Two Men Executed with Shots to the Back of Their Heads

Two Men Executed with Shots to the Back of Their Heads in Iraq

Two men were executed by two gunmen with gunshots to the back of their heads at close range. The condemned had sweaters over their heads – possibly to spare the henchmen from having to witness their dying faces – and were kneeling obediently on the ground as shooters aimed their handguns at their heads and fired shots.

I’m not 100% sure about the location. Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf who hooked me up with the video says it happened in Syria, but each video from Syria that FSA jihadists released had their new flag colors used in the watermark. This video however uses the Islamic watermark with the al Qaeda flag – we’ve seen these in the past in videos from Iraq. However it is a known fact that many extremists from Iraq operate under the al Qaeda flag in Syria so maybe that’s what’s happening here.

At the end of the video the guy filming mentions that the condemned were “heretics”. Of course, calling someone in an Islamic country a heretic is the same as calling someone in a Zionists occupied country an anti Semite. It’s a label used to justify unlawful persecutions, prosecutions, torture and assassinations of incompliant individuals. Summary executions by wannabe vigilantes are questionable to say the least.

Props to DerSteppenwolf for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Why do you always want to ridicule yourself ?

        1- This isn’t in iraq, do you see that watermark ? the yellow word under the black flag is “al sham”.
        In arabic “”???? ?????” is Syria.

        2- Zanadiq doesn’t literally mean “low filths”, it is a religious term used for disbelivers who talk about religion, heretics ..

        Here is the definition of the word “zendiq” (zanadiq is in the plurial):
        ” ??????? ????? ? ??????? ??? ?? ???? ??????? ???????? ??????”


      1. I knew for 100% somebody would say that. I was gonna post in my previous reply about this but I said fuck it. How about no you fucking idiot? I value my life. I have an idea though. Let me shoot you in the head with a 9 mil and I will ask you if you are OK?

    1. I’ve always wondered as well and here is what I’ve come up with: You would feel, if only momentarily, the pain of the skin and skull getting penetrated. The brain however will feel nothing as there are no nerves in the brain to pick up the pain signals. At the point it enters your brain one of a few things will happen I think: Lights out instantly! 2. A shock electrical discharge kind of like someone experiencing a seizure! 3. A stroke like sensation that results in death! 4. Scrambled thoughts that make zero sense and you simply bleed to death.

      There are cases of people being shot point blank in the forehead (with and without exit hole), that stand and talk wildly about random shit for a minute or two. Eyes open, mouth moving, but random ass scrambled thoughts are pouring out until finally, lights go out and they crumble. I imagine pain is non-existent as your brain is so scrambled those receptors are eliminated.

      Eh, obviously no one can say for sure on the death part and almost everyone that survived gunshot to the head have zero memory of it happening.

      I guess in a nutshell, you would certainly be “retarded” severely for a brief amount of time before death.

        1. Chemical activity in your brain, blood vessels and nerves in your head outside of the skull and muscles in your head and neck.

          The brain itself though has no nerves that pick up pain like cutting and burning, much like a bullet would do going through your brain. In fact, many surgeries on the brain are done with the patient being wide awake with only local pain numbing stuff for the skin and skull. The brain will not pick up the sensation of the knife and other things they would do on your brain.

          1. Didn’t you all see the video of the guy shooting himself in the head after arrest inside police station waiting for processing? It’s somewhere on BG. I just don’t remember the name of the guy. It’s interesting because after the shot when his body already started to go ragdoll, his hand made a movement as to hide the gun back in his trousers from where he pulled it. I’d say he was instantly dead and the hand movement was just nerves. No pain whatsoever – instant obliteration of the brain. That being said, there are people who survived even bullet through the eye. So you can’t ever be sure.

    2. you will feel pain through the scalp and though the surface of your skull. your brain will feel absolutely no pain. but it will happen so quickly on a supersonic level of speed, so you wouldn’t feel a thing if the bullet trajectory went thru your medulla oblongata and or your brain stem. if the shot did go thru those it lights out immediately. so if its an accurate humane shot, the victim won’t feel a thing except for the horror of knowing that a bullet will go thought the back of your head. and that is a terrible terrible feeling.

  1. I like the guy in ‘i’m going to blind you with my stripey blue tee-shirt’, looks to the camera first. Better with a clapper at the beginning and storyboard to work from. Lets make this stuff more professional.

      1. Der Steppenwolf, Thanks for the vid, bud. I really like this one. You have summited some top grade material since I’ve seen you introduce yourself. Do your language skills help you find the videos? PS, can you get some material for Mark to start a new photo caption contest? They’re my favorite!

        1. You’re welcome 馃檪
          Yes, since I understand literary arabic and different dialects I visit jihadist forums (not fake ones) and try to keep updated always.

          I visit some pages too and try to search in youtube for new updated videos.

          And speaking of pictures, the only picture I contributed with here is that 15 year old boy shot in the head for blasphemy.

        1. @Deadmamwanking.
          As far as I can make out it’s not a club shirt, it’s just an advertising campaign by Pepsi in the late 1990’s under the name Generationext.

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  2. Actually, I too did a bunch of personal research on the topic… a shot in the head would knock you out, but you’d still be “alive” until you bled out or suffocated on your own blood. Not cool.

    The only way to die “instantly” from a headshot would be if the medulla oblongata were detroyed by the shot. This small area is located roughly where the spine connects to the skull.

    Those people who commit suicide by deepthroating the barrel of a gun are doing it properly (as long as it is straight-back).

  3. No one wants to die, but as far as deaths go, those were good ones. No drawn out beheading, no wasting away in a bed to a disease. Just turn the lights out with a bullet to the back of the head. God willing, that is how it ends for me too.

  4. I don’t understand how people can get so quite knowing they’re gonna be killed. I mean; I would run shitting on my pants while I cry, instead being like those; kneeling down waiting for the bullet. Of course I’ve never been in those shoes (obviously).

  5. Better way to die then beheading…at least the lights go out instantly….when you are beheaded you are aware of things, can think and you can even see for quite some time…as long as there is oxygen in the brain.

  6. why do they always do it to the back of the head i would happily look them in the eyes and smile at em wile i pull the trigger fuck em there just Muslim scum regardless of who’s army there with

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