Two Young Girls Tortured and Executed by Drug Cartel in Mexico

Two Young Girls Tortured and Executed by Drug Cartel in Mexico

You know… I asked this question before but it pops to mind again – do Narco sicarios bone them snatches before they execute them? Would be a waste to pass up on quality ass raping, wouldn’t it? Though something about the way these two pairs of labia are dressed tells me that they were prostitutes so they’re likely pretty loose and infected.

On September 16, 2012 two young women were found executed by drug cartel gunmen after being cruelly tortured. The bodies of the girls were accompanied with narcomensajes in which the killers accused them of working as halcones (informers) for a rival cartel.

The murdered women were found in the Neron Street, suburbs of Marroquín in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. One was kneeling with hands tied behind her backs and the other was lying on her back with her feet bound.

Mexican authorities speculate that the girls were tortured elsewhere but taken to Marroquín while still alive and there they were delivered a coup de grace execution shot to the head. The police recovered 9mm clippings from the scene.

One narcomensaje had the following text on it:

Atención estamos en el KM 22 y 21 en los Órganos, autoridades no la pelan, ni Marinos, ni PFP pueden con el Comando del Diablo.

English translation:

Attention, we are at the Organs, Km 22 and Km 21. Authorities can suck our dicks. Neither the marines nor the federal police can mess with the Commandos of the Devil. Signed, El Cremas.

The other narcomensaje had this text:

Esto nos paso por pasar información a los del Centro. Atte. El Cremas y el Capi Sosa.

English translation:

This happened to us because we informed the people from Cartel del Centro. Signed, El Cremas and Captain Sosa

Photos of two young girls executed by a drug cartel are in the gallery below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. @Brokeback, to answer your question, it doesn’t bother me if someone wants to post pics of their junk, but as a straight male, I think the female form is much more attractive. But again, who am I to judge if someone wants to flaunt it. I mean, I’m not using pics, but my screen name is an obvious reference to what I’m packing (or not, as it were) Here among BG members, and with a little bit of anonimity, I openly share with others what I’ve been afraid or ashamed to share in the real world (outside of a very few close friends) So, I gues what i’m saying is that maybe the sausage avatars are their ways of accepting who they are. Does that make sense, or am I just over-analyzing some horny, attention starved dudes phishing for a response from a cute female BG member?

  1. Nice bitches wasted, oh shit. Actually they are luck to be given a coup de grace execution shot to the head, otherwise they could have been cut into pieces and have their pusses exposed. Nice legs for the girl in white dress and not forgetting the tattoo for the other girl in blue top.

  2. How do these gangs know that these women were informers, how do they acquire their evidence, do they just take someone’s word for it and then torture and kill someone, what if the person who pointed the finger at these girls was the informer.

    1. They don’t really need evidence. If they so much as suspect they will get rid of snitches or threats.
      Not exactly sure if they putas were actual putas. People dress like that where I live to go out. It’s stylish to look whorish I guess. They look too clean and healthy to be whores from Mexico.

      1. Hi Lady L, For a supposed organised gang they leave themselves vulnerable to psychological warfare. Assumingly all a rival would need to do is spread rumours into their opponents gang, keep it up long enough to cause in fighting and when their opponent had weakened itself enough they could go on the attack and win.

        On a added note, is Mexico as violent as we are made to believe, I know that you have a lot of criminal elements just like anywhere else but does the average person who has no involvement with gangs have to worry about getting killed going about their everyday life.

        1. EmptySoul,
          I agree. But how much logic can peple who are in gangs really have?
          Mexico is as bad as BG, or any media for that matter make it out to be. Although, if you hang around a bad apple then you’re probably it risk of ending up like these ladies. Since justice is tainted in Mexico, the vulnerability of unassociated civilians is very high. I’ve not been to Mexico Since this past summer. But the dangers are not showing signs of diminishing.

  3. Mexico reminds me of a modern day Salem. If somebody wants you dead or doesn’t like you all they have to do is tell nearest cartel your a halcon. Judging by these lovely ladies choice of profession, they very likely were. Sure that’s how cartel probably saw it too.

  4. Woulda been nice to have a vid. They don’t look that beat up. The article says they were tortured, how and stuff? I can’t jerk off if I don’t know the details.

    Also as someone who has worked around prostitutes (in the USA for a tv show), these chicks do not look like real prostitutes. They look stylish and well fed – most likely gf’s of some dude in a gang.

  5. Damn shame to waste fine ass like that. Instead of killing them, should have just made them sex slaves. Keep them in a dungeon on private land and force them to service the rank and file cartel soldiers. Accomplish two things – discourage snitching and boost morale of employees (that haven’t been enslaved yet).

    1. @chilio09
      The comandante diablo with all the viral execution videos and what not on this site is actually not the same comandante diablo who was recently captured. The recently captured comandante diablo was one of the heads for the gulf cartel and the real well infamous Comandante Diablo we all know is a high ranked member of the “zetas” cartel if i am correct. There is alot more than one comandante diablo’s lol…sadly.

  6. Probably were’nt whores, gisrl here think dressing like that is sexy, and most girls that listen to banda (commonly related to cartels) LOVE dressing like that, just check out some music vids and you’ll see them girls shaking it in tube dresses and huge heels, we call them churpias or buchonas.

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