Five Men Found Executed Under a Bridge in Guerrero, Mexico

Five Men Found Executed Under a Bridge in Guerrero, Mexico

Five Men Found Executed Under a Bridge in Guerrero, Mexico

Five men were found executed under a bridge between the colonies of Ayutla Bella Vista and Progreso in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico. The killers left two narcomensajes however these were seized by authorities and their content not revealed. Authorities also cordoned off the crime scene preventing photographers from taking photos, but somebody managed to snap one anyway.

The victims were shot in the head multiple times and showed signs of previous beatings. One of the victims was still alive when authorities arrived but died later in a hospital due to severity of his wounds. Police recovered dozens of .45 caliber and 9mm shell casings from the scene. It was your typical Mexican drug cartel execution.

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31 thoughts on “Five Men Found Executed Under a Bridge in Guerrero, Mexico”

  1. I thought a typical Mexican drug cartel execution would be a beheading by a pocket knife?!? Anyway, look a these guys, how peaceful they’re lying there and taking a long nap. Wonderful.

  2. This looks too merciful to have been committed by a cartel. Lined up against the wall and shot sounds like the Po Po. The Mexican stinking badge carriers also love the .45 caliber round spitting Colt 1911 handgun.

  3. Sadly there wasn’t more pictures or a video, and the story was short… I would of liked to know why this was caused but thank you for posting as much as you could.

  4. Sounds to me like the police were trying to hide something. They always let the forensic people take pics and shit. Not to mention most of the cops in Mexico are corrupt.

  5. WHy do the cops in Mex. even bother? its not like they’re giong to actually catch the responsible parties or person. And if they do, that person or party will get a slap on the wrist prison sentence.

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