Waiter Kidnapped, Tortured and Executed in Veracruz, Mexico

Stripped Half Naked for Torture and Execution

Waiter Kidnapped, Tortured and Executed in Veracruz, Mexico

35 year old Édgar Julián Sevilla Montalvo of Cosoleacaque in Veracruz, Mexico worked as a waiter in Minatitlán. A few days ago he had been kidnapped from work by a group of armed gunmen and later his body found in la colonia Hidalgo.

The victim was shot three times in the cheek with large caliber handgun and his arms and head were covered with bruises and swellings from preceeding beating and torture. Police have no leads as to who may have been behind his execution.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Waiter Kidnapped, Tortured and Executed in Veracruz, Mexico”

  1. Veracruuuuu.shit..you think you’re in the safe just cause you don’t deal or kill..in this world anyone can be a victim.shit I know I would most definetally be packing even if I was a waiter.no guns allowed in mexico..yeah fucking politicians are protected with guns..so who will protect me?poor dude..

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  3. Flying a little off the handle much? Not the waiters fault the steak wasn’t cooked correct. Blame the chef.
    Anyhow, overkill on the waiter if it was food related.
    Definatly a pattern developing with the pants down, shirt ripped, penis exposed( although intact).

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