YouTube Blogger Ahmad Makki Executed by Fake Syrian Army

YouTube Blogger Ahmad Makki Executed by Fake Syrian Army

Syrian blogger by the name of Ahmad Makki posted videos on YouTube exposing Fake Syrian Army for who they really are – a bunch of terrorists indiscriminately killing civilians and fabricating lies to put blame for their killings on current Syrian government.

Needless to say, the terrorists didn’t like that. They don’t have to go to work cause Mossad and CIA send them fat checks so they have enough time on their hands to look for anyone who put the reception of these checks in danger by showing the truth to the public.

Sadly, blogging from out of Syria where the terrorists actively operate is, while brave, a very dangerous activity. When corrupt western journalists listen, the Fake Syrian Army uses fancy rhetoric which includes colorful phrases such as “democratic society” or “freedom of speech” but as soon as they turn around, freedom of speech becomes the prime target.

RIP Ahmad Makki, you died in the hands of blood-thirsty terrorists because you bravely served your country and fought for peace. Your executioners will get theirs, don’t you worry. Video is below:

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29 thoughts on “YouTube Blogger Ahmad Makki Executed by Fake Syrian Army

  1. Global imperialism working under the shadows that’s below our feet.
    One by one, countries are being Mouth raped with a cock that has the Nato imprint on the shaft, Israeli nation on the balls and U.s on the taint.
    Soon it will ejaculate all over these countries and mend them together with the sticky goo known as imperialism.
    Boy am I hard

  2. some people should know when to STFU if they value their lives. what he did and his death change nothing. sad, but thats how it is.

  3. While reading the description, I kinda cried and more tears fell while I was watching the video. Just I dunno what was probably running through his head in those moments

  4. Why is he positioned all froggy-like? Is that supposed to be some sort of disrespect or embarrassment for him? He looks like a frog. A dead Syrian frog.
    As far as that great swath of land from Africa to the shores of China… I say we nuke it all. Just nuke every single one of them, Syria included, and let God sort ‘em out. So sick of Ragheads, I can’t even…

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