Kenyan Soldiers Execute Somali Al-Shabaab Fighter Planting IED

Kenyan Soldiers Execute Somali Al-Shabaab Fighter Planting IED

Behold the glorious nation that gave birth to the former US president.

The video is from Kenya and the soldiers are members of the Kenya Defence Forces. The guy being executed is a suspected terrorist from the al-Shabaab radical group from Somalia, who was allegedly caught planting an IED along the road near the Somali Kenyan border.

There is currently a large operation being carried out by the Army to exterminate the remnants of the group in the country.

Props to Best Gore member @Osiris188 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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95 thoughts on “Kenyan Soldiers Execute Somali Al-Shabaab Fighter Planting IED”

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  3. This is not an Al Shabaab fighter, this isn’t even a Somali. This is a Pokot bandit (think of them like Apaches in the Wild West days) who was executed for his role in the murder of six police officers in North Eastern Kenya.

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