Young Couple Executed in Mexico

She Would Totally Score Every Boy at a Zombie Walk

Young Couple Executed in Mexico

Young girl and boy were discovered executed by gunshots to the head on a dirt road in Mexico. Unfortunately I don’t have any further information on what exactly happened or why they were killed. That also means that I don’t know whether the execution was narco related or not. Somehow I don’t think it was, though. While narco killings certainly account for many violent deaths in Mexico, not everyone who gets killed is killed by a rival drug cartel.

Gallery of photos of some young couple executed in Mexico is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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25 thoughts on “Young Couple Executed in Mexico”

  1. some people kill other people just to say they’ve killed, practice on ‘normal’ people so it gets easier to murder in they’re gangs, cartels etc, it can be opportunistic (they were at the wrong place, wrong time) some of these evil bastards like to get a high tally (“I’ve knocked 7 now, man”) ha ha or something like that! what is the world coming to?I live in a relatively safe town of 23,000 and it’s TOTALLY safe for women to walk alone, even at night!

    1. sorry, I know your post is “old” but I have to tell.
      you said “what is the world coming to”
      well, sorry to say, but humanity has always been like that. from the anciant egyptian, to the roman empire, to the founding of america, and even today, as we can see. it will always be so.

  2. These poor kids. Who knows what happened and why? Karma will work it’s magic. I don’t know about the country all I know is now they are here in the US and doing the same thing as in Mexico. Did you hear one of the biggest drug lords wife just gave birth to twins in California. Two new citizens and another line for the cartels. I guess it is time for Christ to return. It is so bad that what can be done? No one want’s to live in peace. all I have to say is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE for once!!!!!!!!!

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