Seven Men Seated in Plastic Chairs Executed in Uruapan, Michoacan

Seven Tied Men Were Seated in Plastic Chairs for Execution Narco Style

Seven Men Seated in Plastic Chairs Executed in Uruapan, Michoacan

I wonder if narcos drew inspiration for this mass execution from Luka Magnotta cause both narcomensajes were pinned to the chests of the men with ice picks.

Bodies of seven dead man, seated in white plastic chairs, blindfolded and with their hands tied were found in early morning hours of Saturday March 23, 2013 in a traffic circle of Las Palomas known as Glorieta de la Pepsi in Uruapan, Michoacan. The traffic circle draws its name from the proximity to a Pepsi bottling plant. The men were executed with coup de grace gunshots to their heads. The execution likely took place where the bodies were found.

Narcomensajes attached to the bodies read the following text (English translation):

Warning, this is going to happen to all muggers, pickpockets, thieves of cars, homes and pedestrians, kidnappers, rapists and extortionists.

Some of the corpses have been identified and they were mostly roadside windshield washers.

Props to Best Gore member jordysteyaert for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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60 thoughts on “Seven Men Seated in Plastic Chairs Executed in Uruapan, Michoacan”

  1. The narcos are getting more and more “artistic” everyday.

    I wonder how they came up with the idea for this marvelous piece of artwork. “Hey, why don’t we buy some plastic chairs, and put the dead guys sited side by side in those chairs, with icepicks attaching a message to their chest”.

      1. When I was little we had a few acres of orange trees, they were painted white ultimately helped with sun scald. Like a sunburn. (This is in AZ) It also helps deter certain bugs from feasting on the bark. 馃檪

        1. It’s amazes me how the people on this site are so intelligent, witty, and open-minded. Thank you.

          Now if I ever see seven guys executed in front of trees with white paint on the trunks, I’ll be able to explain about sun scald and bugs feasting on barks. Then I’ll get the fuck out of there.

  2. “What am I doing? Not much, just sitting on a chair in the park with my friends, just chillin… I’m a mugger but my friends have all different professions, for example – a pickpocket, a car thief, a home burglar, a kidnapper, a rapist and an extortionist. We’re just a bunch of good fellows and we’re waiting for our friends to bring us some cheeba to smoke. I’m telling you, this is the best spot, man.”

  3. Brilliant; did they have a sale of cheap plastic garden furniture in the local equivalent of Homebase.

    I love how the last guy gets a blanket over his legs; I guess they didn’t want him to get cold whilst they were ‘offing’ the other six.

    This is one installation that would make the Tate and, probably, take a prize.

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