Gutted Alive – Cambodian Capital Punishment

Execution Style in Cambodia - Gutting People Alive

Gutted Alive - Cambodian Capital Punishment

Cambodians are primitive savages. They have always been. A history book of Cambodia would not contain a page which would not be filled to the last letter with blood bath. That goes as far back as the first mention of the Khmer empire and stretches all the way to present day, only Cambodia today is a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by the world’s most corrupt government which not only somehow manages to hide their atrocities from the West, they also successfully play the “poor nation” card so us western taxpayers pick up the tab for the expenses the dictatorship incurs. Cambodia received an excess of $1 Billion in governmental help from western nations in 2009 – which was the tax money of hardworking tax payers like me and you.

Because our governments are not focused enough on what really goes on behind the curtain dictator Hun Sen put before their eyes, they believe what he tells them and end up sending him money which is all laundered and made untraceable before it’s stuffed into the pockets of Cambodian elite. Meanwhile, an average Cambodian folk lives on less than $2 a day without ever seeing a penny of the tax money our governments sent to Cambodia. And with no chance of seeing any improvement, the savagery in Cambodia continues.

People are killed here and there without recourse in Cambodia. Foreigners are not spared of the carnage, but their cases are often played down and made to look like traffic accidents so blame stays on the foreigners themselves (aka their poor riding skills). When henchmen are sent to execute someone, they do it in a way so as to induce as much pain and suffering as humanly possible (just the way they’ve been doing it for millennia). Gutting people alive by removing their organs while they’re fully conscious seems satisfactory enough for an average Cambodian savage so it’s an execution technique still widely used. Two photos of such execution performed by gutting the men while they were still alive are in a gallery below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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27 thoughts on “Gutted Alive – Cambodian Capital Punishment”

  1. Capital punishment has been abolished in Cambodia since 1989… These men were likely murdered. But I agree that there is a lot of corruption in Cambodia and that Hun Sen is a cunt. Being a third world country we’re obviously more primitive than western nations, but we’re not all a bunch of savages.

  2. We should not think ourselves so superior. “Hanging, drawing and quartering” was the usual method of execution for Englands common folk until it was abolished by “mad” King George III. One had to be of noble birth and be able to pay for a propper beheadding. The condemned was hanged and cut down just short of asphyxiation. Next his dick, complete with hypoxic pariapism, and balls were yanked off with a red hot pincers, so as to cauterize the penile artery. The effect is lost if the sory bugger dies too soon. His progenitive parts are then thrown on a hot braiser. Then he is disemboweled. The guts are then thrown on the braiser before they are detached. At this point the condemned man is still quite conscious and able to converse with his executioner. One good humoured executioner, “Laughing” Jack Hooper, had them laughing and exchanging jokes as he went about his duties. The “patients” arms and legs were then cut off and finally the head which retains consciousness for about another two minutes. All this was done in the public market place. we’re not that far out of the jungle ourselves. Here’s a pleasent thought. These poor sods probibly lived for about 24 hours before they died of dehydration.

  3. @ local:

    All Cambodians, down to the last one are freeloaders. Judging by your level of English, I?d assume that you were sent abroad to go to school. Obviously, being a Cambodian, you had somebody else pick up the bill for that. Cambodians are masters of whinery. They are too busy polishing their nails while sitting whole days on a motorcycle, in a shade of a tree on a corner of some public street to go to work. Why would they go to work if they can just whine and complain about being poor until it works with someone who will then shell out and support the Cambodian freeloading enterprise.

    So if you were sent to a school abroad, there are only two possible scenarios:

    1 ? somebody who doesn?t know how skilled masters of lie Cambodians are fell for the bullshit and financed your schooling.

    2 ? you are an offspring of one of Cambodian elite who sent their kids to foreign schools paid by the money western governments sent to support the country. Instead, the money is used to support the ruling few. Those few also cut down trees and keep the money for themselves, even though the trees should be long to all Cambodians, those few also gave control over Angkor concession to private company – Sokha Hotels – who use this cultural and historical heritage of all Cambodians to feed their own pockets, nevermind the dubious contracts for gas and outfits for the police and military that Sokha got because they are friends with the chief himself.

    If you are the former, then I feel sorry for the generous person who was deceived by Cambodian bullshit and ripped off his/her money. If you are the letter, then I hope you choke on a cock of your heavily armed Chinese bodyguard while you kill time sitting in Cafe Metro in Phnom Penh, staring down foreigners who have the audacity to enter the reign of the Cambodian rich. Fucking dumphole.

    1. Just because amerikkkans and whites in general have stolen, robbed and murdered for everything they have doesn’t mean it’s honest money ie Iraqi oil, entire n american landmass, inventions. I mean we could go on all day. The hardest thing you people do is call mommy and tell her to put a couple more thousand in the mail so you can pay rent and get more crystal meth.

  4. I am a longtime viewer, but this is my first post ever. You hit the nail on the head when it comes to Cambodia. I lived there for far to long as a youngster and have seen some amazing feats of Darwinism. I look forward to posting more on your site.

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