Grown Man Gets His Chest Hair Waxed

Grown Man Gets His Chest Hair Waxed

Grown Man Gets His Chest Hair Waxed

I suppose this is a re-enactment of the scene from the 40 Year Old Virgin movie. Grown man gets his chest hair waxed by people who don’t look like they know what they’re doing. The result is a whole lotta screaming and pain. It’s those girly screams that gave me a chuckle.

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49 thoughts on “Grown Man Gets His Chest Hair Waxed”

  1. This is the funniest shit I’ve seen in forever! Hahahaha…i can’t stop laughing, the dude getting waxed is a trip. Just some friends doing crazy shit and having a real good laugh. Lol

      1. It takes time to grow that beard, that won’t be coming off but from what i could see they waxed his back too. That looks painful to have your chest hair ripped off, no blood though, i was surprised there was no blood.

  2. Why the fuck would any man want to do that to himself? I’m perfectly happy with my fur and no girl that I’ve been with has ever complained about it…hell even if they did its not going anywhere. of course I’m no where near as hairy as this homo.

    1. that was exactly what i was thinking. fucking big ass pussy. dont they realize that we do that on a regular basis? men are such babies. 🙂

    1. 1girl, if i were in love i would do it to appease my woman, just once. I recently seen on the news these two guys were using some contraption to give a man the experience of labor pains. That was some funny shit seeing their faces as they felt the pain

      1. You have no clue how many women have actual mustaches out there. I have a couple of friends that have them. Its creepy, but i’d never tell them that. I had a friend in highschool that had hair on her chest, poor girl.
        I guess i lucked out cause i don’t have much hair growth anywhere, except the 2 main places. I don’t even have to shave my legs.

      2. My kind of guy, then. Every woman is unique, it looks like you like women in general, a good thing. It beats being with a guy who constantly bitches about everything instead of appreciating a woman.

    1. @heishi,
      I think it was a dare or he’d lost a bet so it was supposed to hurt.
      In fairness to the guy the longer the hair the more it hurts, I woudn’t dream of waxing if my hair was that long.

  3. Its always funny how he men scream like little girls at the slightest hint of pain, just too funny. You can get the same results using duct tape, too. Women do this all the time, too, and they don’t even whimper about it. Too funny.

    1. I’m surprised that no one pointed it out before you!

      Fucking degenerate shit clown who’s only out there to entertain his fellow failed abortions…

      I’m left wondering how this even remotely qualifies as an extreme body mod, though.

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