they are being executed. They know brain matter is about to start flying uncontrollably so they bend out of their way to avoid it as much as they can.

The girls look very young – in their teens but guessing correct age of Chinese girls can be tricky. There was something like a cover story with these pictures which said that they were spies, a crime for which there is a capital punishment in China, no matter the age. If that story is real, then they sure train their spies young (not sure who would have trained them, some other country perhaps?). Someone however mentioned that they were executed on drug trafficking charges. Perhaps someone who speaks Chinese can translate the signs the executioners made them wear before the sentence was carried out.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Execution of Three Chinese Teenage Girls”

  1. that nice little piece of weaponry used to “off’ the girls is the Chines “Type 81-I” variant of the Ak-47 Type 56 the Chines used for so long. It uses the same ammo, 7.62X39 and is a DEVASTATING round, but up close to the skull… well… you see the results. VERY NICE emptying of the skull.

    No, the girl didn’t take a heart shot. The blood is skull blood. It is a little too far to the left to be the heart, and besides, after you blow off the top of her head and empty her skull, not really much need for another shot, huh? NICE.

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if their crimes were having “More than the Govt. alloted ONE BABY per family.” They get serious about population control. Extra babies are thrown into the rice field to be used as fertilizer.

  2. Glad I don’t live in China. They execute you for just about anything there.

    I don’t know if they still do it, or if it was true, but I heard that the families of the executed were sent a bill for the bullet used in the execution.

  3. “#Why Anybody says:
    I wonder how much pain one feels as a shotgun blast blows your head off. The pain must not last long as death comes quickly. Lights out for these girls. They are deader than dead.”

    Brain and consciousness are thoroughly intertwined, and the brain itself doesn’t feel pain. Reflexes aren’t as quick in the skin of the head as they are in hands/legs so odds are they didn’t feel a thing, physically.

  4. And Scorpius knows this HOW? Experience? hehehehe
    I’ve never BLOWN MY BRAINS OUT BEFORE…. so I don’t know FOR SURE,,, but, most of pain is routed through “memory” paths in brain. No memory, no pain. Or so I’m told. That’s why during surgery you are given meds to erase short term memory for a period of time.

  5. licky-louie, that really is a good point. i never really thought of the surgery thing, but i do believe you are correct. but i may try to blow my brains out just to make sure b4 i disreguard scorpio all together.

  6. Hi guys!
    I came from China,so I can offer some information about this girl.
    The girl’s name was ???.She lost her father when she was a child.The villagers thought she was evil,so they almost killed her.But she was saved by her mother.
    Her mother dead when she was 13.She sold by her stepfather as a slave when she was 17.
    She suffered too much.She raped by the man who bought her and her cousin.In 1992-1995,she was misused so many times.
    In 1995,her son was killed.She could not bear the life.She killed the man when the man was asleep,and fired the man’s house.Soon,she was cought by police and killed.

    Yes,I think life is cheaper in China.

    1. Yes, I remember reading aobut her story. After all she had gone through she was executed for trying to defend herself. Makes you hope there is something better after this life for innocent people who suffer.

  7. Neuroscience major here…
    Anesthesia inhibits synaptic communication to temporarily censor tactile sensation. A side effect of which is the inability to generate memory–which is dependent upon synaptic gap formation–for the duration of altered brain chemistry. Memory is not technically “lost”; it is not produced in the 1st place. =) suffice to say, the girls did not experience pail.
    The rope around their legs, arms, and neck served to impair the ability to escape. The swatch of ribbon is a color coded indication of punishment. In china, white is associated with death.

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