FSA Jihadists Take You on a Guided Tour Through Raided Neighborhood

FSA Jihadists Take You on a Guided Tour Through Raided Neighborhood

Video filmed by the FSA jihadists take the viewer on a brief guided tour through a neighborhood the cutthroats had previously raided. In the beginning two men executed with gunshots to the head are shown, more dead follow inside and around the house. The video then concludes with bearded terrorist doing a peace sign while Snackbaring the crap out of himself all the while posing with a corpse. I couldn’t understand jack shit of what was said, but something’s telling me the last one bragged about the kill.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Hello MTV and welcome to my crib , its a bit messy at the moment and its in the middle of being repainted courtesy of the official Syrian government however with western and Israeli funding we hope to build many new extensions and increase the size of the property in general.

    1. By the look of their uniforms, the dead are probably members of the FSA, the traitors. They’re all the same…

      Funny that some of them at the beginning look kind of saddened.

      Would be priceless to see the Syrian Army attacking the cameraman and friends in a surprise raid! πŸ˜€

  2. Have None of these guys heard off the Geneva Convention ?

    Will take a hundred years for Syria to repair the damage,murdering your neighbors and countrymen in cold blood etc, will ensure the Children of those slaughtered will grow up wanting vengeance.They are to stupid to see this.

      1. But for real, why the fuck do they call it snackbaring? I kno “allah akbar” means “god is great” so why is it called snackbaring not akbaring? Am i just a dumbass and missing something or what someone please fill me in

        1. @skullfucker , Mark invented that pun , it came into being after several Allahackbar-bleating videos, what else can you do but let a satiric term for the bleating arise from your creativity, this way it gets kind of funny whereas otherwise the relentless insane bleating would get unbearable.

  3. Looks like the outcome of some intra-rebel faction politics to me. The two guys in the opening scene looks like an execution killing to me. Either made to lay down or kneel and then shot at very close range from behind.

  4. These guys seem non syrians to me or at least some of them are not syrian libyans? Saudis? Definetly not syrians though especially the one speaking in the video but who knows. It was definetly a good tour and they sure delivered, they are men sons of men and never cease to make me proud as the days go on.

  5. Everytime I hear or read “allah akbar” I think “murdering muslim.” I read that allah akbar means God is Great. These people say it after every sentence: I killed someone. Allah Akbar. I love killing. Allah Akbar. I can’t wait to kill again. Allah Akbar.

  6. Arabic speaker here,
    the dead guys are from Al Nosra and the speaker is ironically calling them “the best society has to offer” before calling them pigs and moving on into the house. More dead from Al Nosra/Nusra, they have only made 5 casualities in total and all were shown in the video.

    Couldn’t decipher what the guy said in 1:39 though, sorry, not only is he speaking in his own syrian dialect but he’s also mumbling.
    I might have heard “hada man osibtoho [inaudible]” in which cases it does mean “this is the one I’ve hit [inaudible]”, but I’m pretty sure reading your description influenced me.

  7. I’d say invest our money as a nation, Canada as well, in creating a gigantic dome and cover the whole middle east. Let the kill themselves completely and rid themselves of this earth.

    I think the Simpson was onto something when they made that movie. Lol

  8. In DC this would be one of those “up and coming” shithole neighborhoods that the Faux Hipsters LOVE to inhabit. Do you think the Snackbarists would like a Starbucks where the Hipsters could do Spoken Word? Of course the bullet ridden corpses will just have to go!

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