Snitch Found Executed in Pareo, Michoacan, Mexico

Accused Snitch Tortured and Executed with a Gunshot to the Face

Snitch Found Executed in Pareo, Michoacan, Mexico

Body of this alleged snitch was found in the street of Pareo, Mochoacan, Mexico yesterday – October 30, 2012. He was shot in the face with exit hole in the neck. On top of this fatal wound, the alleged snitch bore signs of torture and had his hands tied. A cardboard with narcomensaje mentioned that this happened to him because he was a “dedo” which translates as “finger” but means “snitch”.

Authorities identified the man as 43 year old Madrigal Anacleto Garcia of Tancitaro, Michoacan. He was missing since Sunday. Narcos clearly don’t like people leaking information to the police. Kind of like Omerta in Italy – mafias sort their grievances with one another among themselves. Involving the police in any way is a big no no and bears the penalty of death with rock put into the dead man’s mouth as a sign that he/she died because he/she talked too much. I guess it’s similar in Mexico, minus the rock in mouth.

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17 thoughts on “Snitch Found Executed in Pareo, Michoacan, Mexico”

  1. Are you sure it was “snitch” (sopl?n)? Because the message was understood as showing the middle finger, a sign of insult, maybe not literally, but he could be killed by insulting some drug dealer or trying to cheat him on business

    1. We use “dedo” to describe snitches, because of how pointing the “finger” is relates to telling on people. If someone calls you a “dedo” or ” pusiste dedo”, it means you’re a snitch or you snitched on someone.
      Another funny thing I was thinking about at work today is how morons here and parts of M?xico use the world ‘ala’ to express surprise or disbelief. It is short for ” a la chingada”, but its pronounced like “Allah” in a Mexican accent.

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