Politician Tries to Run from Assassins But Is Gunned Down with 14 Shots

Politician Tries to Run from Assassins But Is Gunned Down with 14 Shots

Politician Tries to Run from Assassins But Is Gunned Down with 14 Shots

35 year old Romeo Garcia Vieira who worked as cabinet adviser in Sooretama, in the North of Espírito Santo, Brazil was gunned down by an assassin on September 30, 2013 near his house on Rua Joaquim Marques. The hit was caught on CCTV cameras.

In the video, the victim walks down the dimly lit street at night when a car passes him and stops. Sensing something was amiss, the deputy tried to run, but was mowed down by rapid gunfire. Police said the assassin shot him 14 times with a .380 calibre pistol – four times in his left leg, twice in the back, once in the left arm and seven times in the neck. From the video it looks like the close range coup d’grace shot was to the head, but apparently not.

The Judicial Police Department of Linhares spokesperson said the crime may have been politicaly motivated. The suspects have not yet been identified.

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112 thoughts on “Politician Tries to Run from Assassins But Is Gunned Down with 14 Shots”

    1. This is off topic, but in the national mall in the US capitol, some dude poured gasoline on himself and lit himself. A couple days before that, some woman was in a high speed chase at DC and stopped at the Capitol Hill and the police shot her up. They found a one year old child in the back seat unharmed. Americans are crazy and I’m cursed to be one myself.D;

      1. replace the words “US Capitol” with Beaver Creek, MT or French Lick, IN and there you are. violence and death occur anytime, for any reason, in any place one can imagine. i believe most readers of BestGore know this already, so perhaps you might reconsider your “cursed” status for the time being

        1. @BB not quite but I do have a lot of family down in Tennessee :)
          I know you live in Canada now but where you also born there?! Oh & have you ever been to the U.S?

          1. Doggy style and reverse cowgirl are the best!! Maximum spankability! Anal- no way but then again, I’m not a southern girl. Lol.

          2. @Juicy yea I’m not particularly fond of having anything up my ass… Hahaha!!!
            Pussy play is just fine fellas

      1. Thanks Stitch, I was starting to think it was just me or something. And yeah I know, it was like he was hit by a fuckin’ cannonball with that first shot 😀

    1. You still have Lego?! Awesome, i thought i was alone there. I always make a torture chamber with a decontamination shower, bending tables to put them upside down, floor grates, etc. Lego man in a white blood covered outfit, table with various weapons, knives, chainsaw, and thr princess gets a room overlooking it, cause this is my lego world! :) I need to grow up, but its not happening anytime soon

      1. Hells yeah I still have Lego! I’m 30, but even now every b-day my awesome-sauce little cuz buys me a new action figure :) Recently you ask? Well let me tell ya! Skeletor, Red Hulk, Michael Myers, & Marvel Zombie Wolverine! Yep, I’m a geek 😀

          1. Awww, I’m flattered, I’ve recently acquired a lego man in chicken suit :) no idea what to do with him, he cant hold a weapon. And is that Michael Myers from Halloween? That’s pretty awesome!

          2. And zombie wolverine? I didnt know they made lego like that, im goingto have to start buying mine online or something, envious of your collection :)

    1. It would make it a bit easier since our Government is shut down. I mean, on paid vacation. No protection. Did you hear about the chick that got blasted in her car with her one year old kid in the car with her at the Capital? Kid is ok. But her, not so much.

      1. Piano wire has got to be the most classy, dignified assassin tool. I imagine a man who’d kill with that would smoke a fine cigar after while sipping on Cognac.

          1. Lol wrong guy @antivirus….unless Future Days really IS from the future and it’s Brokeback 10 years from now!!

          1. @Future Days – no offence and i’m sure you know that.
            @MikeyGraves – thanks for the facepalm alert, pal. no legos this xmas: i’ll get you a dictionary and thesaurus so you might graduate to sniper for grammar nazism as well 😉

    1. Lol! Well it is Brazil. I’m sure anyone walking anywhere in Brazil is well aware of the fact that, that could be there last moments. Brazil death’s are like Rabbit spawn. You hardly notice and call a difference from who’s who.

  1. I’m surprised that the assassin managed to kill him because politicians tend not to have any balls, guts, brains or an heart or spine which makes it very difficult to assassinate them.

    1. Yea I doubt anyone in Brazil cared about his death. Matter o’ fact I’m sure they hardly noticed haha. All the murder victims probably get all blurred into one after so many

  2. Damn for as many shots as this man received that was quick as fuck! How would anyone come to the conclusion that this could have been politically motivated? How so?

        1. @It was me – a cabinet advisor tries to fit your need and keep those doors from popping open. bet you that bloody mess there on the street takes less time to clean up than a spilled canister of kool-ade

          1. @antivirus, I have no love for politicians.
            I do admire someone who can craft something not only useful, but beautiful, with their hands.
            I have no doubt you’d win that wager!

        2. I’ll hire you if you can make me the type of cabinet from ‘The Indian In The Cupboard’! (I just really need to know how my Lego guys voices sound like :P)

          1. @MikeyGraves, got a picture of the cabinet you want made? Better still got a picture of you with you lego men – a ‘nice’ pose is optional :)

          1. Hi there! :) 😉 What are you doing in your part of the world on this Saturday night?! Where are you anyhow??

          2. I’m cool- in warm Cali. Just made some “white girl tacos”! A beer sounds good! 😉 You should send me an electronic message sometime.. :)

  3. Donsome assassin.he had to get rightup on him and still didn’t get him in the head..phhhst..what a joke..as for dead Guy..he was a politician so he was half way in the grave already..they just helped him out a lil bit..

  4. I don’t know much about Brazilian politicians but if they’re anything like most other Countries politicians I’m happy to see him go. As for the assassins accuracy, shooting a stationary target at the range is a lot different than shooting a running target in a dimly lit ally with a massive amount of adrenaline pumping through you.

  5. Just as if always said. It does not pay to be a politician. The only pay off here is death got want he wanted in spades. Ten cards dealt, four cards discarded, and a loss of the game with a full pot to the house. What a game.

    1. @Rude Monger – respect your assessment though it may be more like Dungeons & Dragons with people at that level, as opposed to an honest hand of cards or even an honourable game of chess (god forbid). in either case, they play amongst their ranks and citizens who rely on them get snafu

    2. Where do you live, Sweeden? Down here politician is the best profission. A senator here makes three times what an american senator make.

      I’d wish to see at least three videos per day where politicians took this kind of feedback from people.

      1. No I live in th U.S. not Sweden. I’m close to the nation’s capital. Takes about and hour and a half by car where I’m located if the traffic is not bad.

  6. Was this politically motivated by a bill he did not pass?
    Maybe it was sexually started from banging the wrong ass.
    On pen and paper he has seen it all before.
    But it’s a little different when it’s your blood, guts, and gore.

    1. “Historias del Narco” has comprehensive, up-to-date postings about the narco on-goings within the Mexican borders and beyond. (Spanish).
      For English try BorderlandBeat. More focused on the North, much less conprehensive, but translated (poorly) into English.

  7. Anyone else see only three shots? Two on the way and one in the head? There’s muzzle flash to show the first two and then a closeup. Just my opinion. And a .380 you’d figure they have like 6-8 rounds in them. Give the guy some credit I think he did it right. Nobody’s going to witness shit I’d be running like a bitch not looking

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