Blood on Feet

Blood on Feet

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member ToBleed. Here’s his story:

I am a 22 year old male. I have a foot fetish. When I’m with a girl, my foot fetish is usually very clean, pretty, romantic and honestly just really softcore. But when I’m masturbating alone and depressed I have to get a little more horrid and depraved to get off.

I enjoy pain. I like to bleed. I cut, stab, slash and burn myself once or twice every month or so. But my favorite form of self-harm is simple self-neglect. I live off drugs and alcohol. I eat and sleep just enough to keep myself alive. In general I like to be as uncomfortable and unhappy as possible.

I am a supporter of Charles Manson. I only mention this because I was listening to The Family Jams – in that video, the song is called No Wrong-Come Along.

This incident in particular was pretty spontaneous in that nothing really upset me or set me off to do it. I was drinking absinthe and whiskey and listening to music naked, when I suddenly picked up one of my many knives and sliced my forearm open with one quick slash… I watched the blood drip onto my toes and slid around in the puddle. I looked at the bloody footprints all over my house and became aroused. So I filmed some of it so I would have something to jack off to later. And all the better if creepy strangers are watching me haha.

Thanks a lot for sharing a little bit of your personal life with us. For everyone else – as has always been the case, providers of exclusive content are a protected species on Best Gore. Anyone disrespecting a member who shared their personal stuff with us will be silenced for all eternity.

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44 thoughts on “Blood on Feet

  1. Hey bleed, I kinda feel ya, I cut my self cause I love to feel the blood run down my arms, not cause of depression or anything, just cause it feels (and tastes) good! I was gonna give a message here but goddamn it, if I did, I’d be a hypocrite!! Happy cuttin’ brother!!

  2. I know I am becoming totally desensitized to things like this when my first thought was “Oh careful not to slip, deary!”… wtf am I? Best Gore-mumsy?

  3. WOW! Thankyou @tobleed I love to cut myself and have people watch it turns me on. But tonight watching this … Let’s just say it’s been a years since I had a orgasm this strong so watching you bleed, watching yourself bleed ,while jacking off turned me on so ii cut myself and masturbated to your video… Thankyou ! Finally found someone who does the oh so kinky things I love. I’m saving this video for later masturbating…. Luv it Thankyou @tobleed

  4. “I eat and sleep just enough to keep myself alive. In general I like to be as uncomfortable and unhappy as possible.”

    I get this. I find my exsistance more bearable if i am in a state of exhaustion and substance-induced stupor. Unhappiness is my enjoyment, hence the reason i am here, plenty here to make many people sick, but this place fills me with the giddy excitement of a child with a new toy…

  5. I have a fetish for small girls. I know this would offend a lot of people, but I’ve always wanted to torture a little girl and eat her flesh and lick her feet clean. Cooking the sweet pussy and add some strawberries.. mmhhmm delicious. Sorry if I offended anyone, I’m not the straighest person on earth.

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