Mexican Execution – Body Found Buried Alive in Concrete

Mexican Execution - Body Found Buried Alive in Concrete

This is some brutal shit – a man was buried alive inside a 200 liter plastic drum filled with concrete, only his head sticking out. Experts say he had been buried in that concrete for 72 hours before the captors ended his suffering with a gunshot to the head. That’s one incredibly slow and torturous method to execute someone.

The victim remains unidentified. The drum with his body was found at around 3:30am on October 12, 2012 on the banks of irrigation canal known as La Compuerta (The Gate), on the road leading to the farm field of Batan, about 50 meters south of highway between Navolato and Culiacán in Sinaloa.

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55 thoughts on “Mexican Execution – Body Found Buried Alive in Concrete

  1. well, the coroner’s gonna have a fun time chiseling his ass out of there….but wouldn’t it be hilarious if they hit a bump and that drum goes rooling out the back of the van…

  2. The problem with being artistic in your approach to your work is that the mediocre and psychologically woebegone will rip you off rotten with their blatant acts of plagiarism and intellectual theft therefore you end up with a situation of trying to find new and inventive ways to communicate your art.

    The body in a barrel of concrete for a few days before death is an interesting adaptation of the good old body in barrel routine however by next year it will be out of fashion just like flares.

  3. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. Its gone past mere execution now its all about the torture. Allah Uh Akhbarians would have been mighty proud.

  4. Actually long term exposure to cement burns skin, so the guy would have slowly felt like he was on fire. Severe burns can result if you leave cement/concrete mix on your skin for any long term amount of time.

  5. Brutal…could you imagine trying to move your legs, arms…I don’t know what would be worse knowing your gunna die or having an itch you can’t scratch

  6. I wonder if this was pure sadism or a method for extracting info. If there’s no space between the skin and the dried cement what happens when you have to piss or shit? It’s gotta go somewhere right? Where? I’m serious. How you gonna force that turd out of your butt if there’s nowhere for the turd to go? I honestly don’t think you’d be able to piss or shit once it dried. Keep supplying that person with water and food they’ll die of a burst bladder or backed up bowels or something.

    • I’m thinking that progressively, his breathing created enough of a void that while the cement hardened, the cement maintained that void for him, before truly setting. Now the suffering man had enough room to allow the life-continuing function of breathing to continue while the rest of his body surface was ravaged by the alkalinity of the surrounding and continuously chemically reacting concrete. In other words: mega-brutal.

  7. What an painful dead definatelly sure his killers shall not die,and burn forever in hell inside the burning sulphur instead they will live forever amen.

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