Legendary KatieMatie Is Back with Needle in Leg Cut

Legendary KatieMatie Is Back with Needle in Leg Cut

Best Gore’s beloved KatieMatie, legendary long term member and submitter of our most popular exclusive content is back with another great piece for our viewing pleasures. This time around it’s a video of Katie piercing her fresh wound with a safety pin needle.

It’s hard to imagine that most newbs on Best Gore will have no fucking idea who KatieMatie is. It’s like not knowing who Angie is. WTF? Time flies so fast.

Needless to say, Best Gore <3 KatieMatie. Always full of platonic love for you. I dig the little stars around the cut 馃槈

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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91 thoughts on “Legendary KatieMatie Is Back with Needle in Leg Cut”

    1. Btw JB, your avatar pic has caused quite the stir here.
      Mouse is in the hospital with a ruptured testicle, baked has been spending the last few days wiping off his floor and walls and I have had to resort to typing with my left hand.
      Not sure how many other casualties are out there.

          1. What the fuck is this shit, this isn’t some kind of dating site. Keep that shit away from here, i’m getting tired of reading your nonsense on almost every fucking video when i’m enjoying my daily dose of gore. Thank you.

          2. Don’t some of you people have email, IM, texting or somethinggggg??? Other than posting your annoying comments on almost every fucking post that have nothing to do with the post topic.

          1. @JB- I’m thinking marriage. But only is he proposes to me at the haunted mansioninside of Disneyland. I don’t realllllllllly like jewelery,so I’d want matching ring tattoos and a ‘nightmare before Christmas’ weddingtheme.. Ooh, and since there’s no “father of the bride”, he needs to pay for everything. 馃檪

          2. @alicatt…thank you! And why would’nt we talk again? Between the rounds of sex I’ll be here.
            @JB…I was gonna ask the same of you.

      1. @JustineyBeanie, that?s true. I have never cut myself on purpose before but I assume it is an action that the self cuter does because they have full control over the cuts, it is a type of artistic expression I suppose in that the artist (self cuter) creates the design, the creating process brings joy, and the finished piece brings a sense of pride and accomplishment.

        A safety pin in that sense might have been chosen in the same way that an artist chooses their brushes with an emphases on precision and control so that the end result closely resembles the original idea.

        1. Very smart observation. I’m reluctant to say this but I once went through a phase of cutting many years ago. There definitely was that strong sense of ‘art’ and personal expression. The blade/needle etc can be seen as an artist’s tool..I like how you put that ES.

    1. at least thats what i call the biggest mother fucking bad asses on this site the 3 ranks are:
      Death Gore Core (DGC)
      Gore Core (GC)
      Death Core (DC)

      the DGC is its biggest and baddest of the BG members
      the GC is the second in line as far as bad asses on this site they love all the gore tho may not like all the death
      the DC is the third bunch of bad asses on this site they can’t stand all the gore but still love the rest of the shit

      and those with out ranks are the S.O.B’s

    1. Haha after my accident the pain of the road rash was unbearable at dressing changes. Morphine didn’t help at all so they gave Diluadid and it makes morphine look like wine cooler where diluadid is a bottle of jack.

  1. Mmmmm, sharps.
    I always like Katies content.
    Im rather surprised about the safety pin; her cuts are always clean and infection free. To which, many people have allergies to nickle and other cheap metals that cause hideous, oozing infections.
    Hopefully, she’s not one of them 馃檪

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