Narco Grave with Dismembered Bodies Discovered in San Vicente, Guerrero

Narco Grave with Dismembered Bodies Discovered in San Vicente, Guerrero

New Best Gore member kaislaer who’s from Mexico hooked me up with these pictures of dismembered body parts discovered in my favorite Mexican province of Guerrero (that’s where the execution capital of the world Acapulco is). Background info I got with the pictures said:

These pictures were taken on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 in San Vicente, Guerrero (about 4 hours from Acapulco) after an anonymous call alerted the authorities of a location of a Narco Fosa (narco grave). 2 bags containing human remains were found at the site buried under a layer of dirt.

Thanks a lot kaislaer for the pics and info:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. This is an outrage. The content of this website is horrific and offensive and quite frankly, I….

    Nahhhhh i’m just joking what’s up Best Gore? Finally decided to break out the flip flops make myself an account!

  2. With all the unused land and mountain ranges why would you dump bodies were they can be found. Unless they wanted it to be found. I don’t know, if i had cartel money, i’d drop bodies from a helicopter ride over rough terrain.

    1. thanks! I have visited the site for a couple of months now, I just didn’t want to admit I was into gore, I was easily impressed before, it took me a while to grow the balls to watch all the different kinds of posts here, but then I understood, that’s life.
      And I will be bringing more gifts for sure!

      1. @ baked The US is fucked. Once again we had two piece of shit candidates to choose from and we elected one. Where this country stands right now its just a big cobweb of intricate lies and misinformation, the average US citizen doesn’t know which way is which.

    1. The only way the federal government could ever put a real damper on the cartels money is by legalizing cocaine and taking over production and distribution of it inside the U.S., cocaine is where the real money is at and that’s the drug of choice that cartels like to traffic yes they do traffic alot of pot but its chump change compared to the coke they traffic, pot is their bread and butter since it grows in Mexico its all profit for them, versus cocaine which they have to buy from Colombian cartels but even after having to buy cocaine from another cartel the profit margin is still way higher than pot that they’ve grown themselves. Cartels are constantly adapting and overcoming to whatever situations come about, when legalization of pot by the state of California happend and pot dispensarys began opening up everywhere the demand for high quality marijuana went u…so what did the cartel do they got in on the action and began to grow high quality pot within the U.S. and some have even gone legal and opened up their own dispensarys, this just goes to show that cartels can and will overcome any obstacle in their way, they are very cunning people and thats why they do what they do because their cunning ways make them extremely rich they use intelligence and violence to do what they want and get what they want.

  3. Not really relevant to this post, but…I like viewing pictures of Mexican pozole better than the American-Mexican pozole. They are both soups, but one is made out of acid and humans, instead of stock and beef.

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