Two Brothers Killed in Narco Shootout in Mexico City

Took a Shot in the Face, Died Surrounded by Filth

Two Brothers Killed in Narco Shootout in Mexico City

I’ve travelled excessively around the world but never spent any significant amount of time in any Hispanic country cause all I could find there were filth and arrogance. Sure, bleeding heart liberals like to say that these people are “temperamental” but that’s just a fancy name for arrogance. I don’t get along well with arrogance so I always left as quickly as I came. And of course you also get piles of filth everywhere you move.

These photos are from Mexico City. A narco shootout took place at some kind of market. Two brothers were killed and 16 bystanders wounded. The photographer only got to take pictures of one of the brothers. People already put candles next to him. That’s provided you can spot them among all the garbage on the ground.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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34 thoughts on “Two Brothers Killed in Narco Shootout in Mexico City”

    1. Have you been? I have, and it has many flaws but I wouldn’t call it “filthy filthy”. The problem with Mexico, is that it’s full of Mexicans. But so is California and manyvother states in the U.S.. But feel free to move to Africa or the Philippines if your not comfortable around Mexican filth.

        1. It’s not filthy where my Mexican family lives.I visited them once and they don’t take kindly to the cartels, they don’t allow it.It’s a very peaceful place , and everyone there is happy despite living in poverty.

          1. Well maybe I exaggerated. It just smells so bad once you get off the plane. Some people are so gross. But yeah. Where my grandma lives its peaceful cute little rancho. I love it there.

    2. It’s not “filthy filthy” thats just ant stereotype… sucks, and what you can see is “Tepito” its the “main operations center” in Mexico D.F (capital) of the dealers, you can find all kinds of drugs, clothes (not original but cheap), weapons, such a tiny black market. obvs its hard to get in there and if you go you are afraid of the fucking narcos, and they were having a big party on the colony,town?, whatever thats why the ground is so filthy

  1. The French tend to describe the Spanish as dirty, but the French are hardly the world’s experts on hygiene. Like British teeth and Scottish education it can only get better. As for this posting? Well I guess it was ethnic cleansing sort of.

  2. Well to tell the truth the Northern states are friendly there’s so many immigrants from the US/Asia/Europe/South America etc but in the southern states most of people are assholes and are the way you are describing you should travel more there’s quite a lot of nice people in the North that would be glad to help you if you needed food & a place to stay

    1. nicer people to the north? you kidding me?…..its the same everywhere……theres nice people and bad people….everywhere in the country……its the same where i live now….they say the north side is scary and shitty and so its the southside….therell always be assholes everywhere……anywhere…….and people in mexico city say the same about the regios……..that theyre assholes and wannabe gringos…..and you know that they call us chilangos and nacos… dont say one side is better than the other…….

      1. You’re just stereotyping everyone lol i’d never say anything bad about the southern states it’s retarded to fight between each other i’ve also met girls in southern states that look like marias that were never hostile & were really nice as well

  3. The trash looks to be mainly plastic cups and paper napkins,the people are wearing cold weather attire, no flip flops, jackets…I’d guess it was some type of celebration..(like Mardi Gras in New Orleans or along those lines) when the killers struck, easier to disappear among a crowd…

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