Iraqi Professor Kidnapped and Executed in Libya

Iraqi Professor Kidnapped and Executed in Libya

Iraqi Professor Kidnapped and Executed in Libya

This kidnapping was in the news in Libya. To summarize what happened – some Jihadists kidnapped an Iraqi professor as a revenge for execution of Libyan, Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist in Iraq. The terrorist’s name was Adel al Zawi, he was found guilty by the Iraqi government of murdering Iraqi citizens.

In the video, the kidnapped man says:

I’m doctor Hamid Khalaf al Saidi from Iraq. I was a professor in Babel University in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. I came to Libya in 1998, I’m Shiite and I preach Shiite Islam. I ask that the Iraqi government of Nuri al Maliki release prisoners kept in Iraq immediately.

The Quranic verse added to the video by the Jihadists when professor is being executed says:

And whoever responds to injustice with the equivalent of that with which he was harmed and then is tyrannized – Allah will surely aid him. Indeed, Allah is Pardoning and Forgiving.

Since Libya has a Sunni majority, the Sunni jihadists made the professor (he’s an engineer actually) confess that he was preaching Shiite Islam as if it was a crime. They made it look like he deserved that bullet in the head not only as a revenge, but for preaching what they consider blasphemous faith.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video and translation:

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    1. I really can’t think off the top of my head of anyone from there regions who has made a genuine and long lasting contribution to the world since they rediscovered Greek maths.

      That brain, which was unceremoniously destroyed by these barbarians, is one of a limited number of such brains in that region which have the potential to drag that region into the modern age.

      When you kill off your academics you are left with thugs and dumbarses. And then you have no future.

  1. Thank you for wonderful video…on the day of my brothers 4th year of being brings some comfort to watch ANY sandnigger get shot..beheaded..and or fucking knocked off….Allah fuckbar ain’t saving shit..saddens me a lil though…makes me realize kinda mean cunt I’ve become as well…ant wouldn’t wanna see this shit..he went over believing he’d help these uncivilized dunecunts out…obviously not these ones but yeah..if he was alive still he’d be wanting to go over and try saving these pieces of shit as well…UUUGH….FUCK ANYTHING OR ONE THAT SAYS ALLAH FUCKBAR… ant…..

    1. RIP @ant. : ( I like dunecunt @ladywicked, it’s right up there with dakka dakka. I’m going to start using that one at work. “Jimmy, why do you have to be such a dunecunt all the time?” I like how that sounds.

      1. Hahaha…again amnyc?#?! Really!!..I’m too drunk and i just laughed so loud and much i made my roommate jump….haha..thank you…i know ants watching over me know…probably pissed because i taught you a new racist word…he joined the marines at 16 to change the world for the better…he went to Iraq before he could even buy smokes in America….he was KILLING dunecoons before hee could buy a pack of smokes…are you fucking kidding me!?!?…sigh…enjoy your new word hun….i like the way you worked it into your normal convo…i do the same…haha…

      1. From too much blood loss from having his legs blown partially off after his Humvee hit an unknown ied in a “safe” area in sandnigger world…somewhere in fucking iraq…FUCK..i need another drink…ugh..i shoulda brought the vodka upstairs with me….maybe ill do myself a favor a stumble and fall down em and break my neck…that would awesome…

        1. Hey now, come on. I imagine it must be tough, and he went there with good intentions, but at least try and remember the good memories. Those are he only things that remain. And take it easy with thhe booze. Smoke some ganja instead, its good for the nerves 🙂

          1. I am smoking and drinking today Portuguese….I am okay…if i can respond to y’all..i can still drink….when i start fucking up spelling and sentences then I’ll stop drinking…I’m okay…and you’re right hun..ant would be pissed if he saw the shit i say that here or heard what i tell people in person..oh wow..he’d kick my ass..well try…I’m sure if he really wanted to he could..he was huge…..=(…i miss him…thanks for caring…

        2. Nah, don’t say that. Then you might get paralyzed and who the hell will entertain me so much then? Seriously, really sorry about your brother. I know how hard ‘those’ days are that mark another year of somebody you love being gone.

          1. Thanks ex…i was just playing around..when i drink i get..umm..i don’t know..stranger then normal i guess..lolz….and i know cool…wait…Uuuhhmmm..entertain you?? i really that??..lolz..everyone who knows me always laughs..sometimes at me..but i love it..i love the fact people can see what i see…there’s humor and a “lightside” to every dark thing or moment…and i know girly..I’ve lost both my parents grandparents..umm everyone but my uncle and daughter are gone….I’m used to this..just some deaths are fresher or more painful…they all hurt though… <3

          1. Oh no Portuguese..don’t be sad…that’s mainly why I’m stoned 24/7…and pain…but it makes me “happy”….id give you some if i could…its fucking awesome…

          1. I do too at times…but that wouldn’t be right….i hate them for what they did to me and my family..friends as well..i lost close friends in the towers as well as that Iraq bullshit..this is the vodka and my jiminy talking but to nuke them wouldn’t be right..ignorance is bliss and they do not know…i could hear my brother say that to me right now…because he did…i told him because he was eod fucking blow all those fucking turban wearing camel fuckers up with a nuke or something..fuck..sigh…..i agree though ammo..fuck em…thank you.. <3

          2. I’m sure he was there with the intention of helping the Iraqi people and protect them from the extremists that kill fellow Iraqis. If he was alive i think he would tell you not to hold any hatred against other human beings.

          3. He’re correct and that’s probably exactly what he want…….I’ve always been the hot tempered one….i don’t care for them still…I’m disappointing ant..but i cant bring myself to being around dakka dakks yet…my blood boils around them…. =/

        3. 🙁 I’m sorry about your brother LW666.

          Don’t hate on all camel lovers. I agree that ones like the trigger puller and his cohorts are worthless and deserve no mercy and less sympathy.

          I’m not so arrogant to believe my race/species is the only one with people who can be intelligent and benefit their society. Call me a romantic, but I think harmony is possible. I just think it requires a lot of culling. There are lots of bad in any population, sometimes I think they outnumber the good. Some regions in the Middle East and Africa are definitely a mess of unsophisticated human filth.

          I don’t believe the US was right to invade Iraq, but the enemy they eventually faced was exactly what needs to be eradicated from the population.

          The loss of your brother was senseless. Regardless of the politics and whether you agree with our ‘esteemed’ leaders, the work of soldiers in that region is to isolate and eliminate a repugnant element. The honouring of your brother and all veterans will come when those countries are no longer dominated by religious zealots and bullies. Unfortunately history will lay the credit with politicians.

          So don’t hate them all LW666. If secular societies can become dominant in the region, and intellect becomes valued over mysticism and aggression, maybe there will be some sense and gratitude from future generations.

          1. McTreblar i understand…i really do hate myself because Im this way now…but i just can’t yet…i raised my brother since he was in diapers till he basically enlisted…hopefully i can get over this hatred…as for hits death being are right I’m my opinion…fuck bush and killing our men….fuck politics man….i needa smoke…thank you though hun…

          2. Honey I’ve hated myself for years…I’ve blamed myself for almost everyones passing….sigh….thanks for trying though love….mmmmm…im listening to to CesarCesarloco and burning hella trees right now… <3

    1. That’s why they shot him man. Didn’t want to risk the possiblity of having of having a Nicholas cage look alike around. There’s a real risk he could of made a shitty movie and ruined it with his acting.

          1. well there goes my idol…pfft…lol….ok so basically everybody who ever existed sucked…
            ..I think I want to return to my childhood where everything was as terrific as ice cream…

  2. Looks like they beat him up too. Obviously he would have said anything they told him to say, whether it was true or not. It’s hard to go against a bunch of nutjobs with guns in your face. He might have been just an educated, working dude minding his own business.

  3. These fuckers kill people everday like its nothing. Always wonder do they go home to a wife and kids and live some sort of normal life, probably not, more than likely killed them too!

  4. ahh the gold old days when people were authentic…your life was secure….and we didn’t have assholes like these guys killing innocent, hard working people for shits and giggles…we really are living in a bad time….
    to go back and capture that time in a jar…and sneak a little out whenever stuff got bad…
    man…wish it were here…

    How I wish, how I wish you were here.
    We’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
    Running over the same old ground.
    What have we found?
    The same old fears.
    Wish you were here.

    1. There never were any “good old days” @alicatt. Man has heen killing man since the beginning of time, and will continue to do so until man is no more. Just be grateful to live in a place where you can watch it on video and be shocked by its brutality, and not in a place where you watch it live and think its normal.

      1. sure there were….there was violence but not to this extreme….we didn’t have ppl shooting up schools and malls on a regular basis, we didn’t have people getting attacked and beheaded at the drop of a hat, or people getting killed just for sport (which is what I truly believe these whackbars are doing)…sure there was violence and evil….but at least these times of murder were few and far between…..not a daily occurance…sure there were better times

        1. I think because of improvements in technology and media reporting, and the invention of the cell phone (camera) that we are ‘smaller’ in those terms so we get to hear about shit happening all over the world, stuff we would never get to hear in the good old days and therefore were oblivious to it.

          1. I don’t care what anyone says…there was a time when it wasn’t so violent…

            …ok lets forget about overseas in camel territory…tell me when we had as many or more school/mall/mass shootings as we do now…?

            how often has a gunman gone in and shot up a class of 6yr olds killing them all?

            it seems weekly although im sure its closer to monthly that we have another mass shooting in a public place…

            I don’t believe its the presence of cell phones and whatnot that is making it seem more…we have always had the news…if bigass shit like that was going down we would hear about it….

            there were less violent or aggressive times…I remember them…

          1. @nextex
            EXACTLY! and its that distaste and anger towards others that drives me into these deep holes of depression…
            …I see these nasty people everywhere now…no one gives a shit for fellow man..its all about how it affects ME, how does that benefit ME, how will I be rewarded….not a single toss given for each other and the hurt and pain our words and actions affect others….it fucking disgusts me…I am ashamed of my fellow man..

            there is a reason why suicides are on a rise, why so many people are suffering from depression, anxiety, social phobias…it all boils down to how we treat one another… friend killed herself because she couldn’t take the harassment at work…myself and another attempted…another poor soul took her life as well because of the god damned abuse she tolerated at what is known as todays workplace….

            it is so wrong…so effin wrong and im tired of it…im tired of the selfish bastards who kill all these wonderful people with their words and actions..

            the human race sickens me…

          2. @ali You are absolutely right. People have no regard for others. Words mean shit to people anymore. Well, they mean shit to the people who SAY them. The people who those words are directed to, they’re extremely powerful. There’s no other way to describe it except for its just straight up sad. People don’t care anymore. They don’t care what they say to people and how bad it hurts them. They don’t care whose life they take and who is affected by it. Be it these idiots in places like Syria or places like NY where some guy just decapitated two little kids because their family had more money than him. There’s no value for life. People have no hope anymore for their own lives either, so they end it. Usually with the help of other’s words and actions. But the fact that there are people who genuinely do care for others says there’s still a little bit of hope left in humanity. Or at least I’m trying to believe that.

  5. I was thinkin he looked more like the dude who arrives in the detainment camp in the movie scarface, I think his name was Rabenga or some shit, only difference is this guy didn’t keep nodding in a “please don’t” fashion, and got lead in the head instead. I can never understand why anyone obliges these fuckers by saying what the killers want them to say in a statement before they are killed. I’d try and bite the guy’s face off, leave him with a memento and a plastic surgery bill. My statement would be “hi everyone, I’m here because these cunts caught me corrupting their women with my western cock while drinking alcohol, praising a false god and doodling a cartoon of Mohammed with my free hand, all at the same time. And I left my shoes on while I did all this, inside the mosque of course. Blow me you pack of stone-age deluded cunts, kind regards, jonny”

  6. well I’m muslim . I have read comments and I can only say that I’m sorry for you… most of you know nothing of islam and you just seen some videos of barbarian behavior of Taliban and Al Qaeida and you think they are muslims… they are not even human they are some retarded monkeys . if you want know about islam you can go to and download Quran for free with translation to any language and recitation … believe me your judgement about islam by watching these barbaric videos is completely wrong.
    my english is not good so forgive me for probable mistakes 🙂

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