Iraqi Soldiers Throw ISIS Fighter Off Cliff Before Shooting Him

Iraqi Soldiers Throw ISIS Fighter Off Cliff Before Shooting Him

On the brinks of the river Tigris in the city of Mosul, Iraq, the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) recorded themselves torturing and executing captured men, alleged ISIS members, by throwing them off a cliff and shooting their battered bodies.

The video starts with the troops abusing and beating a fear-struck man inside a building. He is then taken up to a precipice at the bottom of which there already is a body of a man apparently executed in the same manner earlier. The man is hurled into the pit and riddled with bullets upon his hard landing.

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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107 thoughts on “Iraqi Soldiers Throw ISIS Fighter Off Cliff Before Shooting Him”

  1. ISIS fighters never seem to be able to ‘die for their cause’ like the executed Christians that refused to convert to Islam or die. They died like heros, not sniveling crybabies.

  2. From an ‘independent’ source:

    It’s not just about revenge
    Iraqi security forces kill Isis prisoners because they believe that if the militants are sent to prison camps they will bribe the authorities in Baghdad to release them. “That is why Iraqi soldiers prefer to shoot them or throw them off high buildings,” says one Iraqi source. A former senior Iraqi official said he could name the exact sum that it would take for an Isis member to buy papers enabling him to move freely around Iraq.

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