Mexican Drug Cartel Torture Two Men by Peeling Their Faces Off While Alive

No Skin Off My Teeth :S

Mexican Drug Cartel Torture Two Men by Peeling Their Faces Off While Alive

Photos are from the colony of Guadalupe Los Lobos, north of the city of Tepic in Nayarit, Mexico. Group of at least 11 heavily armed drug cartel sicarios stormed a house and kidnapped two men. One tried to escape by running across the roof but was abducted and captured. The sicarios set their house on fire and took off in vans to an unknown location.

When the bodies of the abducted men were found, their facial, head and neck skin was peeled off, one also had his heart ripped out. Authorities concluded that the skinning took place while the men were still alive. Their bodies also bore signs of further torture, including severe blunt object trauma to various parts of body which took place before death. One of the corpses was found with pants down, a cigar in his mouth and a hat on its skinned skull.

Witnesses of the abduction expressed dissatisfaction with the response of the police. They said that they alerted the authorities immediately but it took them hours to show up at the crime scene even though many policemen were seen patrolling the neighborhood.

Props to Best Gore member TheEyesOfTheVulture for the pics. Thanks man for checking to see if the photos had already been posted before sending them to me. I really appreciate you doing what so few do to spare me from needlessly wasting my time so I can use it to post more updates instead of dealing with emails with content we already have posted:

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109 thoughts on “Mexican Drug Cartel Torture Two Men by Peeling Their Faces Off While Alive”

    1. what makes it so much more brutal has to be the fact that as soon as the face was peeled off, they didn’t have anymore eye lids ; forcing them to see all as their eyes slowly dried out.

    1. I’m a registered nurse, and based on my knowledge skinning the face off wouldn’t be life threatening. I would guess you could live for weeks if it came down to it. With all of the nerves in the face I would bet it would be extremely painful. As long as no major blood vessels were cut, they’d be alive to feel every bit. Ouch!

        1. Hey, I don’t think I’ve seen that video. Have a link? Sounds sexy, lol, I just seen the link you provided with the blonde slicing that Mexicants throat..the gurgling is so creepy. Reminds me of the sound when I’m suctioning a trachea or all the phlegm they cough onto their chest. One of the sounds I cringe to, yummy!

    1. KJ, everybody has a pain threshold thus I beleive he passed out at the very beginning of the process and I dont beleive they have done this when he was awake, think about it, its very difficult.

  1. I wonder if they end up taking it one step further and pouring boiling water or alcohol on their victims after their skin is flayed. Even if a video of this surfaced it would probably be in pretty bad quality, the high-pitched screams would more than suffice though.

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  3. anybody know how they do this and keep the guys from like feinting from shock? do they use smelling salts or some crap? I would think the pain would knock a beaner right out.

  4. In the cops’ defense, they had to wash off all the blood off their uniforms and hands. Those men that were killed sprayed too much blood on them. That’s why they were late.

  5. To bad Ed Gein is not around, I bet he would have made a mighty fine Halloween mask with those skins. Perhaps a shaw for cold nights. Or a lampshade ah the possibilities

    1. I must be twisted too then, I always scroll down looking for Narco-gore when there’s new stuff been posted and got a little excited when I saw this, was really expecting there to be a vid at first but hey, pics are good too.

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  6. They were brave to face the tasks head on. When is that video release date, i’m first in line. This is just the kind of inovativeness i was waiting for from the cartels. They are starting to use their imaginations. :)

  7. Come on whoever bastards did this, release fucking video! Skinning while alive is a total new genre every gore lovers are waiting for. Beheading and all the same shits are now just boring.

  8. i feel like i would do something if someone tried to deglove my face. im waiting for a post where the victim fights back and becomes the victor rather than….having no face.

    1. Na that will never ever happen. These guys come in 3s or 4s or more with multiple loaded weapons. What I would do if I was in this situation is tell them, “Dude I am not even shitting you but I swallowed a bunch of RDX with a timer detonator this morning because I knew today might be the day. And if my biological time is correct we are all goners pretty soon.” Maybe I get lucky maybe not but at least I did something, if not scare them for a bit.

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