Woman Gang Raped and Mutilated by Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

Woman Gang Raped and Mutilated by Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

This woman was allegedly gang raped and mutilated by members of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) in Misrata. To allow them to rape freely and kill indiscriminately, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is supported by NATO troops. In western media, you see and hear the Libyan rapists and murderers being referred to as “Freedom Fighters”. On Best Gore, I’ve been calling them terrorists right from the start. These savages are supported by western armies because we don’t want someone like Muammar al-Gaddafi leading Libya. We don’t want someone who gives the Libyan people free water and education be a head of a country with such strategic location. We want someone who does as he’s told so we can make money selling them fresh water and whatever else can be monetized on.

Libyan Islamic Fighting Group has close ties with Al Qaeda, which means they have close ties with the CIA. Through provision of intelligence and funding by the CIA, and with backing of NATO troops, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is free to do as they please and they sure take advantage of it. Muammar Gaddafi continues to fight the terrorists to protect his people but with what seems as the whole world against him, he has a tough job. People of Libya are behind him, though. They are getting gang raped, mutilated and executed by the rebels and NATO bombs, but they bravely fight back as much as they can.

Libyan Islamic Fighting Group or whoever dealt with this woman clearly had fun doing it. They were likely slicing her face with knives while the terrorists took turns raping her one after another. There was no info on whether she survived the ordeal, but even though she looks very much dead in the video, she’s probably still alive. I’m basing that guess on a few moments in the video where she appears to wink her eyes and pluck her lips. Sadly, even if she were to survive, given the support the rebels are getting from the west, sooner or later a new group of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group members stumbles across her and she’ll be gang raped and mutilated again. We’re not supporting those terrorists for nothing.

Obama, Cameron, Sarkozi, Harper, and many others – what happened to this woman and thousands of others is on your head.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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61 thoughts on “Woman Gang Raped and Mutilated by Libyan Islamic Fighting Group”

  1. Bunch of sick fuckers did this and deserve to be hung from a tree. Muammar Gaddafi has done a great job running Libya. But as always, the USA wants to bully and tell other countries what they can and can’t do. I hope that China will stand up and help Gaddafi kick out the invaders of his country. The USA being involved with NATO and the UN is the worst thing for us. We should be independent like some other countries that have said they don’t want anything to do with their bullshit.

  2. Give me the job of makeing thease pay( O thats right,they have no name,but ill give them 1 rejects of God) What to use,arrrr FLAME slow grill cocks first.
    Case closed,Cheers Peter

  3. The victim is still alive and conscious; her lips move, and she is being prepped for theater. Unfortunately, whist her physical wounds may heal, her psychological ones will not.

    Regarding the perpetrators; I don’t believe them to be rebel forces at all. I’d put my money on pro-Gaddafi forces who have received a sanction to use rape as a weapon of terror.

    Interestingly, al-Qaeda has stated that it wants Gaddafi out of Libya for various reasons.

  4. and i am a native chinese , and i can assure you that you can keep daydreaming about chinese involvement for all i care but the possibility of your dream realization is hover somewhere near zero.

  5. I am American and know that Libya does not want to kill us like Iran, and the terrorist groups that it supports. I.e., hamas, taliban, etc. Please note that leaders from Libya, Iraq, and Cuba all wanted to befriend the USA and be allies. The USA government snubbed their invitation to be friends because they do not promote democracy. I could really care less if they are dictators or elected. All I know is that they wanted to be friends, they hated the terrorists as much as we do, and we turned our backs on them and invaded them because we don’t agree with their policy!! Well, we don’t agree with China policy but you don’t see the USA invading China for obvious reasons. China, as a world super power should stand up professionally and defend Libya otherwise we will Islamics taking over that country as well. As far the Islamists and the terrorists, I hope my country’s military kills everyone of them fuckers.

      1. You mean when CIA recruits terrorists, provides them with weaponry and intel and finances the revolt in order to make the overthrow look like it came from within, it has nothing to do with America?

        1. I don’t know slicer I am not in the CIA and I don’t think you are either. Do you get your info from the CIA? I am not into conspiracy stuff or theory. Do you think these people did not want to be free?

  6. oh , i got your point , dude. you just hate those Islamic fuckers and fancy killing them all . you dont give a fuck about what policies other countries follow. i dare say you are such a indifferent american ,and you took your freedom for granted. my friend , you are just being too selfish and naive to understand what those people been through under the ruling of dictators. for instance in china , you dont have a right to say anything against communist party , the party is above evrything including law. and tell you what , i think that is so fucking unfair , we need democracy more than you would ever expected. as to your hetred toward Islamists, please be reasonable , dude . not all the Islamists are bad . only those extremist deserve your wrath .

  7. Sick fuckers. This poor woman.. I really feel for her.. God created man in his own image. Surely this is not what he meant. God bless her and may she survive and live on to prove to them that she is stronger than them. They are a bad excuse for men. Sorry guys. I don’t mean to tarnish you all with the same brush but for fuck sake.. My friend was raped an murdered in London 22 years ago so this is really close to my heart.. debs

  8. Yes, This poor women is still alive, and God only knows what she endured at the hands of the brute beast that did this deed. It’s hard for us that live in America to understand that this kind of violence takes place each and everyday in places all around the world, many times with the smiling approval of those in a position of power and authority. Don’t get me wrong, we certaionly have our share of evil and wickedness, thats for sure, But there is still a level of respect and honour in this country that will not allow those in authoprity to condone and endorse such actions without some level of legal and or moral backlash. She is a beautiful women, and I hope she gets the opportunity to live the rest of her life in peace and good health, despite the scares that will no doubt always remain.While those that did this …. shall one day get whats coming to them . You Reap what you Sow….

  9. I myself being a survivor of a violent rape/attempted murder… I cried when I watched that video. I know what that woman will have to endure should she survive her wounds. It’s a long and horrific journey but I want to believe she will make her life better. Hopefully get the FUCK out of that piece of shit country. Rape IS murder. I died the that night. The good thing is it has made me one brutal broad. And the fucking piece of trash that did this to me… Well he’s dead. So fuck him. (Actually a while ago I wanted to send in the photos of my wounds to best gore but… it’s a big personal so I decided against it.)

    Fuck Libya. And the men that did this… They are COWARDS. I would like to take them one by one and beat them so severely they don’t look like humans anymore.

  10. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, doesn’t belong in Libya. Has anyone ever seen this?


    This sort of thing has been around since WWII, and so has the mentality of it. I’m not talking about just one administration of the US or even NATO, this mentality has been around spanning at least 10 US presidents. Not that I’m a big fan of wiki, but it isn’t the first time I’ve seen it and it isn’t the first site I’ve seen it on. It goes way back.

    There are no words to express my sympathy for that beautiful lady. No one deserves that. I hope she manages to heal from the scars and wounds of what they did to her. I hope all her attackers bleed to death by castration, let’s see how manly they would be then. Freaks like them do this to kill a woman’s spirit.

  11. Well it took me a moment, but here I go….
    Not with standing the obvious trauma that this lady has endured, I would much more like to comment on the individual whom is responsible for comments that are attached. Holding no bias either way about what may be going on in Lybia, I choose not to comment as I am not clear on the present situation, but find it extremely interesting while you dear sir (or madame)proclaim no opinion, but then very very blatantly always side with Mr Muammar al-Gaddafi, which I have seen EVERY time you post with a pic or vid from the region. So that being said I will assume that you are indeed a resident of Libya and therefore very well versed in the hatred you spew every time you comment under one of these posts. I mean CIA links, really?
    And of course I apologize first hand to you sir or madame if that is the case, as I never do seem to see such emotionally based comments from you with any other pic or vid. Anyways, I just wanted to put that out there, figured someone would have already pointed it out.
    Now will remove my tinfoil hat and continue browsing.

    BTW, I love your site 🙂

  12. Ha ha ha, Just one more point, that vid was posted a couple of years ago, also on Liveleak, as well as YNC and few other sites, this isnt recent at all…The original story I read was her husband did this to her……

  13. I remember your comment about Hostel not being inspired by events from Thailand which proved how well informed you are, bunbun3.1. I have merrily destroyed your cluelessness before and here you come again to seal it one more time. Congrats. Are you parents siblings?

  14. If she’s alive, she probably wishes she was dead. Unless she’s already plotting the plans to get her revenge as she lays there in pain. Those are about the only two things I see could be going through her mind right now.

  15. This is why i think everyone should be allowed to own and carry handguns, like a 1911 for example. But raise the prices of the bullets to $500 a piece. SO you know that when you shoot someone, you thought he really really deserved it.

  16. Actually, Trauma, with your medical background I suspect you’re aware that the vast majority of gun killings, as with all killings, are thug-on-thug. (Suicide is second). And thugs will manage to get their guns and ammo the way they get most everything else: by stealing from law abiding people or thru the black market. So gun control schemes like prohibitive pricing work only against the law-abiding types who don’t shoot people anyway.

  17. Obama sure earned that Nobel Peace Prize, hasn’t he Best Gore. He gets off on death, did you ever see that “intense” orgasmic face of him watching OBL getting killed. He probably rubbed a few out to this video, by now.

  18. I don’t think she had enough conscious thought to plot revenge. Besides, if soldiers did this, how is it she would have access to them to give them a dose of their own medicine? She looks pretty out of it, hopefully she was on massive pain meds by then. Poor woman.

  19. Poor darling girl. If I could, I’d fly over there and bring her back to Aus and look after her for the rest of her life and she would be safe and loved like one of my own daughters. This makes me bawl my eyes out.

  20. I think the worse part about this is that the backwards middle east countries will blame her for that !
    That is right ! They will blame her as if she caused it to happen.
    In fact, “in some of those countries,” the women will even be stoned to death for being raped.

  21. I agree this should be in the media yet sadly how the hell would this get in the media when people still bitch about seeing a casket with the flag draped over it. This country just can’t handle truth.

  22. The whole planet is a craphole. In the USA thousand of dead women are found in forests and ditches and the cops never care much to investigate who did them in because they are hookers or druggies or just poor.

    So stop with the holier-than-thou crap. Humans are garbage everywhere.

    1. This is true. After being in the U.S. Army for many years I can say that the people of this world are the same in many ways. Every person on this planet is very capable of great evil. I have seen it first hand. I have been completely desensitized to stuff like this.
      I for one am very sad about this.

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  24. so god says thou shalt not kill. but people say humans are garbage but i say who ever complains about this is stupid as it is impossible to show compassion for any of the people involved in this video, right now if some one of my friends/aquiantences got caputured i got got sent a simalar story i would grieve but other than that not care because of human stupidity we have religion and this but why care about this? religion=reasions to feel sry for others and to murder others at the same time end religion end most wars bottom line.

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