Naked, Bloodied Man Hanging From a Bridge in Mexico

Brutal - Beat Him Bloody Then Hanged Him to Die on Display

Naked, Bloodied Man Hanging From a Bridge in Mexico

Brutal pics from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Man was found hanged from a bridge, blood flowing down his naked body. On that day, four people were found hanged, all bearing signs of severe torture and had their hands and feet tied together when hanged. Narcomensaje was left with the bodied, but the content has not been revealed.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “Naked, Bloodied Man Hanging From a Bridge in Mexico”

    1. Hahahaha…”i can see my house”. Love it BB!!! Oh yeah, i was checking out some older posts and seen where you won a photo caption contest, #66 i believe, so congrats, i wasnt sure if you knew or not so i thought i would mention it!!

    1. Mexican culture????? A bunch of I N S A I N ass wipes killing each other like its the end of the world! There nothing but rats chasing cheese on a string. Go for it ya crazy fools keep killin till you kill every last one!

      1. If they are but fools
        Who keep losing games at hangman
        Then your culture has failed at equipping you with the proper tools
        To get you through life with proper spelling.

        You bear signs of being I N S A I N
        If you are quick to judge my culture
        Over a few bad eggs, evil in the brain
        You motherfucking bald- headed vulture.

        1. @LL,

          You tell em, girl! I’m as white as a Hallmark card, but I do agree with you. Don’t judge an entire race based solely on what you see here. I am no left-wing multicultralism propogandist either. I believe in judging people by their character. All races have some great people, some good people, and some really not so good people. We see the latter every day on this site. And yes, I will admit that some races have a disproportionate amount of the not so great category, which can be due to quite a number of socioeconomic factors.

          1. Gracias coraz?n!

            And yes, I realized my wording was off after I had clicked post comment. :/ haha
            I’ve been under one of those bridges and they are quite high. I suppose it would make more sense if they hoisted them up. I wish they made a video of the entire interrogation, torture, hanging, even the writing of the nacromensaje.

      1. @gunkgirl. Halloween have been there for many years with any gory decoration. But how about something new and fun for Christmas? Hanging Santa Claus or beheaded Santa Claus with lot of fake blood on your front yard would be awesome! ha ha

  1. Is it me, or is Mexico becoming the only place in the world where more male murder victims are found naked than female ones? With women, its almost always a sexual thing, but I’m guessing with the narcos it’s a humilliation thing?

    Honestly, if I knew I was going to die by narcos, I think humilliation would be the least of my worries.

    1. @uni
      The humiliation isn’t as much for the deceased as it is aimed at the surviving members of targeted organization. What better way to show disrespect for your opposition than by killing em then showing the world their junior sized cock & balls?

    1. Why are you criticizing him like that? He can’t help it. You women are spoiled on huge dildos, and contraptions that us *real* pork sword jabbers couldn’t possibly compete with! Also, you might just have a Big Vagina, so don’t be too hard on him. Aw, heck. What am I saying? Mexicans are all hung like a…Fuck if I know. Something small, and Mexican. An under-the-table-paycheck? Yeah, that’s good enough.

      1. FD, what are you talking about? I said LITTLE guy and you assume I am talking about his dick? Fresh..fresh.!

        He actually looks SHORT to me with a fem body..& I don’t like short little guys, I like tall men.

        Besides, if I was talking about his cock, who cares? Many if not all of the pics of dead naked women are critiqued.. even the NPTOD when it was there, so shhh!

        Women are not spoiled on big dildos. I actually don’t think the size of a dildo is even relevant unless the woman is used to big dicks or maybe wants to stick it in her ass.. because all it really takes is the vibrations of little bullets/rabbits.

      1. Hi Leslee! That’s the former dear leader of North Korea, now known as the dearly departed leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-il. I was really inspired by Vincet’s North Korean West Propaganda film. He was able to bring the Adult One-zee suit back into fashion But not to worry one of his devil spawn is now in charge.

  2. ‘Naked, Bloodied and Hanging From a Bridge in ‘Mehico’………. Noooooooo………. are you serious, that’s a joke right :mrgreen

    How it must be to be a bunch of retarded shit rivets ( havn’t heard that description for ages thanks Stench).

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