Woman Tortured, Raped and Killed by Narcos in Chiapas, Mexico

Signed by the Letter - Zetas Are Clearly Active in Chiapas

Woman Tortured, Raped and Killed by Narcos in Chiapas, Mexico

Just when I thought Chiapas could not get any more fucked up than it already was, it just did. Now also with Narco violence courtesy of Los Zetas.

Unidentified woman met a terrible end in the hands of the Zetas who besides torturing and raping her, wrote a narcomensaje on her body with her own lipstick. Then they left her body to rot in a cornfield. Ummmm, corn!

The woman was discovered by Marcelino Palomeque Salvador, a caretaker on a ranch near Tapachula owned by Francisco Herrera Cárdenas and rented by Rodolfo Aguilar Vázquez. On her belly was a message which read “PUROS Z” (Pure Z). Another message which said “Mierda… acavare” was on her right leg, however Google Translate had nothing on acavare, but translated Mierda as Shit. After being raped, the woman was left naked from waste down. Her underwear were around the knee of her left leg. She was also stabbed in the head four times.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Woman Tortured, Raped and Killed by Narcos in Chiapas, Mexico”

  1. “Mierda acavate” or “acabando mierda” (basically finishing with a piece shit) is what I’m guessing was written on her leg, more than likely she was not a random act of violence but a player in the game.

    1. Found this in an on line article… “Rape is an act of aggression, violence, power and control…not sexual arousal or gratification.” Maybe she was the mother or sister of someone they hated?

  2. Maybe they start consider life with cyanide in mouth(example from cold war) just in case they catch them-to avoid horrible torture by quickly suicide?
    Omg, if i am at drug gang i’ll do anything to be dead before rivals catch me!

  3. In the context of mexican spanish, i think the woman was not a victim of the zetas, she was a zeta. “Puro zeta” means “just zetas” or “only a zeta”. The phrase on her leg confirms this: “acavar?” is misspelled, i think the sicario tried to write “acabar? con la mierda” which means “i’ll take out the shit”

  4. Hi, new member so partly making sure I can comment, but also wondering if there was a pic of the 14 old “child hitman” that was also murdered..I’m pretty sure it was part of this same story I read from Daily Mail

  5. did los zetas got kicked out from the north that they are now fucking up chiapas? looks like they are fucked, in any case looks like subcomandante marcos is fucked up, now subcomandante NARCOS rule chiapas hahahaha

  6. I did some phonetic sleuthing and this is probably loosely translated as “End Shit,” or “{That’s the} end {of this} Shit.”

    Didn’t read thru all the comments, so sorry if this is a repeat.

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