Arm Covered with Self Harm Wounds

Arm Covered with Self Harm Wounds

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member themoonlady. Themoonlady is (actually… was) a self harmer and has quite a story to tell. I’ll let her tell it in her own words:

Hi BestGore! I’ve noticed on your site that you occasionally show some user-submitted self harm imagery, and also in a respectable manner. I really like that. On my left arm I have substantial scarring, due to somewhat deep cuts I had made in March of this year.

Just a quick little back story as to why I have them. At the time, I had a lover whom I thought was wonderful and had some nasty mental health issues due to past trauma and abuse. I also have traumatic events under my sleeve in which I am still receiving therapy for, they’re also the reason I started to self harm. I started to self harm in grade 7 by pulling small chunks of my skin out.

Anyways, we had met and thought everything about the other was wonderful and that we could help each other through it. It worked for a while until March, when he attempted suicide by pill overdose. He was in the hospital for a week and my emotions were raw and I was in that state for the entire week, so the gashes were made. Mostly because I wasn’t able to see him, or talk to him at all.

Since March though my harming has gone down a large amount. Mostly because, in April, he had hung himself. His last request to me was to stop, and to heal.

Slightly sappy, I know. So now on my left forearm I have bright red scars. Enjoy.

I protect submitters of exclusive content with zero tolerance for abusive language towards them. Best Gore is the largest repository of exclusive self harming photos because submitters know they can trust me with their pictures. Photos like these would remain unseen if it wasn’t for respect I enforce on Best Gore. Keep it in mind before you comment.

Thank you themoonlady for sharing your story and pictures with us:

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114 thoughts on “Arm Covered with Self Harm Wounds”

  1. Thanks for sharing @themoonlady I’m sorry to here of your loss, but like the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. And I’m sending you nothing but positive karma in the hopes it will help in making you stronger. Peace Out.

  2. I did this once I caved a D on my hand for this chick I liked, we went out then 2 weeks later she breaks up with me then I get a nail and scratch the shit off of it I didn’t feel anything (: I show the bitch my hand and tell her *you’re welcome* you should of seen the look on her face XD

        1. @SpankmyMonkey XD I could have nailed her sister but she was a crazy bitch she’s been to the insane asylum or in her case rehab O_o but yeah it took me an hour to carve a perfect d on my hand and 5 minutes to scratch the shit off ^o^ I poured alcohol on the fresh wound it stung like a bitch goddamn I love pain 🙂

          1. @Spankmymonkey no but this chick was crazy as fuck not crazy in bed never banged her but was the annoying type -.- she was short and fugly DX but hey if I was shitfaced maybe ^o^ but this chick made a big scene she kept on screaming some dude was going to rape her and made it even more stupid by going to the local convenient store and making an even bigger scene the cops ended up arresting her and sending her to *rehab* aka insane asylum -.-

  3. thank you for sharing @themoonlady, i did that cutting shit years ago and i must have been good at it because the scars on my body are still obvious as well as the self-inflicted brandings and a long-ass scar left from the back surgery i had(literaly from the top of my neck to my asscrack)…and i guess i dont need to tell you that what you’ve done is going to cause people to automatially judge you, youre just setting yourself up for extra bullshit is all…anyway thanks again

      1. true,,,, but anything we say is not goin make any odds. She going to want to make her own mistakes as we all do.
        To lern the hard way, is to lern the best way. Thats where we all end [email protected] with issues
        . …but yes please @moonlady, rite now remember.. u still got options … just think about it please. x

  4. I like how every scarred arm looks individual and tells his own story. Kinda like a tattoo +_+

    Nevertheless I’m going to psychiatry again this year to get rid of it and organize all the psycho chaos in my head.

    1. @TheKroko, you are beautiful. You remind of Brody Dalle before The Distillers ceased to exist.

      I wonder why those who are cutters, psychos and all that jazz share the same fashion sense. Not all I am sure, but a lot of them share similar likes towards music and fashion statements. The ‘scene’ hair and makeup, the loud angry music, and the dark eyemakeup for both sexes.

      @Moonlady I respect you for sharing with us, but in hindsight do you feel that it helped you at all? When I feel potent amounts of anger I want to destroy things and others around me. I’ve tried cutting but I refuse to scar and allow things that are less than I to control me as such. I hope you find that not all of heartache or sorrow needs to be followed by scarring pain. Now you have a perfect excuse to get a nice sleeve tattoo! 🙂

  5. @themoonlady, It’s not easy to expose yourself to the world as you have. I’m not a cutter, but I understand pain! I’m so sorry for your loss as well! Thank you for sending in your photo’s and story, I think it was very brave of you. I wish you all the best!

  6. I’ve seen a lot of overly self involved idiots that have cut themselves for attention and sent pics in here… these are the first “real deal” hard core cutter shots I think I’ve seen. My heart goes out to you and I really hope you can get past things.

  7. Im glade to see you’ve somewhat stoped. I know how its creeps back up in times of stress and, depression. I’ve fought the urge for many months as of right now. Not everyone understand people who cut. They redicule them and, call them slef absorbed losers. But, we know different. I hope that back in march will be the last time you cut. Your a beautiful girl and, deserve more then your ex lover gave you.

    1. Although I do know you mean very well in your comment, and I take almost all of it with positive manner, the last bit did strike me as a tad offensive. I’m sure you can see as to why! He was a wonderful man with a troubled heart and mind. But of course you don’t know that, and thats okay. But I thank you again.

  8. Thanks for sharing your story. I did that Shit too, my Dad shot himself in our Bathroom cause of his Cancer 2 Years ago. Its hard to deal with that Stuff,especially when you’re younger.
    Be strong

  9. I feel bad for girls that do this to themselves. I don’t see it as dealing with pain, because I’ve considered suicide and cutting many times, but I just can’t bring myself to do something I find to be sooooooo POINTLESS. I just think it’s immature. I say “immature” because most of the time people cut to “relieve pain or stress” and there are soooooo many better ways to do that. I’m like…”JUST SMOKE SOME POT FOR FUCK’S SAKE!”
    I’m more understanding if the reason for cutting was a fascination with blood or self-injury rather than something along the lines of emotional pain.
    How is this different from Amanda Todd? What if she cut deep enough to bleed to death and comitted suicide? It’s all screams for attention if you ask me. I find it odd that Mark sees cutting and suicides like Amanda Todd’s so different.
    I’ve had relationships that made me feel like dying, or committing suicide, but I eventually think to myself “Can’t give a shit if I’m dead…” or with the case of cutting I think “Just gonna label myself a pussy the rest of my life, nobody is attracted to a cutter’s arm.”
    I’ve seen chicks with scarred up arms like this in person. I personally find it to be a turn-off because that’s telling me that this chick at some point just couldn’t deal with some relationship bullshit and why would I want a relationship that could end up with her doing this shit again? Its like a warning sign saying “You don’t want to be with someone who has the potential to do this rather than dealing with it in an educated manner.”
    I really wanna know why you don’t shower this chick with hate like Amanda Todd got. It’s all the same cry for attention to me. She even said it was because she couldn’t talk to him or anything while he was in the hospital.
    I think it is a double-standard. I respect her and all, and I’m not gonna throw names and insults at her, but I sure as fuck won’t praise her for cutting then stopping, she still did it in the first place…. I’m glad she’s stopped.

    I feel sorry for her because she’s labeled herself for life, but I don’t feel sorry for her in any other ways. We all go through shit. I’ve never had an ex commit suicide, but I’ve had SEVERAL women I loved as much as she loved him treat me like ABSOLUTE SHIT. All my scars are on the inside.

    Based on what is above my comment I already know I’m gonna get alot of hate for this thrown my way. I don’t give a shit, I’m just giving my input.

    1. The problem I have with the Amanda Todd situation is not that she committed suicide, but that everybody made her a martyr and a victim of bullying poster boy yet she had been neither. Amanda Todd was nothing more than a spoiled little brat who thought that the world revolved around her and that she was oh so hawt, that every time she walked outside, people who saw her ought to stop doing whatever they were doing and admire her for how hawt she was.

      And so she walked outside anticipating everyone to drop on their asses and worship her but it didn’t happen. That moment of realization that the world did in fact not revolve around her and that people are not waiting around to throw flower petals at her feet as their eyes roll endlessly backwards from how divinely beautiful she was made her so pissed off at the world, she pulled off the last cry for attention with the suicide.

      I never said I had a problem with her suicide. Contrary, I have advocated suicide on many occasions and maintain that it’s a viable option for only the truest of men (there are several cases of it posted on Best Gore).

      There are people out there who are real victims of bullying but they are left on their own because selfish acts of the likes of Amanda Todd took focus away from them and put it on whiners.

      See the difference now?

      As for being labelled for life – fuck the hell yeah! The “label” as you refer to it is yours and no one can take it away. It’s a story you will have for as long as you’re kicking, a story which will be your reminder that your life was real. I’d much rather sit around a campfire to listen to the stories of an old woman with a scar across her face, a missing limb and an eye patch than a woman with glossy complexion she acquired after decades of sitting in front of a mirror and applying facial masks from a drug store.

    2. Wow… you are so ignorant. I used to do that as well, not for attention, but for punishing myself to be bullied all the time. In my 20’s I got into modelling and I did some TV shows that you probably watched so I told all the stupid cunts that didnt want to sleep with me when I was young and all the guys that was bullying me a big FUCK OFF…. anyway, to come back to my story, some eat and get fat, some do drugs and get fucked up, I was a cutter and I never wanted to die ! Pain is a mental relieve for most of the people… so it was for her….

    3. I agree about cutting being pointless to people that don’t do it but just like smoking weed its a personal preference.
      I prefer a sticky paper folded around a beautiful brown powder, Others prefer weed or cutting or dare I say therapy!

      1. Just what I was aiming for. I knew my view was a little off the norm, but I tried to convey it in a respecful manner, as did Mark.

        My reaction to his reply was along the lines of “Huh, so thats it.”

        One of the best aspects of this site is the ability to have discussions like this. It’s what truly makes us S.O.B.s

    4. For myself personally I have several hundred very deep scars (Some numerous inches deep and wide, especially from the machete/combat blade playground I created) from cutting that I started at 16 with a 11″ K-bar tanto (That I eventually attempted seppuku with but without a partner to complete the act in Harakiri ended up in the hospital and saved after haha “spilling my guts”), a numerous massive gashes from machetes that I used on my back but when that didn’t work that well doing it to myself I paid people (and some paid me actually!) to take their best shot at it, 3 swings a turn to my back, and also (being a communist) used Hammer & Sickle steel/metal flag tops heated by torches to the point they were almost molten and liquified but still had the shape to brand myself, now that’s a whole different level and is something I highly recommend (with your own symbols of course).

      Yes there are those that are so pathetic that they do a little cutting for attention, that is not me, and obviously not the lady here. Cutting is an art and originally for me was to cope and to reply to the poster, yes drugs are an option that I also openly embraced (I’m a “Psychonaught”) and combing the ecstasy from self mutilation with the ecstasy of some great drugs it’s an orgasmic experience. But than again I’m a true masochist, for a fun time I have to find a girl willing to slice me open (even had one so into it she even used her teeth and needles to drink my blood! So hot!), strangulation, being bound and having soviet gas masks on that at anytime the girl in charge can cover the opening for the cartridge to cut off my air supply and being bound my life is in their hands… Sadly these are very hard to come by, especially being stuck in the “Bible belt” south but sometimes I get lucky. I refuse to allow any of these inflictions on any female partner (bondage and etc are fine) as I’ve had bad experiences with someone being so into it and than having a psycho spell a few days later, going to the police, and lying about it and implicating me as “trying to kill them” and the such.

      Ah good times, good times! At the start it was desperation and for those of you that don’t understand the “point” of cutting the science behind it is in the self injury your brain releases natural dopamine endorphins (Such as you’d get with a pain pill, my drug of choice) and therefore you calm and feel great relief.

      Originally that was what It was for for me, but than as I grew older and had my life nearly taken by a point blank 22magnum hollow point to the head (*NOT* SELF INFLICTED) and a 5% chance to survive with PTSD and brain trauma I lost the “Suicidal” bit as I feel it is very wrong and disrespectful for me to take my own life after given a second chance when children are dieing from a disease before 10, lost a parent serving or in any way, and etc. It would be dishonorable to throw my second chance away when they never got one… (My gunshot story was my first post I made and the story is on the “Syrian girl shot in mandible” video replies, if I ).

      In conclusion I became as said a “true masochist” and my massive scars, brands, bullet wounds (shrapnel included), and etc are just as important and prideful for me as any of my tattoos. I’m an individual through and through and especially love the gag reflexes these “God Fearing” folks (lulz) and others get when I take off my shirt, that also gives me immense pleasure and pride at being a billboard of something so many hate and the fact is as stated by Caboose “I like me!”.

      To those saying that they hope she stopped, why?! Unless she decides to end it which judging from the cuts being impressive but not life threatening in the least that seems unlikely, so embrace her. She is an individual as am I and as are you. We all get our kicks, deal with our pain, and etc differently as this is no assembly line.

      As I mentioned earlier your “sorrow” for her being “Labled for life” is misplaced, she did it and from what I read is not the superficial attention type that in a few years will hate it because a close minded guy/girl judges her because of it. For me atleast as previously mentioned it is a label for life, a label I’m immensely prideful of! These are BATTLE SCARS! The battle is fought, the war is never ending, but you remain… These are medals of honor and power!

      I salute you Moon, I may be a little over the top in my own ways but have immense respect for you and gratitude to your contribution here. I personally would enter my own extreme massive numerous and different battle scars myself and may but I haven’t been here that long yet and wish to become a pillar and known/understood (yet controversial) of the community. I may even for the pleasure create a “special BG exclusive” multiple self destruction video… Oh my artistic juices just got flowing, along with other *evil grin*.

      Also another thing I almost forgot is your mentioning of so many that do this being in similar musicial/dressing tastes. I can see that, I personally am deeply embedded into Industrial-EBM/METAL culture mainly the german industry (Wumpscut #1!) and am a vocalist. I’m no goth though do enjoy black and with my militant communist ways I march in full BDU’s, often wearing kevlar, M52 soviet helmet, gas masks, and or russian/soviet balaclava masks and any other style/type even up to authentic mig pilot helmets just to goto the grocery store, If only some of you could join me and enjoy the insanity that ensues, again especially myself being in the south, haha!

      Moon you’re sexy as hell and your battle scars only multiply that! BE PROUD AND RIP, BURN, SLASH, SLICE, DICE, & ETC (I don’t want to spam the page with the deutsch and russian translations and more words of self mutilation lol), as a famous person says: “It’s a good thing” *wink*


      -Turns Off Pain-

      1. TOP, I thank you very much. I also thank you for your found respect for me, as I have some for you. I had felt ashamed for a while for actually liking seeing these slashes in my skin, but now I know there’s actually people out there who exist that feel the same love for it.

        To the original poster, I thank you for respectivly voicing your opinion, but I will not just “smoke some weed” as is that was not my way of dealing, nor is.

        I did find it offensive when you said “You don?t want to be with someone who has the potential to do this rather than dealing with it in an educated manner”. For the sole reason of me harming myself, does not make me an uneducated woman.

        You know not the amount of love that I had for this man, and although I do appreciate you trying to relate, I don’t think you have yet to meet a person who being torn from like such makes you want to drag a blade through your skin.

        Yes, it might seem drastic that I did it because I couldnt see or talk to him, but you also need to realize, I was in such pain because he had attempted to end his life and it hurt so very badly to know I couldn’t do anything to prevent him from feeling this way.

        It still hurts, because he is gone.
        And even though I DO have that potential to harm myself again, don’t you think that in the future I atleast deserve to be loved by someone, despite the risk and despite the scars? I do.

        Thank you.

      2. I had a large, deep comment all ready and it was deleted. Ugh.

        But what I said basically was that TOP I respect you and thank you for making me feel very much so accepted.

        But to The original poster of this comment, I had said although my method of dealing wasn’t ideal in your eyes, it does NOT make me an uneducated woman. I dragged the blade accross my skin because a man who I swore (and still do) to be my soul mate had wanted his life to end, and I couldnt see him for a week after his attempt.

        Although I DO appriciate your trying to relate, I don’t think you’ve found that person who makes you feel such a deep love. I can tell you, after I heard what had happend, all I wanted to do was hold that man in my arms and never let him leave and shower him with kisses.

        But instead, he was alone with his thoughts in a secluded room. For a week, to think about the attempt. It hurt very much to know a man I loved SO MUCH, wanted to die so badly.

        I can’t explain the love, but NEVER will i apologize for actions because of love or make excuses.

        I still hurt to this day, and want to harm myself in the same manner, but don’t, because that was his last wish to me. Yeh, at first I thought it wasn’t fair, but as time passed I realized he helped me, because I WILL be with him again when I die.

        And theres no rush to die because surely I will, everyone will, but in the meaan time this world still holds beauty that I see him in everyday.

        And the “You don?t want to be with someone who has the potential to do this rather than dealing with it in an educated manner” comment, every person deserves to be loved. No matter if they poses the potential to hurt themselves or had it, a human deserves love.

        And with that kind of speach, the person who loves one who has harmed themselves, is certainly one better than you.

        Much love,

  10. Thanks for sharing. You’ve had a rough time but you’ve gotten trough it. From your story I don’t think you are someone that gives up I am sure you can get trough anything life throws at you.

  11. hello girl ,i really hope you do start to heal spiritually.i can relate on one level as i self harm to make myself feel better in another poking needles in my veins full of heroin. much love always.xx

  12. I’ve never been a cutter, but I do self harm – I pick my toenails off the skin around them and do something similar with my fingers but the nails are them are just really short. All this is because I have been through abuse, rape, and life’s been really shit at times, I have a wonderful habit of screwing everything up!

    Anyway I wish you well themoonlady and although it’s sad when somene has to make it thier last wish before they die that you heal, I hope that you continue to honor that wish and start living life to it’s fullest. Best of luck 🙂

  13. your body is just an illusion created by your brain. if you control the frequencies that make the brain function, you control the person. music/food/drugs (illegal and legal)/power lines/haarp/cell phone towers,wifi, etc.

    who you were and what happened yesterday isn’t you anymore. time does not exist. you only experience the now. never listen to that voice in your head. it isn’t you talking, it is the program talking.

    here is something that might help the young lady. the egyptians don’t believe in death. they call it westing. when the sun sets you travel west with the setting sun to the underworld, to be born again the next day with the rising sun. her boyfriend is the warmth from the suns rays. he is with her every single day that the sun rises, as she is with him.

    sorry to babble,

  14. themoonlady, in my opinion you are a brave and beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing your story and scars with us. I’ve been a cutter to and wear my scares with pride.( not to the extent you have) People don’t understand why we do this but we do and I believe it is somewhat of a healing process,physically and emotionally. These days I go get tattooed when I’m feeling the need for “Therapy” as I call it. Best wishes and Positive vibes. Hope your healing and feeling better. And you are a beautiful young lady, stay strong.

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