Desperate Wigger Homie Cuts His Arm Live on Cam

Desperate Wigger Homie Cuts His Arm Live on Cam

This welfare homie strikes me as your typical responsible gun owner who’s all over every gun debate on the internet telling everyone he owns guns for protection of his family, bringing up the same three absurd arguments every responsible gun owner resorts to.

This ain’t no motherfucking game for this homie, dawg! It is what it is, homie!

You know you are an ultimate fail parent if your kid grows up to be a wigger. Jews do hell of a job brainwashing the youth with gangsta rap on MTV, but desperate cries for attention on live webcams say a whole lot more about bad parenting. Next time, instead of cutting into your arm homie, aim for your neck.

This happened live on Battlecam (should rename it to Wiggercam):

Video update courtesy of Best Gore member wagdawg. Funny shit:

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141 thoughts on “Desperate Wigger Homie Cuts His Arm Live on Cam

  1. Thought you had to be white to be a wigger? This guy is mexican. I hope someone says something bad about Mexicans so we can see LadyLazarus’. ;P

  2. and errmm homie…the point of that was…??
    homie?? Dannnnnng…this sh*t is getting serius up in her, homie!
    lol…i still sound canadian….i give

  3. At least we know he is staying inside lol. Who knows what kind of havoc a moron like that could cause with a gun, especially if he’s that pissed about his poor, retarded, gangsta self lol.

  4. Phat Dawg got it going on, shizzle my nizzle homeboy, Dem bloodclots always trying to keep a player down.

    Foolz not given ya mad respect yo, they dead man walking, when ya cut ya arm they should all be tripping, loving you loads so why de dizzing ya, foolz the lot of dem, peace bro, keep it up dawg.

    (Dinner is ready Peter, hurry up before it gets cold)

    Ok mum, I will only be a minute, I’m just finishing my homework.

    Signing out now dawg, ma boyz just called, I got to go pop a cap in sum punk ass fool.

  5. Ay yo, homie! Does he have a teardrop tatt? Did he get it from prison? Did he take a life? Gang banger? The more teardrop tatts you have the more hardcore you are, you know.. pfft

  6. Fuckin low-life cunt, probably got refused for permanent disability payments, so this prick tried to show that he is sick in the head, ( which he certainly is ). Just another scum sucking, resource draining pig right there ( boys&girls ). :(

    • Hey corona is good fucking beer except when they add that salt and lime shit to it that fucks it up…and I’m not a fan of burritos so just blame it on the burritos

    • In Banana Republic, Corona beer is relatively cheap, for the price its sold here in america, id rather get a SAM ADAMS or a becks.
      Anyway, I dont know shit about beer

      • That’s true the price here in America is bull shit, if your gunna spend $12 on a 6pk of Mexican beer spend it on something really good and I don’t mean Heineken. Newcastle or Blue Moon is the way to go.

        • I went to Nuevo Laredo a few months back and got stupid drunk with 2 friends of mine with 20 bucks, AND we had money for enchiladas and some reefer later that night. Mexican soldiers dont like when you look them in the eye. Fagitz.

  7. The thing I find most shocking is how this wanna be gangsta gangsta was able to log on to a computer which is probably stolen and operate the live cam then sign on to battlecam, that’s one gangsta gangsta that gots mad computing skills…faggot probably still uses MySpace and shit.

  8. As much as I despise black American culture, it’s assholes from other cultures/races who act like niggers that I hate the most. These people have a chance to be better than that by being fortunate enough to have not been born black, but they choose to act that way, anyway. I do benefit indirectly from these Living Jokes, though, because if it wasn’t for their pathetic ways reminding me of how stupid human beings can act, then I might not have turned out as good as I did.

    Now, as far as this cockroach’s antics in front of a webcam go, please… Get a life, man. You’re not tough for cutting your own arm. Let somebody else do it to you during a street fight, and bounce back from it like it’s nothing, and then we’ll see what you’re really made of.

  9. Surely this one is in need of a reputable therapist. The one thing I don’t understand is; who’s he speaking to? Who’s ‘Homey?’ “Homey thinks it’s a joke?’ I’m so curious as to who he’s directing this towards.

  10. Surely this one is in need of a reputable therapist. The one thing I don’t understand is; who’s he speaking to? Who’s ‘Homey?’ “Homey thinks it’s a joke?’ I’m so curious as to who he’s directing this towards. This is kind of a whiny thing to do though. Like an overly dramatic ex-g-friend I once had. Come on, that’s broad-shit, dude!

  11. I’ve dealt with this kind of dumbass before. Too chickenshit to go out and do anything. Just sit there and self inflict and holler all that woop woop shit. Cowardly wife beating is prolly in this douches future

  12. What the fuck is he talking about??! Street talk is such garbage coming from anyone’s mouth but especially a white guy’s. This one probably had rich parents and decided to be a rebel. I had a boyfriend like him when I was 19. I was stupidly attracted to what I thought was an excitingly dangerous person, then I met his middle-upper class family who were polite, respectful, and true to their white European heritage. I instantly dumped the guy as the jig was up and I could see through the ruse.

  13. What’s with the lack of blood?? That was a pretty deep slice for such little blood. I’ve nicked myself shaving and bleed a lot more than that there…

  14. Why the hell would anybody want to be black? I’ve been around black people most of my life and they are nothing special. I just don’t get what people see in them, especially white women who date exclusively black men.

    • Be black? Some people feel a kind of disconnection when they haven’t a clear understanding of their own (cultural/racial) heritage. Enter youth-targeted media (MTV, pop music/culture, etc). Currently, Black & Latino “street” culture is displayed most prominately. I can’t speak for White women who date black men exclusively; perhaps the Nicole Brown/Simpson post @BG may offer some insight…

    • Hahaha! Hey Lopansibo- do you think somewhere out there in our world there is a black guy who’s severely depressed and upset that he’s black? It seems like all of them are very much happy to be black and a lot of them carry themselves as if they’re better or somehow more deserving than other people because of it, when personally, I think they fucking stink (literally) and are rude. Where I live, at least 4 times a week, I’ll be driving and see a black person crossing the steet during rush hour traffic paying fuck-all attention to crosswalks, and it’s ONLY blacks that do it!! It’s the damdest thing! And if you happen to be walking and cross paths with one, better get the fuck out of the way because they NEVER take even one step to get out of your way. They will run you over before moving, which again is funny given that they think I’m going to slow my car down or change lanes the next time I see one of them walking slowly across the parkway not at an intersection.

  15. Here’s a “game”, homies! Get some newbie Best Gorians to watch the post, “Four Painters Electrocuted Pushing Scaffold…”. Then, have them guess (or wager $) as to which of the 4 painters will successfully crawl away (Always a surprise, as he caught fire & got zapped Twice). I’ve hosted this game 3 times so far -it’s a great way to initiate newbies (as there’s no blood) & it’s always a relief to see at least 1 of the painters survived. Hey, Mark -we should make this a BG Lite App!

  16. Don’t understand the guy’s ranting in the video other than cries for attention his father he probably doesn’t even know never gave him, fucking wigger,lol.

  17. Ooooooooooooooh ! Just think of all those poor wittle crazy phucs just like this clown who want to come over here and be crazy phucs! Build the fricken fence already!

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