Execution of Tribal Man Who Broke His Pledge of Allegiance to ISIS

Execution of Tribal Man Who Broke His Pledge of Allegiance to ISIS

A newly released ISIS video is titled “The Tribal Conflict” and contains the execution of an old man. The video was reportedly filmed in Raqqah, Syria.

The old man is a tribal member who allegedly broke his pledge of allegiance to Islamic State, which is by extension allegiance to Israel, which is in turn allegiance to the death of his tribe, his ancestral land, and everything else involved in who he is.

The old man was executed with multiple shot in the head with a handgun.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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66 thoughts on “Execution of Tribal Man Who Broke His Pledge of Allegiance to ISIS”

    1. The poor old FatherFucker.

      Funny how all the nice talking before getting CHOPPED UP or CRUSHED brings something.

      Na da! Nothing!

      They die GRUESOME anyway.

      The weak old sissy cum sniffer deserved it! H talked like a weak beta, instead of saying:” You gonna kill me anyway. Fuck you all. I will say nothing. Get it over you cunts!”

      1. @misterfilth
        Oh I agree. Sounds totally beta to me.
        If you’re captured by ISIS, you know you are totally fucked. Compassion is not their best trait.
        Please don’t co-operate in the making of a video which is about your, er, death.
        That is the ultimate cuckold. Instead say:
        “Fuck Pisslam. Fuck ISIS. There are no 72 virgins in heaven, you stupid goatporn watchers”.
        If you’re gonna die, DIE ALPHA!!!

      1. Read the fucking Talmud mate, it makes the quran look like a comic book. But that’s if you prefer 3yr old bond-maids over 9 yr old wives. They’re both best used in the shitter, as an alternative to bog-roll.

    1. @zensuffering To me he realized that his fiat was inevitable; as if he knew he was going to die and he seemed to strong to show any emotion. He looked confused and scared. I don’t think for one second that he felt relief.

    2. I’d rather be dead than living with these fuckheads anyway. You know he lied from the beginning just to save his ass. Someone must have told on him because if you only say one bad thing about the IS the brainwashed people of Raqqa will tell on you like the Nazi Germans did on their jewish neighbors. There’s no doubt that some of the people that live there look up to the IS and support them in every way, hence I’d have no problems with carpet bombing the whole place, too bad that’s not a thing anymore.

  1. You Rebel scum haha in all serious though they call I.S Shiite Muslims for a good reason. Their beliefs, customs, religion families women ♀ personal hygiene and mostly their pedophilic prophet Muhammad (may pigs and bacon be upon him) are all complete and utter SHITE

      1. @stephgw64 Thanks and Shitte heads has a nice ring too it i may create a crude poster with out of date ham for words into a poster on the wall of my local terrorist training camp sorry Mosque informing them of such a well thought out nickname. Fucking dirty fuckers i hope before they meet their assuredly grizzly ends they realize there is no God or great pedophile in the sky (Muhammad) watching their pathetic lives. No 72 virgins and that they are puppets merely furthering the geopolitical aims of their sworn enemies (THE JEWS!!!). Just for a split second before you rest in your own piss you retarded brown bastards!

  2. It would be awesome if somebody strapped an EKG machine to one of these people to see what happens to the heart after a headshot like that. Obviously the heartbeat will terminate in v-tach and v-fib, but how soon after the headshot? Seemed like he hit his reptilian brain, I wonder if it made a big difference. He wasn’t breathing.

  3. Initially it looked as if the tribal guy all too pleased was trying to show off to the ISIS guy how his car looked from the inside out giving zero fucks to the oath of allegiance .
    He and his car he thought were invincible COMBOS and he an immortal.
    On that parched land with litres of blood at least some grass is gonna grow keeping some livestock happy .

    1. LMAO the fucking idiots probably believe that his ghost will go tell people or something. I wonder if he gets any virgins dying like that? or you need to blow yourself up to get the 72 hairy sheet wearing monsters.

  4. When Russia is kicking your ass, you need to pick on the most defenseless to feel tough again.
    Do you really think one person went to capture this old man, or a group of gun drawn war deserters?
    Go to the real war instead of picking on the weak and thinking it proves something.
    And why the blindfold if they were going to kill him anyway?

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