Firing Squad Execution Video from Lebanon

Firing Squad Execution Video from Lebanon

Shooters from this firing squad execution video count as the most incompetent, amateur, wannabe fire arm shooters in the entire world. Bunch of morans from Lebanon decided they were a pro firing squad and went to execute convicted car bomber by automatic assault rifles. Shooting from the hip, cause they thought it was cool, none of them could aim. Shockingly, the guy who was being executed took it all like a champ. He didn’t weep, he didn’t scream, he didn’t even move as he was being shot by incompetent firing squad. To his pity, none of the bullets he took actually delivered quick death. But that’s not the worst part of it. The executioners took turns at him. Each fired a few rounds to a random spot on his body, until the firing squad member #3 took his shot (literally) at taking a shot and blasted guy’s face open.

The bullet hit the guy in his upper jaw – it wasn’t a good enough head shot to instantly kill the guy and end it for him once and for all, it just left him with his teeth and cheek busted while he was still alive. None of the bullets hit vital organs. The cameraman then zooms in on the face of a dying man which is left disfigured in a horrific way after if was blown off. This part makes the video really graphic, even though there is barely any blood gushing out of his face – all while his family was watching. Still, this counts as one of the biggest firing squad execution video fails I have ever seen. These executioners should be “fired”!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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196 thoughts on “Firing Squad Execution Video from Lebanon”

  1. Oh God, why didn’t these islamic kidfuckers just SHOOT HIM IN THE HEAD, KILLING HIM INSTANTLY?

    These UNDEVELOPED MONKEYS just shot him at random spots and made him suffer.

    I will dedicate my life to hurt Islam as much as I can.

    1. why do they have to shoot him in the head? its more exciting watching them unload on him instead of watching a quick painless headshot. it would have been awsome if 2 dudes stood up close and just empty their ak47s on him chopping him up. but thats my opinion…

  2. This man either has nerves of steel, or no conscious mind at all, to be able to take that pain.
    Were he an innocent man, I would call him a hero, but apparently he was a car bomber, so I cannot.
    Either way, impressive demonstration of true endurance.

  3. Wow what a bunch of damn retards and i mean that in the worst way possible.
    Ill give it to the guy for being a man unlike the firing squabs.
    Not only was this a poor demonstration of gunmanship but hipfiring is something you should never do with an assault rifle. It kicks around and makes you look stupid

  4. Sammy, post # 4, is an undeveloped piece of white trash.

    Anyway, I’ve seen this video before, and the story on the other websites I’ve seen this on all went differently.
    They all said that the man was a convicted rapist, and the penalty for rape is death in countries like Iran or wherever this happened. The shooters were NOT supposed to be an experienced firing squad, but were relatives of the rape victim getting justice as the law there dictates. Hence the terrible aim and firing technique.

    Anybody know more?

    1. It was in Beirut during the civil war he was accused of planting a car bomb not convicted his own mother was at the execution and to every clown that has wrote on here it was Christian paramilitaries who are the executioners the writing on the cardboard is Aramaic to all you american dumbfucks who think they know everything yet have never even left the country .

  5. Sammy, I’m with you Brother. We need to enlist so we can fight these pigs.

    This is some barbaric shit, really nothing else to say about it. While his family fucking looks on, they couldn’t just put one in the base of his skull? Christ…

  6. The reason he didnt show any pain is coz those bullets hit so hard and fast he would just feel numb where they hit, plus because of the impact he would be barley concious. Disgusting though, If someones got to die why mess about?

  7. Sammy go fuck ur self u fucking white boy they shot him in the way they did because they wanted him to suffer he is a bad person a killer maybe a kidnapper motherfuckers like that need to suffer (i’m lebanese too)


  9. He was definitely still alive after the bullets hit his face. He was breathing like that because he was panicked (I suppose). Now I’m not sure if the bullets hurt him or if he was in a state if shock. He looked drugged or something at the beginning of the video. Maybe he just couldn’t believe this was happening, but at least he didn’t give them the satisfaction of a scream or struggling.

    Countries are different than others and not all of the Middle East is like this. I’ve never been out of the US, but I know there are some pretty nice places there. I am angry that this was allowed, but I’m not going to lose sleep over this. It will take time for different laws and beliefs to be set in place, whether it be from America, the Middle East itself, or something else.

    To them, this sort of death is the norm, but to Americans and other industrialized?for lack of a better word?countries it’s gruesome. It’s just the way people are taught and brought up. I don’t like guns in the first place, so it’s a little hard to be so open-minded about firing squads. People are people and it will stay that way until we finally destroy ourselves or fix all the problems we have caused.

    Now I’m not saying America is a great place. I think we’re kinda nosy and arrogant. But…whatever…


  10. i dont believe that any religion promotes more useless loss of life than the muslim religion and whats sad about it is that they dont actually take their religion seriously all they do is rape heir wives rape their daughters beat their sons wage war upon them selves and others and commit murders and beheadings in the name of this so called allah i want some jerk off to show me where in their bible it says that this poointless violence they commit is justified or event mentionned in the bible as the wise man once said dont let your bible be your law

  11. Anyone know arabic that could translate what the cardboard sign reads? At any rate, this is barbarianism at its best. This is what happens when an entire civilization skips the Age of Enlightenment and casts reason to the side in the name of god. I see videos like this to remind myself of the neanderthals that still roam our planet. Some may argue that his crimes were perhaps even more violent and that he deserved a painful death, but I disagree. When societies base their actions on careful reasoning and a democratic process, this type of death is never an accepted outcome.

  12. #29. Right on the money.
    These people aren’t making anything right by acting solely off instinct. Inflicting pain for pleasure or some form of vengence or whatever they want to call it, in my opinion, makes them no better a human, whatsoever. It’s frankly barbaric and animalistic behaviour.
    I’m not a big fan of the death sentence, but if it comes to it, no one should have to suffer through pain, no matter what the crime.
    I hope the trend to be somewhat civilised humans soon catches on to these societies…

    …Yeah right.

  13. Fuckin car bomber. It is sad to hear you people talk about the way he was executed. What about the people he killed with his car bombs? Fuck him, Fuck allah and maybe next time they will use a smaller caliber so it takes a little longer. Fuck that cocksucker. watching him get shot made my fuckin day.

  14. I’ve seen this before– the execution of Mohammadine Salar. This just forever haunted be like shit. I swear to God I went to sleep for days with that as a dream.

    He gasping for air in the end was just–abdominable

  15. The guy was technically still alive after the headshot. The breathing pattern there would be described as “agonal respirations”.

    That bullet that hit him in the head did damage his brain and the damage from that would kill him long before bloodloss would. From the angle, it appeared like the round engaged a large portion of the cerebrum (brain).

    Given the caliber of the firearm (AK47 fires a 7.62 x 39 caliber round, approximately 2300Ft per Second) it generated massive shock in the soft tissues of the brain.

    Regarding post No. 28, while I can agree with some of your sentiment, the Bible says no such thing, but they don’t read the Bible, they read the Koran. There are plenty of passages in the Koran that lay out law that’s not very far off from what we’ve all witnessed here.

  16. RE # 26…


    When you do travel abroad, I hope you get to go see places that aren’t the tourist traps, where everything has been cleaned up for our collective consumption. You’ll get to see how big of a shithole much of the rest of the world is.

    Sure, there are also places that will stun you in their beauty and tranquility, history and culture. Most of us Americans don’t realize exactly how good we have it, because when we do go abroad, we go to the places that are very much like home. Just a little way away from them is the true face of each of those countries; where the local color and culture hasn’t been bastardized into some altar to tourista dollars. The best hikes are always off the beaten path.

    Travel abroad, live there for a while. When you come back, you’ll see exactly how great America is. The principles of liberty and justice for all will be more then just words for you.

  17. Breanna, the rest of the world is not a shit hole and please travel. I encourage you to visit both the known tourist places and the unknown. Unfortunatley this type of killing takes place all over the globe (even america). It is simply part of the human condition. think of Rome, at its height of power, being one of the most forward thinking and sophisticated civilisations of its time enjoyed the public spectacle of gladiator death which was fun for all the family. Please dont put america on a stainless pedistal. Shit happens that is a fact of life that doesnt mean we should spend our lives looking for shit and ways to avoid it. I hope you travel and realise your not an american but a citizen of the planet which when looked on as a whole is a million times more beautiful. Peace from Scotland

  18. I didn’t mean for my reply to sound like that. I know the US is just another country.

    And I’m thinking of moving to Scotland after college. Seriously. My grandfather was from there. ^^

  19. Alexander,

    I never said all the rest of the world is a shithole. I said that much of it is. When I see the ‘lord of the flies’ type garbage that takes place in much of the world…


    Warlords in Somalia who hijack shipments of foreign-aid food destined for starving people

    People in Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Iraq and elsewhere being killed en masse for where their antecedents were from

    Religious jihad between a small faction of an otherwise peaceful religion and the rest of the damn world

    The struggle of the Jews whom are surrounded by those who have vowed to destroy not just their country, but to wipe their race from the face of the earth.

    People who haven’t the will or faintest glimmer of hope enough to bring themselves to stand against the tyrants that overpower them.

    Most of the world living without the freedom to speak out against their government without fear of repercussion, living without the ability to freely assemble and demand redress for their grievances from their government, living without the freedom to act in one’s own defense, living without self-determination and representation in government.

    … it makes me want to weep. Having traveled extensively and living among the locals wherever I go, I have seen first-hand the deplorable conditions much of the world endures. Simple sanitation and clean water to drink are at a premium in huge areas of the world. Malaria still kills people every day. People in Liberia and other parts of the west coast of Africa believe that the way they can cure their AIDS is to have sex with virginal women (typically <10y/o). Communist rule still exists in North Korea, China, Viet Nam and China still holds Tibet under martial law and violent oppression. This is what I mean when I say the much of the world is a shithole.

    I do take the liberty of holding America up on high. I'm an American, and my experiences have displayed plainly before unfettered eyes how poorly much of the world exists. A society in which liberty, justice, and due process of law is a foreign concept to much of the world. That is why I take that liberty to hold America in such high esteem, because I'm an American, and we're the liberty people.

    Breanna- Thank you for your kind comments.

  20. Breanna, im sure you would love scotland, a beautiful country with a rich history and unique culture. I hope to travel to america at some point any recomendations?

  21. jimmy, thankyou for the well phrased reply, I to have travelled far afield and have seen first hand the immense suffering that takes place all over the world at some points during my travels i felt like turning round, going home and never leaving my front door. As a fellow westerner I have grown up with freedoms and rights non existant in many countries, for example I have the rather pleasant right of walking down the street without fear of slow decapatation or worse (if any) for simply being of a different crede or colour. Thankfully that type of persicution died out in my country mainstream over two centuries ago replacing the crimes of religion with the crimes of capatalism and corruption, a few less deaths anyway. The sad fact of the matter is the west has a lot to answer for and repy for. Most of the major problems occuring in the underdeveloped countries of the world can trace there roots to the european empires of the last few centuries none more so than the brittish empire and the more modern american empire with its new age aproach to global expansion. The worst part of it is the majority of the west has it so good for so long that the majority just shrug their shoulders and pass it off as “what a shame” and feel they have done there deed by slipping a couple of coins into a charity bucket. Personaly speaking I feel the human race has reached a crucial stage, were the oppressed are poised for revolution, the only question is what side will we choose? your thoughts?

  22. Meh…I really haven’t traveled much in my life. I live in Oklahoma. I’ve only been to a few small fossil beds here, though I can’t for the life of me remember where they were.

    So, sorry…I can leave you with a few URLs with some information.

    Hope your journey here is a safe and enjoyable one if you happen to visit, Alexander.

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