Depression Fuelled with Alcohol Abuse Leads to One Time Self Harming

Depression Fuelled with Alcohol Abuse Leads to One Time Self Harming

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member mrosef. Mrosef is not a self harmer, had never done cutting and probably never will. He would like to use his onetime experience as a window to the life of a person with depression fuelled with substance abuse. Here’s his story:

I just wanted to share some pictures of an incident that occurred on the 19th of February. The incident is self mutilation from an exacto knife. Which if you know is a very sharp blade.

How this happened is quite simple. I suffer from depression (like many people do) and alcohol abuse. I have never done anything like this to myself before and it is very out of character. I have always been against violence even to oneself. But I was intoxicated, irrational, and set with a heavy burden of depression. I sliced my leg slowly doing a few cuts at a time enjoying the sight of my own blood. Then progressively going towards destroying my legs with the exacto knife.

As soon as I sobered up I laughed at myself and forgave myself for my actions. Live and learn right?

I want to share these photos and my story to let people know what mental illness and drug abuse can cause. Even to someone who isn’t a self harmer like myself… Well wasn’t a self harmer till now.

Depression can grab a hold of any strong minded human and make them do/think irrational things. This is intensified with alcohol and/or drugs.

Thanks a lot for sharing your pictures and story exclusively with us here at Best Gore, mrosef. We wish you a lot of strength in dealing with challenges that lie ahead of you:

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22 thoughts on “Depression Fuelled with Alcohol Abuse Leads to One Time Self Harming”

  1. I’ve never been drunk / high in my life. When I was young, my cousin would cut her arms when she was high. Many cuts. I wondered if that hurt her. To date, I have had no idea about this drug or depression-related mental states. I hope you will get over it very soon. Good luck.

  2. @mrosef- thank you for sharing. I took a liking to you early on. I know that i don’t know you personally, but from what you write, your somebody I’d “mesh” well with. We all deal with depression from time to time. I know i deal with my fair share. Mine is usually from being lonely in my country-ass town with no one who relates to me. That’s why i find solace in talking with you and many of the other BG members here. I don’t care what anyone else thinks- i think you’re cool peeps! 🙂 I tend to want to help and fix things/people and that’s immediately what came to mind when i saw your pictures. We all deal with our issues in our own ways. I’ve never personally made myself bleed, but I’ve self-sabotaged in many other ways-and many times! I send you a heartfelt hug and gentle kiss on the cheek. I wish nothing but the best for you and i hope that whatever you’re going through that you know there’s people out here that care, even if they don’t know you that well. Thanks for sharing your story with me. I not only respect you but like you even that much more! <3

  3. Yeah, I’ve learned that any decision while drunk is usually a terrible one.

    I enjoy drinking a lot, so before my drinking sessions I always tell myself to be strong and ignore any stupud impulses.

    Been lucky enough times that I figure a stupid action while drunk would catch up with me now at this point in the game of life.

  4. Mrosef, suffering from depression is an extremely hard thing to deal with, I suffer from it to, however, sharing your story and pics is very commendable. Having read posts from ppl on BG for the two months I’ve know about this sight I can tell that most are a good bunch of ppl and they can give some great moral support. Good luck MRO. I hope everything goes well for you in the future.

  5. I took the photos and i was alone. The one with the hands I stuck the phone in my mouth and pressed the “snap” button and just moved my hands in time before the flash. I actually sent Mark more pictures, I have both my legs equally bad and have over 50 cuts on each thigh.

  6. @mark thanks for uploading the other pictures Im sorry they were buried under some bullshit didnt mean for you to work any harder then you do! thanks for posting this for me and for the BG members. much love mark and everyone.

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