Australian Girl Shares Her Self Harming Photos

Australian Girl Shares Her Self Harming Photos

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member GracieB. GracieB is a self harmer and here’s her story in a few sentences:

I am a 20 year old girl from Australia. I started self harming when I was around 12 years old. The first time I cut myself was an accident with a kitchen knife. When the cut started healing I wanted to feel the sting of my skin being sliced open; see the blood again.

Over the years it has developed into a habit. My entire left arm from fingertip to shoulder is covered in scars, as are my legs from hips to knees.

Thank you GracieB for sharing your photos exclusively with the Best Gore community. As a reminder to all the weird newbs, submitters of exclusive content are a protected species on Best Gore. There has never been and never will be second chances for cuntstains who show any kind of disrespect to submitters. No, you don’t know shit about what is best for them, who they are or what they need so please spare us of your stupidity. Period. Now that I have that off my chest, I can get back to drooling over this fine Aussie girl. Oops… Did I just say that?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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143 thoughts on “Australian Girl Shares Her Self Harming Photos”

          1. Just kidd’n, you are as nice as you are sexy…and the only girl I would ever move half way around the world to be with.
            One more week babe.

          2. ” @J, ummm?you have great taste in men.And you say I don?t give you compliments.”

            This guy makes me crack up even when i want to be pissed off! He may have had a broken back- but he’ll never have a broken heart!

            Counting the MINUTES babyboy!

  1. I strongly believe that a human being should be able to do anything they want with their own bodies, as long as it does not involve jumping in front of my car as that would increase my insurance premiums not to mention the repair costs, that being said, if you like to cut yourself then that is up to you and I have no problems with it.

  2. @gracieb- thank you for sharing!! I love to get a glimpse at members lives. We all have a story and we’re all fighting battles! Props to you for letting us in!! Plus, you got flirted with by M!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that yet! Lucky/beautiful girl! 馃檪

    1. My scars can’t be seen, that is a damn good thing. But it is nice to be let in others lives, even if it seems we are only allowed to peek through a hole in the wall.

      She totally for yummy looking Mark drooling after her 馃槈 *sigh
      Oh to be wanted. I remember those days.

  3. No I dont know what goes thru a chics head to make her do this just seems like a waste she seems form the photos to be pretty good looking and I cant imagine to many people wanting to be in a relationship with that going on maybe she got molested when she was younger. F N animals destroyed her selfworth! What a Fd up world and now our so called goverment is allowing the corperations to molest the general public and make us pay for the privlige of them doing it!

    1. Hey there headshot. Just because someone cuts themselves DOES NOT mean that they are any less of a person. Being n a relationship with a person that does that is not the worst thing is the world. Not all people that do it were molested, or raped. You don’t have a “destroyed” “self worth” to do this. Many different reasons. And just because she has those scars or that she does it dkesnt make her anyess attractive. She is still very beautiful. BTW not just “chics” do it. Males do it too.

      1. Do you cut yourself like that??? Some of those cuts are very deep! Dosent seem like the breakfast of champions going on here!And if you dont cut yourself then how would you know what is going on here! Your a trip you have got to be one loud mouth bitch that talks sh*t to any conversation you come nea rand try to take over the conversation with your Im smarter than you attitude! Like I said before go back to your unicorns and rainbows!

  4. I love this. So beautiful. Just because some things are horrid or something does not mean it cannot be beautiful. I don’t know why she has cuts sliced onto her arm but in my life and my mind, I feel it is beautiful.

  5. very nice fleshworking there hun. i like the latticework of scartissue. thank you.
    i used to fuck myself up a lot…well, you can see it on my fansign. but now i tend to fuck other people/things up instead! 馃榾 oh, but i dont hit women, not unless they want me to and even then its usually just medium to heavy whipping with a cat-o-nine….why am i saying all of this now?!

          1. I mean as I stated Obliterator. 馃檪 Just a feeling hun…I try giving you.lovin, non returned. * sniff* how sad.
            Just playing. 馃檪 PA Huh? A tad bit far from AZ. But you could still tie the ropes that are holding my ankles…

            Wifey, many men are not interested. I think because of the curves I have and that I am not very skinny. I’m not beautiful, I know, I think I am just your average chic. But that is okay by me. Plus I’m going to be 33 here next month. * sigh

            (Feel sorry for me yet?) Just playing.

            Some day my prince will come, even if it is in the back of a death riddled horse ridden by a man who loves gore(like your Broke).

          2. @J3Z- That shit is in your head! We’re programmed to believe we need to look like sucked up porn stars! The majority of men are more attracted to “real women” than not! I’m no where near conceited, but I’d much rather have curves and a jiggly ass than to be skin and bones! I say fuck a dude that judges you for anything! Either they accept everything down to the pimple on your ass cheek, or they aren’t worth your time! Check this out- if I would’ve never seen broke- it wouldn’tchange a damn thing! The mental fuck goes far beyond what his cock can/will do for me! You are absolutely fucking gorgeous! Your personality is top-notch and you WILL find someone that can appreciate the whole package! I never came looking for broke! I just came for blood, guts and beheadings! Broke was placed in my path to teach me a few life lessons that I haven’t quite got down-pat just yet. Patiencebeing one of them and to teach me that who I REALLY am us far better than any person I try to be! I’m insightful as fuck but the shit I’ve learned about myself since he’s been in my life, has blown my fucking mind! Now, Rock your bad self! The right guy will come. Don’t look so hard, let it flow! Occasionally shit that’s right under our noses, gets overlooked! Love you beezy!! <3

          1. @J3ZAB3L, Don’t be so hard on yourself.From what I’ve seen,you are very beautiful on the inside as well as outside.And 33 is NOT old, so get yourself out in the world and embrace life’s experiences!!!

  6. i never understood why people cut. suppose i never will. do what makes you happy people! Me! personally i will have a nice soft smoke and listen to some nice black metal. and if life really sucks ill add my own 90% Thc Hash oil and i will be taken to another planet!

  7. My friend used to cut himself in front of his neighbors kids for jollies. Clearly for different reasons but I respect someones values even if I can’t fully recognize them because I know you all have some!

  8. Brave girl for sharing. There’s always going to be some douche bag with trolling remarks with this kind of thing. But at the end of the day the things she does and the choices she makes are hers. After reading all the comments here man @juicy you go girl.

    Oh and shes absolutely gorgeous.

  9. We all scar ourselves in one way or another. Wether it be mentally or physically, with drugs sex rock n roll etc… Those who dare to share with us their inner most personal demons should often be recognized and celebrated for the future contributions they might possibly offer us.

  10. As someone who has never partaken in nor understand the desired results of the above capped behavior. I can understand the different reactions of people to it on the board. Whatever deep reasons are for this expression they are valid enough to her to take this action.

  11. Honestly, and I say this with the utmost respect and not trying to stir anything but I think because of the fact that it is so prolonged and consistent throughout the years that she has developed an OCD and may not be doing this because of any staggering depression. I say this because I’ve dealt with OCD directed with my face and it can be the hardest thing to control. Once you have a habit of doing something for so long you find momentary relief in acting on it. Anxiety gets the best in us, when you pair anxiety and OCD it is truly a horrible combination which can lead to horrible results. Meditation and weed helped me cope with my problems I hope you can find whatever gives you peace and run with it.

  12. My roommate in the psycho ward would cut herself and i would freak out because i cared about her. The staff said i had the problem because i wasn’t focusing on own problems. That’s basically what we have here. Focus on your own insanity. We are all stuck in this asylum together.

  13. This is either demon influence or flat out Demon possession. Remember people, Any unsaved person is an open vessel for demon activity. Demons hate humans with an unimaginable passion and they will do anything to destroy a person. The secret is to get saved. And don’t play with the underworld-because they WILL play back and no one can out-match even the weakest Demon. Their only purpose is to destroy mankind and bring as many souls that they can to hell.

  14. Pussy, I’m an Aussie too. Get a Standlyknife and have a go at your Common Carotid. Lots and lots of blood. Although I failed by a Bee’s dick I needed a unit, bastard parameds shoulda just let us bleed out. He he he

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