Man Brutally Beaten and Stoned to Death

Man Brutally Beaten and Stoned to Death

I was hooked up with this video by Best Gore member @rammfan1 because it directly relates to the previously posted video of Execution by Stabbing and Stoning in Syria. This new video shows another execution by brutal beating and stoning and it’s carried out by the same bearded man as the stabbing and stoning video.

As was the case with the previous video, this video was also posted with a claim that it shows the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) executing a civilian. But once the man in this video is dead, the killers tell “Allahu Akbar” which is what Syrian soldiers do not do. This once again looks like FSA posing as SAA for propaganda. They’re getting better at it – wear Syrian army uniforms, possibly gotten from previously captured soldier, say things that make them sound like Syrian soldiers even change audio for versions of videos aimed for the sheep from the West. But when it comes to videos posted for supporters on pro Muslim extremism forums, the audio is original.

The man in the video took extremely severe beating. It may not look too bad by watching from a distance, but I don’t think he had a single joint and bone on his body that was not broken by the time they split his skull open with stones. Thanks a lot @rammfan1 for the video.


Best Gore member who wished to remain anonymous pointed out a simple fact that makes this video an undisputed propaganda piece by the FSA to falsely blame the SAA. When a cameraman turns a camera on himself, you can see an Al Qaeda symbol on his hat. This is a symbol under which Salafi/Wahhabi extremists operate. It’s a symbol which brought death upon tens of thousands of SAA soldiers. Only a Sunni extremist would wear these colors as only a Sunni extremist would Allahu Ackbar after killing an innocent life. There is no doubt this was done by the FSA, despite the rhetoric they’d used in the video to make it sound like SAA did it.

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83 thoughts on “Man Brutally Beaten and Stoned to Death”

  1. I think it was the Syrian army, it doesn’t mean that this group represent the whole army. You have to remember the Syrian army represent the good side in this war. Extremist Islamist are always bad, their crimes outnumber the other side by X1000 fold.

    This is the 2nd video on the internet where they torture and execute a terrorist, compared to countless executions of prisoners of war and few a beheadings by the FSA. There are stories of beheadings by the FSA that aren’t captured on camera, usually done against victims who’s ransom wasn’t paid.

    1. Please fuck off, this evildoers is filthy shiite that helping Bashar regime to cleanse Sunni in Syria. These psychopath shiite militia came from various country such as Afghan, Bahrain , Iraq and of course the main culprit shiite mastermind Iran.
      We can hear the torturers mock on Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha and his friend Umar and Abu Bakar.
      These Shiite only accept Ali and not three other Caliphs after Prophet Muhammad.
      May all Shiite militia burn to dead on earth before they burning eternally in hell .

          1. If you want to get psychological about it , it’s easy people like to see what’s going on. It’s not that they’re bad or twisted or extreme , some people just want to see the news, and it shouldn’t be edited by a university trained kook. Kook

          1. What are you all saying? I love death, I don’t care who the victim is. I prefer slow painful deaths, skinning alive perhaps 😉 I don’t care if they’re innocent, children or anything else, I just want to see them getting killed. With a lot of pain of course <3

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        2. @silenced, can’t you just make a normal simple comment just for once? Man. you talk too much shit! I swear you come on here just to hear yourself. You try too hard to sound smart. We are here to watch and learn things around the world. I didn’t sign up for classes and hear you lecture every post. Seriously, please stop being so anoying.

          1. @tundra, l dont think silenced is annoying, l guess he only likes to express himself clearly . Besides, a lot of members cant even spell well, he at least tries to do it correctly, l prefer to read those well written comments that lack of grammar Errors because l Am learning English, anyways, lf a lot of people is going to read your thoughts then l guess the least you can do is to write properly. If you dont like to read long interesting comments then go back to messenger where all you can see is words like lol, lmao, wtf, …

      2. Well, horror movies, video games, books, etc. don’t affect or scares me so I enjoy watching some good old reality. If I didn’t like beheadings, lynchings, accidents, etc. I would never go to a site called BestGore.

  2. Those dudes are vicious! That bar he was using didnt give an inch must have been steel or something…

    So many highpowered weapons that could have ended his life instantly but they still prefered to act like a troup of monkeys with a stick.

      1. Well, l guess the main idea is to inflict the maximum possible damage to the person before he dies. Most times we dont know what these people do to deserve such painful deaths, but they are recorded to show the ones out there what will happen if they are caught or involved in similar situations. Honestly, l dont like to watch these Videos because l always imagine myself like lf l were the victim, but strangely, l would love that this kind of punishment were delivered to rapist, kidnapers and terrorist in general, and they should be given the oportunity to confess or talk with their relatives one last time, probably some might change, but most would not, so why to keep them breathing and eating our resources while they are just sitting in a comfty cell?

  3. funny. FSA pretending to be SSA for propaganda, but in the end they say ‘Allahu akbar’ that uncovered the cloak as propaganda for the purpose of SSA, Even say without repetitive and raise their hands as usual. Very genius …………

    1. Funny you , these filthy vermin is shiite Militia, and they supporting the Regime to cleanse as many Sunni from Syria. You just know the word Allahhuakbar that is common to everyone in middle east. While beating the poor guy with iron bar these shiite cursing and mocking caliphs after Muhammad except Ali bin Abi Talib.
      What a fucked up world is our earth become because no one know the real thing happening in Syria .

    1. yes i remebr seeing the bearded fellow in the previous video too..he is a hit..catch him alive or dead;)..give him the same treatment.

      I dunno what the guy did who got killed in this video but no one deserves this even if he has committed the most henious of crimes.. For god sake you got a gun, make use of it..shoot them..dont make them suffer so much you dumbfucks

  4. Whether SAA or (more likely) FSA these videos clearly show the same group of militants torturing and killing poeple and enjoying it.

    I was also informed that some of the talking they do in the video is making fun of the victim’s God, so this one is kind of tough to tell which faction, but either way the shit going on over there is brutal.

      1. No problem! As soon as I saw this video I knew instantly it was the same guys as the other video and had to be featured as a related post.

        I keep watching both vids to try and discern for sure whether this is FSA or SAA.

    1. Personally, I think it’s more likely to be an SAA unit. I’m not sure but it sounds like they’re just making takbir and saying Allahu Akbar to mock him. Notice when they say takbir and allahu akbar that they’re laughing and it sounds like they’re being sarcastic. Though it’s difficult to tell because I saw a couple of them with beards and no mustaches (which tends to point to Salafis), maybe they really are good FSA actors and they thought this entire thing out to make us question the credibility?

  5. Islam isn’t a Religion, it’s a cult.

    These Muslims are born into a cult, cultivated from a very young age to enslave their minds to the cult, and they never wavier from it. If they aren’t blowing themselves up or cutting someones head off – They are donating money to the cause, or causing problems in a Western Country via their intolerance and violent nature bred into them by the cult for which they were born into.

    There’s a reason they are a problem almost every inch the globe over.

    That our Liberal/Leftist/Marxist Governments see fit to lay down with these people, to bend the knee to them is outrageous.

    We are in the process of deciding what role Religion has in the Western World, and then we decided to allow this cult into our borders at the one moment in time where we are most susceptible to it’s invasion.


    1. we got some muslims here in Denmark, but it’s not really a big problem compared to the fast growing gang and party culture, it seems like everybody is only looking for an oppertunity to get wasted and take some drugs, this include all races especially the wigger youth, that is driving around in the cities on their scooters and wearing saggy pants with a gold print of a pitbull on their ass. real fuckin classic now

  6. Any religion that has been invented by a human has been plagued with inhumans, islam, scientology, mormon, jahova witnesses and others, all have a huge element of ‘falseness’ about them. Sorry if I offended anyone here by saying that.

    1. Please tell me how the Jehovah’s Witnesses are inhuman, or do anything other than preach, work hard, and love family?

      The Nazis enslaved them because they were the only group, as a whole, to be against the killing of innocents.

  7. I hate living on the same planet where shit like this goes on. Can I get my own lil’ planet to myself?
    Psh, or live some place where I’m not tempted to use the internet. I feel so sorry for that guy. Those dumb ass fucks should be the ones having that done to them.

    1. it had to be a few last terrible minutes when he was going through that beating – knowing you’re not going to make it out alive. Wonder how he was caught – was his entire squad wiped out? Was he already wounded and left behind? Gotta be scary to be out there by yourself

  8. hey there,

    totally with you on your opinion of the fsa but this vid is actually a terrorist getting beaten, these are serving and ex soldiers. the one soldier is sayin names of friends killed…this is revenge hidin and well! deserved!

  9. They seem to be Shabbiha (The Ghosts), a militiant group who fights side by side with the Syrian Arab Army. When they started beating the man, one of the soldier said, if you swallow the Koran you will probably ends up in heaven eating breakfast with the prophet (Muhammad), so Fuck you and Fuck your prophet. What he actually mean is, You want to see your prophet, we will send you to him. Another soldier also said, we will send you to see some virgins, to eat dinner with them. A third soldier said fuck you and fuck your God. So these soldiers are not from al-Kaida because they were swearing and saying bad words against Muhammed and Allah. The last Allah Akbar was only a joke, some of the soldiers were laughing at the background. And before Allah Akbar, they also said Labbayk ya Allah which means Oh God we calls you, and they were also laughing. So it was a joke nothing more 😉

  10. Does anyone else think it would be amazing if they made videos using old style torture methods? A video of impaling or head crushing (with a device, not large rocks) would be so interesting, and in HD would be the icing on the red splattered cake.

  11. Please fuck off, this evildoers is filthy shiite that helping Bashar regime to cleanse Sunni in Syria. These psychopath shiite militia came from various country such as Afghan, Bahrain , Iraq and of course the main culprit shiite mastermind Iran.
    We can hear the torturers mock on Prophet Muhammad’s wife Aisha and his friend Umar and Abu Bakar.
    These Shiite only accept Ali and not three other Caliphs after Prophet Muhammad.
    May all Shiite militia burn to dead on earth before they burning eternally in hell .
    Sorry Mark your writing dor this is bullshit and you need to make study on what really happening there in Syria .

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