Two Bodies Unearthed from Shallow Grave in Acapulco, Mexico

Two Bodies Unearthed from Shallow Grave in Acapulco, Mexico

Bodies of two men were found near Rio de la Sabana, in the Llano Largo suburbs of Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. The victims showed signs of torture, had their hands bound and each had execution style gunshot wounds in the head.

The area where they were found belongs to the infamous Colossus (Coloso) sector of Acapulco. Coloso has death written all over it. So many people get brutally tortured and executed there, I’d run for my motherfucking life if I were from there.

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19 thoughts on “Two Bodies Unearthed from Shallow Grave in Acapulco, Mexico

  1. They didn’t get hacked to pieces along with some naked kneeling Mexican broads. The executioners must not have felt like making death porn for all of us that night. Don’t they know you have to produce at least three of those a day to compete in the adult film industry?

  2. The torture on film would send more of a message then just the usual cut throat gurgle gurgle chop chop vids. Where is the creativity?

  3. Reminds me of a poem where young love is lost and his beloved succumbs to the reaper:
    In the midnights mist, I travel forlorn in remembrance,
    My love’s wontons urges I succumb too,
    The grave site, my duties I have not forgotten,
    I dig her up and f#@k her rotten.

  4. Shallow grave, indeed; it would strain the ingenuity of a murder to create a shallower internment.

    Did they use a children’s sandpit?

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