Video of Liberian President Samuel K. Doe Tortured Before Execution

Rebels Pose with Dead Body of Naked Samuel Doe Body During the Civil War in Liberia

Rebels Pose with Dead Body of Naked Samuel Doe Body During the Civil War in Liberia

The guy you see tortured in this video is Samuel K. Doe – former president of Liberia. The guy sipping a canned Budweiser beer behind the desk is Prince Y. Johnson – leader of a faction of rebels which waged a guerrilla war against Samuel Doe. The rebels captured Samuel Doe in Port of Monrovia where he had visited ECOMOG peacekeeping headquarters. Peacekeeping my ass. Rebels tortured Samuel Doe, cut off his ear and fingers and eventually killed him though Doe helped himself to his own death.

Much of the torture, including the ear cutting was recorded on video by the rebels, making it the first torture of a world leader filmed on camera. The execution for obvious reason wasn’t. So much for being a president of Liberia – a once deemed promised land for African Americans barely any African Americans chose to emigrate to. They must have felt well taken care of in good ole America Fuck Yeah!

As an interesting piece of trivia – the Budweiser sipping chief executioner Prince Yormie Johnson, aka the guy behind Samuel Doe’s death ran for the office of the president of Liberia in 2011. Nothing like having an animal with blood on his hands running the country. Prince Yormie Johnson did not win the presidential election but retained his warm, gold digging spot of the Senior Senator for Nimba County.

It’s ironic that presidency of Samuel K. Doe was started with televised executions of members of former president’s deposed government. Samuel Doe’s predecessor William R. Tolbert was killed during the CIA supported coup and having now had their man in power, the Americans supported Doe until such time that he stopped following orders from Washington. By doing that, Samuel Doe signed his own death sentence.

It’s funny how history often repeats itself – CIA orchestrates and finances an assassination of a world leader to put their puppet on a string in power, but the puppet goes rogue so they orchestrate his assassination as well, to replace him with another puppet who also goes rogue and it just goes on like that. Some countries are so corrupt to the bone, no matter what allegiances you make, backstabbing will occur. Needless to say – Charles Taylor who replaced Samuel Doe as succeeding president of Liberia proved to be even worse than Doe.

Prince Yormie Johnson whose rebels captured and tortured Samuel Doe enjoyed watching his minions cut Samuel’s ear off, but wanted to keep the president alive for more eye candy. He ordered to have Doe locked in a bathroom but not willing to take any more of their torture, Samuel Doe smashed his head against the bathroom window, causing a cerebral hemorrhage that quickly killed him. It was a perfect self assassination and the best way to piss Prince Johnson the fuck off.

The rebels handed the tape with Samuel Doe’s torture and ear cutting to journalists Stephen Smith (of Liberation), Mark Huband and Patrick Robert (of French photo agency Sygma – the latter being the author of the above iconic image of Liberian rebels posing with naked body of dead Samuel Doe). The video quickly became a best selling West African film which is still doing the rounds in the markets of Monrovia.

Samuel K. Doe died the same way he lived – by the sword. He was killed on September 9, 1990. Video of his torture is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. On April 12, 1980, Doe led a military coup, killing President William R. Tolbert, Jr., in the Executive Mansion. Twenty-six of Tolbert’s supporters were also killed in the fighting. Thirteen members of the Cabinet were publicly executed ten days later. Shortly after the coup, government ministers were walked publicly around Monrovia in the nude and then summarily executed by a firing squad on the beach.[3] Hundreds of government workers fled the country, while others were imprisoned.

      Well he got what he did to others…

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  1. Interviewing him and everything…I kept expecting the guy with the mic to hang around and ask him questions whle being tortured.

    On another note someone please stop my mind from going a million thoughts an hour….I can’t get rid of this anxiety. It’s almost overwhelming, feels like I’m hanging on to sanity by a few threads.

    1. On second veiwing, the mic was still there, lol. Geeze, this just seems a bit surreal. You’ve got the guy drinking beer behind the desk with his woman acting as a fan, and soilders patting Samuels head and laughing, with a fucking pink microphone being poked around, then all of sudden it’s off with his ear.

    2. @redred, hey girl, im onthe same page as you.. Anxiety, stress, pain, pissed, happy-ish, i come here to get my mind off of how shitty my life is and remember that even though life is shit and people=shit, that atleast im not getting my ear cut off whilst a bunch of monkeys hover around in a small room that smells like ass, BO, coconut grease, fried chicken, and despair, laughing at me. These folks around here, idk what it is but they never criticize, belittle, hate, or act snooty when you are expressing your true feelings, chances are at least 18.7 of us are going through the same thing… Its nice to vent and these sobs dont giv a FUCK if you do!!!

    3. Wow! I can’t believe women are actually members of this crazy forum! 🙂 Anyhoo, I hope a transcript of the vid in the King’s was available. The Bud drinker seems so dynamic and afflicted with the “cult of personality” syndrome.

      PS RedRed… props to you for the Clockwork Orange homage 🙂

  2. I honestly couldn’t care less what goes on in those pitiful little excuses for ‘Nations’.

    A good film as it demonstrates how civilised and totally NOT barbaric negros are when given responsibility…

    It is the story of a continent, this could be any Sub-Saharan nation… South Africa, Rhodesia, Zaire, Nigeria, whatever…

    It always makes me laugh when the wooly headed Liberals see videos like this and STILL make excuses for their behaviour. Totally avoiding the dreaded ‘Race’ argument.

    So come on LIBSTAINS… Make excuses for their behaviour.

    1. No liberal makes excuses for this behavior. They just realize it isn’t race that’s the cause.

      You on the other hand, and right wingers in general LOVE to make excuses for this kind of behavior. Nazicunt shoots up a Sikh temple? Oh it’s multiculturalism and the stress of having to see immigrants all the time that made the poor soul crack. Nazicunt shoots 70 children at camp. The stealthjihadmuslimshariacommunistmarxist invasion made this poor misguided patriot snap.

      If you want to blame race when non-whites do evil things, then please don’t forget to blame race when whites do them to.

      1. Ecthros.

        I shun the ‘Left-Right’ political spectrum… I find that labelling people this way is too rigid.

        I hold many Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative policies.

        I find the easiest way to label my own brand of politics is ‘Fascist’. So please don’t call me a ‘Right Winger’.

        I don’t make excuses for White on White crime… As Lady Thatcher said “Crime is Crime is Crime”.

        The Breivik shootings were a legitimate retaliation in response to an invasion of his nation. He admits it. And it is plain to see that what he did wasn’t simply a simple gun crime… But the beginning of a civil war.

        I will admit, that Whites are a more violent race then the Orientals… Their. I admitted it.

        If you read my response to the Sikh temple shooting you would have noticed that I CONDEMNED the act. I admire the Sikhs.

        1. Yes, I remember watching Sikh warriors marching in Britain as part of the Empires corenation of the Queen or something. So sweet, no only was Britannia strong, but also had warriors of all kind under her control.

    2. What? That’s just African politic 101. If you’re able to throw a gasoline soak tire around your opponents neck and light it on fire… you win! Remember it has to be lite on fire.
      I uses to think that Americans are fat, stupid, and dumbed down by GMO food and Aspartame, and naive about the minority black populous and that’s why they drank the Liberal Kool-Aid.
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        1. Ech, what the fuck are you still doing on this site? If all your gonna do is bitch and moan everytime someone writes a comment you don’t like, at LEAST just watch the videos and keep your fucking mouse away from the “post comment” button.

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          Being a Republican myself, my solution for you would be what you see in the above video. Torture and death to a retard who does nothing but whine and spew total shit.

          Seriously, I wouldn’t even care if your arguments were all legitimate, I can’t be the only one who’s getting sick of your shit.

          Trooper, you gotta be one of the SOBs on the site.

          1. Cheers Buddy..

            Politically I don’t have any Political party in particular… Just none of the ‘Big Three’… They are all the same.

            I have yet to decide, either UKIP or BNP.

        1. Hey Trooper72.
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          Self destructive: Can you get any more barbaric than that?

          1. musaicsong…
            Its true, all the nature has been destroyed and replaced with artificial things. They brought guns in Africa in the name oc civilization and this is the result of it.

        2. You conquered the land quite alright, but why sending back the Blacks after contributing greatly in terms of labor?
          Liberia and Sierra Leone were founded by the westerners as a land for freed slaves. Its in these two countries were you can witness “ORGANIZED CONFUSION”. Most of the black people who were taken back to Africa were “semi civilized” i.e they tested the fruit of the west. They knew how to use things like say a gun. When they were dumped in the so called “new foundland”, they find it very difficult to adapt to the new environment as most of them were born in the western world. Up to now, all Liberians’ brains are messed up and the civil war will never end though they are currently enjoying a temporal freedom.

          1. Smith.

            I have never wanted to send American Blacks back to Africa.

            I generally steer clear of telling America what to do with it’s problem children.

            I don’t involve myself in American affairs… In return I ask it not to involve itself in British/ European affairs.

            A fair deal I think.

            If I was American, I would reintroduce segregation… But instead of dividing towns and cities… I would divide counties into racial areas.

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            We Whites introduced the miracle of Industrialization, it has been detrimental to the environment… True.

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          2. @Trooper
            Sorry, we are not Negros Blacks nor Colored, unless we consent to be that. We have a Nationality, Creed and a faith that your species (lead by Willie Lynch) arbitrarily bereaved us of through Christian Black Codes of 1724, and through barbaric torcher and murder of the males for all other slaves to observe; while instilling fear.
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          3. MusaicSong

            You are either neurotic, retarded and/or a total troll.

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            Goodbye Troll.

    1. If you look real good at the beginning-ish of the vid you can see blood all over the bottom of his legs, and at the end when they got him layin you can see a darker pink on his tighties… Im thinkin he was soddomized maybe and thys the blood staining mixd with monkey sweat??

  3. This is selfhumiliating,they are trying too hard to get attention. This whole video is like a spoiled kid acting idiotic in the background so he/she can have some attention. I mean,negros aren’t like that,right? Oh wait -They use as much jewel as they can in order to make themselves look wealthy- I said,wait! -They dress like gangsters so they can “intimidate” you – Oh fuck it,they are attention whores.

  4. Nigga gotta pay da COSS to be da BOSS. I’d much rather be a rebel leader than an “official” leader in a place like Liberia, or any other shithole. Capture and execution couldn’t be as humiliating as this. Officials always try to do things, well, officially! Public executions by firing squad, and shit like that. Rebels are always out to make a statement to further their cause, so capturing the person you’re rebelling against always turns into a big spectacle. In this case, a military-themed Budweiser commercial. That’s right up my alley.

        1. Haha… Go for it PR.

          Only you must pay me to use the name.. I filed a copyright claim on it earlier.

          Yeah I knew they give themselves silly fucking titles… Idi Amin gave himself a title if ‘Conquerer of the British Empire, King of Scotland’… Funny funny!

        1. Argh! Not Coors! Bleurgh!

          Ah, interesting fact Vic… I live next door to Burton Upon Trent, one of the largest centres of beer production on the planet.

          A Mecca for Beer Drinkers.

          Their is a MA-HOO-SIVE Coors brewery which dominates the town… It always smells like Marmite… Mmh, tasty tasty.

    1. Freedom of expression is how we do round here, everybody is entitled to air their own opinion and if you don’t like that…..welll, you know where to go.

      OPINIONS – Everybody has them but mine is right and yours isn’t, ok.

  5. I love tortures videos much more than the murders; and im not racist but every country or culture that is fucked right now is because of their own people or at least most of their people so fucked them.

  6. At least these Africans still have a backbone. They’re willing to fight for their freedom – they aren’t going to be whipped into shucking and jiving and dancing while singing ‘Yessuh massa!’ They are able to organize … I know the basic behavior is still totally simian in nature. I’m just tired of having to deal with blacks on a whole – here in America. The great majority are just loud, rude, vulgar, disrespectful, ignorant, violent, and fucking so ape-like it is amazing that renowned sociologists are too afraid to admit that there are just a few minute genes separating the gorilla from the black. If that would finally be acknowledged, then we could work on a way to deal with the black problem(s) in America’s inner-cities. But all the while as we keep our heads buried in the politically – correct sand-dune… evolution will continue to leave the black mentally and emotionally farther and farther behind as everybody else progresses forward… As has been happening since the advent of civil rights… Fuck… I’m depressing myself.

    1. Yeah, I saw that too with that crazy General Butt-Naked who would go into battle with all his troops naked cos they believed they were invisible and they would eat the heart of a young pure boy cos they believed that would make them bulletproof – says it all really doesn’t it.

  7. think what you want. i was there for this working in the embassy. there were white Americans trapped in country due to dealing weapons on the black market. the name of the game is control, power and money! we ended up doing an evac for the embassy. total mess for the locals. imagine you with your family with no place safe to go to and no way to get there. the human race for the most part is heartless. by the way i was in romania for the fall of communism. same story different place.

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