Five Civilians Including a Child Found Executed with Headshots

Five Civilians Including a Child Found Executed with Headshots

Five Civilians Including a Child Found Executed with Headshots

Five civilians, including a child were found executed in the village of Qarva, Daraa province, the hometown of a Syrian military and intelligence general Rustum Ghazaleh. Sunni propagandists who were conveniently there when the victims were “found” made a video with a rhetoric that blames the regime forces for the massacre. Surprise!

All adults appear to have been executed with headshots, but the child’s head doesn’t look too blasted. The child must have died by some different means. The headshot victims have their heads severely deformed. Al Qaeda associates operating throughout Syria utilize summary executions by gunshot to the head against anyone, including children whom they find blasphemous, or even people who simply practise different religion.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Five Civilians Including a Child Found Executed with Headshots”

      1. your right there mate kids deserve a happy childhood religion in my opinion sucks and causes more pain and suffering than anything else yet claims to be there to ease it go figure

  1. I wonder if there would be any difference in Islam if Shia’s were the majority instead of the Sunnis?

    I’d be an interesting break down, I think. Find out the areas in the West with the highest concentration of Shia Muslims, and see if they are comparable in problem causing as the Sunni Muslims.

  2. How the fuck can anyone who believes so much in an impossible entity, such as a so called god, and his criminal representative on earth, ( prophet mohammed, who made up religious laws in the name of a god to suit his own sadist urges) , actually think he has the power of righteousness by slaughtering an innocent child???

    Then actually believe that it is “gods will” ? Then blame another human for the atrocity, therefore bearing false witness? (Another religious crime?)
    These slimy fuckers should grow an extra beard, they are SO two faced…

    Then western civilisation bears the angry and violent brunt of more retarded jundies, with beards you could hide a badger in, because of “our soldiers killing innocent muslims” , all while animalistic slayings ( all in the name of their imaginary friend) like this go on openly.

    I’m stopping now…my fucking head hurts…..

    1. @CoonJuicer

      ALL religions are full of hogwash (including Buddhism). In this case, however, it’s the three major Abrahamic religions?Judaism, Christianity, Islam (just take a good look into the commonalities shared between the said religions’ so-called “sacred texts”?they reek of hypocrisy, contradictions, logical fallacies, and among other bullshit).

      1. Perhaps you do not know this, but Buddhism did not start off as a “religion”. Because Buddha never called himself a god, and never said that there is a god, and there is much more proof of the existence of Buddha than Christ or Muhammad. Buddha was just some dude who meditated so much he actually realized that the cause of suffering is attachment(Funny that it took years of meditation to realize this, but hey, at least he did not come up with crap like every non-Islam has no right to live). Some idiot took his sayings and made it a religion. Give humanity a couple thousand years, until some big asteroid collision kills nearly everyone, and then someone will find the “I have a dream” speech. Behold – “Martin Lutherism”, the hottest new religion in the world. My opinion is that every religion was formed like this.

        1. Religion does NOT, necessarily, have anything to do with gods/deities?don’t confuse theism with religion. Fact is: most religions started as cults; which then garnered followers; which then became the established/official religions that you see today.

          Buddhism started out as a way of life?a philosophy?by the Prince Siddhartha Gautama of India. Today, Buddhism is a non-theistic religion (which I don’t really have a problem which as much as the Abrahamic religions), but still a RELIGION?and I don’t like “following the herd”, y’know what I mean?

    1. I can’t cry over someone who has nothing to do with me, but yes this is disgusting.
      I try not to write comments when I’m in a “mood” (i am bipolar 1 with borderline personality disorder) because i tend to just write hateful rants that I usually regret when i calm down later. Im learning to focus now and be more objective since quitting my meds…….why am I spilling my guts to you?

      1. Mind me for interfering, but there is surely a good reason for quitting your chems. Your true self, your feelings are back. The initial time is pretty disturbing, but it gets better after you catch yourself. You wrote somewhere, that you are an artist, so ample emotions, positive and negative are essential, arent they?

        Regarding the absence of empathy for far away events, it is impossible for a human being to really care about more than 100-150 fellows.
        We can process the particular event in our minds, understand and learn, but there is no need to bother further. Except we can use some for personal matters.

        A child is beeing raped, murdered or eaten alive by some sick fucks.
        For me its horrible, but only because I?m programmed to feel that way. Imagine a free mind without social conventions, for him they are just little meat bags, nothing to stop at. There are pretty much obsessions about children in this world for several reasons: jealousy of youth, satanism, twisted sexuality, abuse of their weakness etc.

        The mind is more bendable in any direction, as we dare to admit.

      2. dear obliterator, thank you for being that open. i appriciate that very much. ist nice to know more about the persons who is behind the name and Picture. let yourself free, write down what you feel or what you *not* feel. let your comments be hateful, if thats also you in that Moment, its fine with me.

  3. I have no heightened sympathy for a child getting killed in this fashion as I do for an adult. I see adults as having had more experiences and connections in life, whereas a child this age is just getting started and hasn’t reached a developmental level of understanding to comprehend fully, as well as having little to no self identity established. Are they innocent and is it sad? Probably. But the same can be argued for an adult who gets slaughtered who didn’t deserve it. This feeling and opinion I have doesn’t seem to be the norm, but it’s my thought so I’m okay with it.

    1. Seems to me she has nihilistic or solipsistic viewpoints (correct me if I’m wrong, Eternity), Obliterator.

      I, however, am tolerant and open-minded to other viewpoints and philosophies (as I absolutely loathe the mindset among the “norm”).

      1. Hi there –

        I think if I am to be as objective as possible when looking at my own thoughts (and it’s oftentimes hard to truly be objective when you’re reflecting on yourself and not on another), my viewpoints are a moral-nihilistic approach, but other times I fall more in a “skeptic” category…if that makes sense. So in the case of this murder of the five people, my initial reaction isn’t “Oh that poor boy, he had his whole life taken away, such a tragedy.” It’s hard because people make a judgement that I have no empathy of others whatsoever. But this isn’t the case, I can show empathy while at the same time believe that death doesn’t equate necessarily to being terrible or bad as it is been constructed by us humans. Sorry in advance for getting so deep, lol.

  4. Shit like this is why I’m glad I’m an atheist. Honestly, why do people of any faith or religion feel the need to do God’s work (as they interpret it)? Why would an omnipotent and omniscient being need someone to plan and execute his work? Do they not see the irony?

    1. You wrote exactly what’s always been on my mind. Everyone who believes in religion is stupid, and the most stupid are camel fuckers Islam. Christians come in a close second. I was skeptical about religion ever since I was a small kid. My family intended to brainwash me, but that never worked (after I became a teenager, mostly).
      I don’t give a shit about any religion, and I don’t have any problem with the fools who believe there’s an invisible man in the clouds, but I would gladly behead every single jihadist. Or kill them, in any other way. There’s a way to do that, and it’s called the army, but I don’t want to take any fucking orders from anyone, either.

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