Execution Video of German WWII General Anton Dostler

Execution Video of German WWII General Anton Dostler

Anton Dostler was a German army general during World War II. He was tried and found guilty of war crimes in the first allied war trial after the war. He was sentenced to death by firing squad and became the first person to be put to death for war crimes. His execution, which was carried out on December 1st, 1945 in Aversa, Italy was filmed on silent, black and white cameras and the video of it is below.

However, Anton Dostler’s sentencing and execution did not sit well with everyone and rightly so.

In 1942, a group of German saboteurs was captured in the USA and summarily executed after their Operation Pastorius went afoul owing to a betrayal from one of their own. The decision to have them tried by military tribunal and executed was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in Ex parte Quirin.

Similar thing happened on the opposite end of the war spectrum after a group of 15 American saboteurs sent to destroy a railway tunnel at Framura were captured by German troops and sent to La Spezia in Italy where they were executed. While the Americans did not face a war tribunal for their execution of the saboteurs, Anton Dostler who was found guilty to have been behind the execution of the US saboteurs was sentenced to death by a firing squad.

There was also the fact that the order to carry out the execution originated from Anton Dostler’s superior – General Field Marshal Kesselring. Alexander zu Dohna-Schlobitten – officer of Dostler’s staff found the order harsh and thought the captives should be held as Prisoners of War but owing to the orders from above, Anton Dostler insisted on execution. Because Alexander zu Dohna-Schlobitten refused to sign the execution papers, he was later discharged from the army but no further action was taken against him.

After Alexander zu Dohna-Schlobitten’s dismissal, Anton Dostler relayed the execution order to the fortress brigade personally and the order was promptly carried out. For this, he was sentenced to death by the allied war trial, even though similar order to execute saboteurs in the USA did not end up in sentencing of executioners.

The jury argued that unlike captured Germans executed in the USA, the Americans executed in Italy allegedly wore uniforms when captured. This fact was however disputed many times over.

In other words, Anton Dostler was executed for acting on superior’s orders and for acting in a way which was not found against Geneva convention when carried out by the opposing side.

Anton Dostler’s defense attorney Col. Claudius said this in his closing statement:

We won the war this time, but no one knows who will win the next time. We might lose and then you gentlemen might find yourselves sitting where this man is now sitting…

If we find this man guilty because of political pressure or because he lost the war and is in our power, we might as well not have won the war.

I think the jurors knew that they were unlawfully sending a man to his death, but with all the pressure going on in the background, the decision was clearly made before the trial even started that this man will be executed one way or another. And so he was.

Props to ButterBatter for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @Author- Well, I have had some unpleasant shit roll over my face within the last 10 years crammed into what seems like a tight asshole at the brink of diarrhea blowing at any moment, figuratively speaking.

            Within that time frame it has caused me to have recurrent nightmares. I am embarrassed to say that I have had a few night terrors before.

            I am sort of a lonely person and I blame it on my personality. I guess I just differ from the people I have associated with a little more than these people would care for.

            It has left me with hardly anybody to talk to. I have went through so much and I have 1 friend to show for it. Of course I have other friends but I am not sure if I could call them that at this point.

            I have been diagnosed with bipolar and that also contributes to my personality that people are just not use to being around.

            One of the reasons I come here is to have people to talk to me. That is pretty sad.

            Comment bombing 101 I am done rambling.

          2. @Nikki, if you were in my arms you would feel so loved and safe you would fall asleep like a baby. Of course the wild sex before hand will help with that.

        1. Redbull/Monster helps if you don’t like coffee though I don’t know which brand you like it could be Rockstar? just take some and enjoy the night sleep in the day after all summer nights get hot can’t really sleep anyway

          1. Nicole, I suffered a tragic event years back that fucked me up pretty good, to say the least. I would go for what seemed like days on end without sleeping. Every time I would close my eyes I’d see the horrific pictures/movies my brain, to this day, will not forget. Whatever you’re going through, know people care – even strangers, so to speak.

          2. Author/nicole I too have had some really shit things happen to me, and like nicole have ended up pretty lonely because of them.

            That’s one of the reasons I am an SOB because this site makes me reaslize there are worse things that can happen even though what happened to us as individuals will always be with us.

          3. Gunkgirl, Nicole and Michelle.

            I understand where you guys are coming from.

            I have said it countless times on the site before.

            This website attracts a certain type of person.

            Usually the Strong- willed and the ultra pissed off.

            It is never good to see your fellow Human in pain.

            And yes. I would agree that maintaining a physical regime is the best way to combat both Depression and Insomnia.

            If a poll was taken on this site. I wouldn’t be surprised if 100% of Goregians suffer from Bipolar depression or other mental ailments.

          4. I to have had terrible things happen in my life, I learned to deal with it by hating every one, not trusting people, and not caring for people or myself, as Tom said, the strong willed and the ultra pissed off. Nicole, embrace the dark side, let it flow through you, feel the power of the dark side, do not fight your destiny, Sith! 😉

          5. Funny isn’t it?

            How alike we are…

            This site just draws all of the perverts and rejects from across the planet and throws us all together.

            The result… A tasty soup.

    1. i have studied WWII most of my life and i have to agree with you as a lot of the time the rules of war were ‘elasticated’. Unfortunately hun, when a scapegoat is needed, sometimes the flimsiest of excuses are all thats needed.

    1. Another Brainwashed Hollywood Zionist movie hippie controlled Idioted… Who happened to find BG. FirenSteel, just go watch more Holywood movies and on suck Brad Pitts’s cock.

    1. me and the boys at work were discussing 1 lunatic 1 ice pick and a woman came by and asked “why did u watch it? Is that your thing?” I answered “No.. I wanted to see it” my thought was “You don’t want to know what my thing is…” I kind of like my job so I didn’t say that lol

  1. I didn’t point this out about the last executions of nazis, so I’ll point it out now. The pits they were in, and in the last vid, were dug by the prisoners. They were made for execution, usually women, children and older men. The others who were spared from this fate were then worked to death. The pit allows the bodies to fall forward, at which time the pit would get a layer of dirt to try to cover the smell. In one town, I forget which, the nazis had to move the bodies because they town folk didn’t like the smell of decomposing bodies. Which also goes to show that the town folk knew what was going on even though they would later claim they had no idea when the allied forces liberated the camps.

      1. It was outside one of the worst death camps, the smell of 100,000 dead jews barely covered with dirt was so bad the germans couldn’t take it, so they dug them up and barried them deeper, I don’t think it had much to do with the town smelling it, just the high ranking germans working in the camp.

  2. Germany started WW2, and this bloke was on the aggressor’s side. The US tried to wait out the war but was dragged in by Japan, and so they also were at war with Germany and the rest of the Axis alliance. The Axis alliance were the BAD GUYS, and the US and it’s allies were the GOOD GUYS! The Goods Guys won and the Baddies got their collective asses kicked! To try to portray the same code of judicial behavior on both sides is ridiculous. US executed the German saboteurs on their own soil because it was under attack from within, the US soldier’s executed by the Nazi’s were carrying out an operation tho help bring WW2 closer to it’s end! To me it’s as clear as black and white and I don’t know what the fuss is all about it! Winner’s are grinner’s afterall and they can do pretty much what they like!

  3. What a beautiful video.

    The scene with the sunlight shining thorough the trees was eerily beautiful.

    The music fitted perfectly.

    I dislike viewing videos of Europe’s worst moment though.

    WWII was the turning point for Western Civilization. We could have broken the bonds of Liberalism and secured our rightful place in history as rulers of the World.

    The British/Americans/Canadians/Australians/Kiwis now kick themselves when they view the state of the Earth now.

    We should never have interfered with Hitler’s plans. We would ALL be better off if we had left him to it.

      1. What the fuck are you people saying. Hitler was a genocidal maniac and killed millions of people. Jews or not, they are people! Jeez I didn’t know everybody here was soo anti-semetic? Did I miss something??

        1. in the World of Best Gore, everything is upside down: Hitler and Stalin are the two biggest humanists of the 20th century and Mahatma Gandhi was the leader of a zionist-masonic-communist conspiration to anhilate white americans.

          1. Um… No Tulio. Athough Stalins Magnitude was similar in scale to Hitler. While Hitler was a servent of the Life force and everything that was natural and beautiful…. Stalin was the Exact opposite, serving the Idealogy of Death, Jewish Communism. and Even Stalin hated Jews.
            And even Mahatma Ghandi say that “He does not believe the lies that his enemy tell about him that he believe Hitler was a good man” paraphased.

        2. Psyanide…

          You must be missing something. If you think that the anarchy on the streets of our major cities (caused by minorities… Let in by Zionist controlled governments)… Would have went on had Hitler won the war…

          1. For the Thousands of Years of Evolution and breeding and dying and famine and conquest. For all of our Wars and Struggles for life and Advancements.
            The year end of the war in 1945 secured our doom. Nature’s Greatest Experiement will come to an end and the Europeans will go the way of the Dinosaurs. Only time will tell whether Nature has forged us stronge enough to weather this Final Epic Storm.

        3. No, you didn’t. Yes, many of the people on this site are very angry and tend to take out that anger as anti-semitism and anti-islam. @ Tulio, Hawk, and Trooper… even if you are right, it is still called anti-semitism/islam/whatever. I won’t even try to debate if there is good reason to be angry at certain people, but it seems to come with the territory if you follow the comments.

          1. Heliopsis.

            I am not an angry man that takes his anger out on the Jews and Muslims…

            I am angry because of what the Zionists and Muslims are doing to my nation!

            I don’t know where abouts you live. But if you had to experience the heartbreaking sight of watching the country you will gladly die for go down the fucking swanny…

            I will expect you would be pretty angry too.

            You obviously are quite ignorant of how Islam educates it’s Minions.

            It teaches them that the Christian, the Jew, the Hindu and the Sikh are his sworn enemies and MUST die.

            It teaches them… That it is okay for grown men to take many wives and rape pre-pubescent girls.

            They come into my country… Rape vulnerable young school girls and contribute fuck all to the nation. Whilst draining the social resources that my ancestors built and died for.

            They demand that they accept their ‘culture’… Whilst destroying and denigrating ours.

            They murder my friends.

            They bomb my cities.

            They take to our streets and attack law-abiding, decent people.

            I have a pretty good fucking reason to be angry.

            The Jew isnt much better… Along with our political ‘elite’ their fraternities actively micro-manage how we live our lives.

            They take the money I earn and spend it on their fat-fucking selves.

            My Great Grandparents fought Hitler under false pretences.

            My Ancestors fought and died in practically every War this country has ever fought…

            They died to keep Britain great.

            They fought to give me and my children the opportunity to hold a stake in Britain.

            Only for me to have it taken off of me under the guise of being ‘Liberal’ and ‘Politically Correct’.

            I am sick and tired of being told that I have to tolerate and put up with the world’s Human waste.

            Well I am standing up. I am giving a big FUCK YOU to the establishment.

          2. @trooper “My Ancestors fought and died in practically every War this country has ever fought?”

            OK Lieutenant Dan lololol
            Seriously though I see where your coming from but it is still unfair to judge an entire race of peoplebased on the actions of a small fraction of them. This is elementary mate…

          3. AHEMM….i’m not into the “contubernio” conspiracy thing, It is with Hawk and Trooper that you probably want to exchange points of view, happy debating contubernians!

          4. @Psyanide.

            Don’t make light of my plight you little prick.

            It is not a laughing matter.

            You can take the piss all you want. But when things reach boiling point across the West.

            You can still hold on to this LIBSTAIN bullshit whilst your family home is getting looted.

            Or the train/ plane your parents are on travelling home on is bombed.

            And whilst it is true there are many ‘innocent’ Muslims/ Jews/ whatever… They still have the mindset that it is ‘them or us’.

            Just as every ethnic/ religious group has.

            And I am sorry. But it is going to get to the point where it is either ‘them or us’. And I am not going to be resting on my laurels whilst I see my faith, my flag and my family suffer.


            I have never voted BNP surprisingly. It is due to the fact that they have never stood candidates in my constituency.

            Plus I want to give the ‘lighter’ solutions a bash before I elect some hardcore Fascists… Just so I can say to my children… We elected the Democrats. They failed. Fascism is the only way forward.

            So for the time being. I am voting UKIP.

          5. @ Trooper

            I’m glad you are patriotic. I am as well. My ancestors have also fought in many of the US’s battles and some are still enlisted… Now that we have that out of the way… When you say that jews are aweful, then you are making a negative blanket statement which falls under anti-whatever – regardless of whether you are right. I could write pages about the bs I hear from people I have to work with every day about how “it’s not my fault, it’s the (insert ethnicity here)” or “These people are doing this and this to us” all the while none of them are taking personal responsibility for the messes they have made of their situation and refusing to acknoledge that their actions have consequences.

            I am watching my country go to shit, and it is not just the jews or the muslims, etc. It is everyone who is so narrow minded as to think that everything is because of someone else, so therefor there is nothing that can be done to make one’s life or community better.

          6. Wait, I guess I’ll just stop now. It’s rediculous to argue this particular subject with someone who has already decided that it would be a good idea to have subjugated my country.

        4. Not that I`m standing up for him but, what about all the GOOD things Hitler did? hop on a highway? thank Hitler, protecting animals against violence? thank Hitler. He wanted every German to own a car. They invented the Volkswagen (People’s Car)

          1. @ HMD

            Of course Hitler and his regime did wonderful things. Governments usually do great things for thier people. That’s how they get to be governments. I am very grateful for all the medical knowlege gained from the experimentation done to people (by many different sides) that resulted from the war and many (including the USA) regimes of the time. But that doesn’t mean that all of the things he did were justified.

          2. Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree with you. He deserves the pineapple that gets shoved up his ass daily (without lube). Just when you do horrible, unspeakable things, people overlook the good.

      1. That isn’t true Alma.

        Far from it.

        If you read Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ and his ‘Zweites Buch’. Hitler’s plan was to form an equal alliance between the Third Reich and the British Empire. So we can then subjugate the United States and usher in a new world order.

        He offered us non-aggression pacts continuously throughout the late 30s. And repeatedly offered us equal truces throughout the first 3 years of WWII.

        He even went so far as to secure the future of the British Empire… Even willing to risk scrapping the Alliance with the Japanese.

        It is a pity we didn’t take it.

        1. Just like he made ,,equal” alliance with Soviet Union, just to earn a few more years of uninterrupted conquest?

          Come on, even the very idea of Lords Nation, Herrenvolk, was placing every non-German country in his cue to cultural and social submission.

          The truth about this statement of yours lies between compulsive trolling and real proof how the beauty of nazi uniform and nationalistic prejudice can combine. From which I accept and appreciate all three things, but not the result.

          If the Nazizm rebuilds on a strong foundation of all its unconscious glorificators, who had not known the horrible atrocities of this idea, they will be very suprised. And so would you, when, after some paperwork, the SS will find out that there were ONE JEW in your fine British

          I do not suggest, that it were, but it’s VERY probable, considering all the medieval migrations and fact, that actually great part of British Jews was christianized, and it was difficult to differ them from other nationalities.

          JUST ONE ETHNICAL JEW, and you’re fucked with your new Nazi friends, Trooper.

  4. I was about to post some kilometric juridical blabble about nurenberg trials, military personnel “due obedicence to superiors” excuse and other legal deliriums brought by WW2, but will ultimately stick to extracting the moral of this story:
    ‘When you are top brass on the losing side of the biggest war in man’s history, you better check the fuck up the papers you’re signing. ‘

  5. They should rename the world wars.
    7 year war should be world war I
    Unless there was a previous global war thousands of years ago when Atlantis was the worlds super power,
    This war was to determine which alien race would control the human race, This was between reptilians and amphibian. reptilians won, They wrote our history and are now using the zionist as a “avatar” so to speak. I’m high as fuck

  6. It’s art. Is what it is. The story of how he got there, sad. Black and white footage, breath taking. Music, beautiful. The way the smoke emanating from the shots that hit his body, almost make it look like his soul escaping the fleshy prison we call a body. One of the better video’s I have seen on BG.

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