Two Men Crucified by ISIS Militants in Raqqa, Syria

Two Men Crucified by ISIS Militants in Raqqa, Syria

Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) also known as ISIL – the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant recently crucified 2 men in the town of Ar-Raqqa. As this article by the Lebanese Daily Star explains, three more executions were carried out by ISIS in Tal Abyad, and two more in the town of Saluq.

ISIS fighter Abu Dujanah confirmed on his Twitter account that in accordance with Sharia Law, seven people were executed for allegedly planting IED bombs on their cars.

According to another Twitter account maintained by a militant, the two men crucified in Raqqa had taken a payment of 50,000 Syrian Pounds (equivalent to US$337) to throw IEDs from a motorcycle at an ISIS soldier near Naeem Roundabout. While throw it they did, they missed the soldier and instead wounded two civilians – one was a child who lost both his eyes to the explosion, the other had to have his leg amputated.

The militants later captured the men (to whom they referred to as “spies”) and executed them by crucifixion according to Surat 5:33 in Quran.

While the Zionist media used the news of the crucifixion to advance their Islamophobia agendas, it must be said that Saudi Arabia routinely practices crucifixion as a form of execution (photo and videos of the incident available on Best Gore), but because Saudis are big buddies with the Zionists, crucifixions carried out in Syria are blown out of proportions, while the same shit in Saudi Arabia is only mentioned on the sidelines and is not laced with Islamophobia.

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          1. Lol, sorry to obli and mikey, I got all excited when i saw the word “crucified” in the title of the post and felt a little let down that it wasn’t a proper christ-like execution, but instead, cheap theatrics. Then a lot of people on this site start giving their exact definition of a crucifixion, as if I’m a total moron. I know what I wanted to see, dammit.

        1. Mikey, this guy was tied on to this cross with green dental floss post mortem. Yes, it is a staged “crucifixion” but it does not fit the definition of method of execution, where the person is bound, (however the hell they want to bind them is apparently insignificant, but I prefer nails ) and then left to die slowly. This is just a show. Ok it may fit the definition of crucifixion as performance art, but not execution. Thank you.

          1. Yeah, i’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Mikey meant. That it fits the definition of it. I think he can see the dude isn’t nailed to a cross. You’re welcome.

          2. Yah, just didn’t want to be perceived as being a douchebag. Even though, I can be sometimes. Just not this time. Obli and Mickey have my respect.

          3. Yeah, mikey…. I’m on a kindle fire, it has some very creative autocorrections, if you’re not paying attention. Thanks @yournextexgirl

    1. Seeing this, I imagine a liberal apologetic for Islam reasoning as follows:

      1: A band of self-confessed Muslims violently murdered without trial another violent Muslim, subsequently they strapped his mangled corpse to a makeshift construction, consisting of a vertical iron pole intersected horizontally, at roughly 90 degrees, by a piece of wood, forming a cross that serves to uphold the lynched man in a public display of disgrace.

      2: The Qur’an literally dictates torture, maiming and death, as necessary methods of punishment for those thought to “strive to cause corruption upon the earth” and other horrible crimes, such as daring to criticize, or Allah forbid, oppose, the forced marriage of a 9 year old girl to a 62 year old man, or driving a car and being a woman at the same time.

      Conclusion: This particular case of crucifixion is nothing but an incident that has nothing to do with Islam as a such, since Islam is a religion of peace.


      1. @Rote Peace? Really? Is that a “higher” form of sarcasm? Please don’t tell me you truly believe that. They’re good book describes in great detail how it is okay to lie to and murder those that have different views. Just wait until these peaceful folk figure out how to bring the end of days curtain down on all of us. Peace indeed!

        1. I think that if you would read what I wrote a bit more attentively, you would see that I was, indeed, being sarcastic. I am no apologetic for Islam. In fact, I agree with you on every point you made.

          1. @ Rote Glad to hear it was sarcasm sometimes you can’t tell. I think it was the double peace at the end of your post that had me wondering. It wasn’t a lack of attentiveness but a lack of understanding the punch line. At Bestgore we are from many different backrounds sometimes words, sarcasm, humor sound completely different than intended or meant to sound. No excuse but at 3am I wasn’t sure. My question was asked honestly as you do seem to be quite intelligent. I was just checking to see if I needed to choose my heroes more carefully is all. LOL!! Good morning to you sir no disrespect intended.

          2. Well, Rayf, I am not a native English speaker myself, so I know what it is like to feel uncertain about what exactly is someone’s intended meaning.

            Your initial reaction to my post seems to have been written in a heightened state of agitation; I do not blame you for that. What civilized person can watch this kind of savagery without immediately thinking about the ever greater likelihood of it occurring in his own vicinity one day?

            Dear Heavenly Fiction, hold back that day!

          3. @Rote Don’t worry about not being native with the English speaking bro, in America we have problems understanding our neighbors one or two zip codes away from us. If you get an English person an Australian and an American in the same room talking about the same thing “flip flops, thongs, banana hammock, ass, arse ect.” The conversation would go something like “huh , what no it’s not” haha. As I said bro you seem very intelligent and serious. Correct me if I’m wrong but I had seen no other attempts at humor or sarcasm on your part up until now. Once again my bad.

          4. Yes, I guess I do come across as a rather grave individual. That itself could be considered funny, since in person I can be energetic to point of becoming erratic when presenting my views.

            I tend to speak in a declamatory fashion, with lots of spasmodic gestures and the ejaculation of saliva into space and face. As you can imagine, that does not translate very well into writing. Many of my posts may appear rigid and forced, because, in a sense, that is what they are.

            But as you can see, I am, though reluctantly, making some attempts at humor.

            I am glad too have met you, and other courteous and well-spoken individuals, here on Bestgore: the contrast with the kind of human specimens we are usually confronted with on this wonderful website could not be starker.

          5. Welcome, Rote. Nice to meet you too. I’m a long time visitor, first time commenter.

            But, Rote, I don’t think this is the right place for such lengthy personal confessions.

    1. I heard that at first they had only one victim to execute. They thought of flaying him alive, tanning his skin, and making it into a Persian carpet. To everyone’s disappointment, none was found to posses the necessary skills for that endeavor, so they considered flattening him with a steamroller. They hurried to a local loan-shark to get some funds for this stunt, but this weasel of a Jew dared to charge them interest, forcing them to to kill him too.

      Disappointed to see yet another scheme fail, but no less eager to draw some blood, they all sat down to think up some new and “creative” way of slaying their victims. They took their time. They ate together, they drank together, they wiped their asses with their left hand, ate their snacks with their right. Fifteen calls to prayer passed them by unnoticed while they were pulling at their beards and randomly firing into the air out of frustration at their lack of inspiration.

      As could be expected no new ideas were produced. When one of them had put up his hand and suggested: stoning! All had shouted him down. At last an old imam stood up and said: “Who needs this thing called “thought” anyway, when I hold in my hand a book that holds the answer to everything? Verily, Allah is all-knowing, all-wise.”

      So, they consulted the Qu’ran and chose, out of a score of alternative methods, the one of crucifixion. By chance, this also happened to be one of the most cost-effective methods available, ranking just behind strangulation and decapitation; a point of some weight, considering their lack of funds and the fact that they had now two victims on their hands.

      In the end it all worked out to everyone’s satisfaction; after they were killed even the two victims gave in and ceased their protest. For about half an hour of work the citizens of Ar-Raqqa now have weeks to enjoy the fascinating process of decomposition.

      1. So he was a show off?,have you seen those photomontages were they put Jesus and some saints in funny places it’s so hilarious,I think I saw a bicycle made with a real wood cross lol

  1. You will never hear about this on any news channel here in the states. This is real …. I’m glad people are out there who present what’s really going on in the world. This Shari’a law is coming to America …

        1. @POZ Can you imagine if they would have just glued him to the fucking thing. Those people are quite hairy. 1/2 a bottle of Gorilla glue would do the trick.

  2. the victims and victimizers would kill me just for being a white, non-muslim foreigner, fuck these people. there are no innocents there.
    “oh but we’re both being manipulated by Zion, blah blah..” yeah, well, that does not make these motherfuckers my allies. Yallah suck my fucking dick.

  3. I think it looks more like one of those “controversial” art installation pieces you see in NY or CA.
    Like something PETA would stage, and then try to explain that it somehow represents the way we torture animals 😉

    1. Ok “fucktard,” but it appears that the guy is tied on with mint flavoured dental floss. What everyone seems to be missing is the fact that it is in and of itself the execution method. No matter how the victim is bound to the cross, they are then supposed to be left to die slowly. The point being argued was whether or not it’s a real execution by crucifixion or just somebody’s idea of trying to simply show off their dead victims in a crucified manner. God damn, what is the fuckin problem with that? When I see people crucified, I wanna see the bastards nailed to the fuckin cross!

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