Meth Addict Peels His Face and Feeds it to Dogs (photo)

Meth Addict Peels His Face and Feeds it to Dogs (photo)

This is the photo that was discussed in post about the meth addict who ripped his gut open and pulled out his intestines. This photo is an internet classic. The story has it that the man was high on PCP and started peeling the flesh off his face with shards of broken mirror (another version of the story says that he used straight razor), then fed it to his dogs. Nobody knows whether the story is true or whether it’s just an urban legend. The picture looks pretty creepy either way. The man allegedly also cut out on of his eyes and fed it to his dogs. He lost the other eye as well by ripping through it with sharp glass. The ears, lips and nose were also cut off and served to the dogs to munch on while still fresh.

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Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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79 thoughts on “Meth Addict Peels His Face and Feeds it to Dogs (photo)”

  1. WHOA. I remember this picture. This was a cover from a brutal death metal band named Artery Eruption. I looked at youtube to find death metal bands for my friend and then I see this album cover (the picture you are seeing now) and I thought, “now that’s a band that my friend would like” because he loves death metal that is beyond brutal and it depends on the intensity.

    So yea, I saw this picture as an album cover. If you don’t believe me, go to search “Artery eruption” and you’ll find the picture as an album cover

      1. LOL. Hope that’s a joke. Artery Eruption is a fucking terrible ass joke of a band. Listen to Disfigurement of Flesh, Epicardiectomy, Cephalotripsy, Guttural Secrete, Begging for Incest, Putrid Pile or the gods themselves Devourment if you want TRUE brutal shit. Not that horrid disgrace to BDM.

        1. Awake for nine days on meth. Tweakers are proud of the most ridiculous shit.

          You posted this nearly two years ago…with any luck you’re either sober or dead. Either way, the less meth addicts the better. (Former user here.)

  2. he should have did it on Halloween and went out tricker treating. or bedder yet he could have ripped pieces off and gave one to every kid who goes to his house for candy.

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!!
      That’s exactly what I was gonna post!!!!
      In the “Hanibal” Movie this was described exactly the way Lector made Gary Oldman’s character peel his face off, then he fed it to the dog!!!!!
      Cool though….
      And I still think this is the best site in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Nicky X…

  3. “it?s bullshit. hannibal lecter made mason verger do this.”

    Um… Thomas Harris actually cited Practical Homicide Investigation as the source for “details of Verger’s disfigurement” in the paperback of Hannibal, dumbass.

      1. Are you an idiot? What OTHER case in that book has a guy high on PCP who peeled his face off and fed it to the dogs? For somebody who says ‘Get Educated’ you sure aren’t that smart.

  4. I have a hard time believing anyone could do this to himself no matter much drugs he takes but i could be wrong this world is a fucked up place.Btw i have to check out that Artery Eruption band sounds fucking awesome!

  5. Okay so, ive never done any hardcore drugs (i keep it green ;)) but seriously does that drug make you not feel ANYTHING OR SOMTHING? like how the fuuck can you do that to yourself, this simply cannot be real **shakes head in disgust**

  6. i found this when i researched this case. this is what vernon geberth said about it.

    “I had a case of a fellow who fed his face to the dogs,” Geberth recalls. “I’d been called to the scene and the hospital at the same time. When I went to the hospital, I observed a man whose face looked like hamburger meat on a gurney screaming bloody murder. When I arrived at the crime scene no one had gone in. I was advised that there were wild dogs in the apartment. I told them to shoot the dogs with darts so we could go in. It was a bloody mess. He’d been under the influence of PCP, and in his psychosis he’d smashed a mirror and began peeling his face off his head. He took his eyes out, cut his ears off, and cut his tongue out. But I couldn’t find the face. The only explanation was the dogs. I had them brought down to the ASPCA to pump the dogs’ stomachs. And they found pieces of flesh.”

    Geberth returned to the hospital. “The man had one eye floating in his head like a Cyclops. The optic nerve was cut. I told the doctors to get the gauze out of his mouth and I got close to him and said, ‘What happened to you?’

    “All of a sudden, he goes, ‘Yayayayayayayaya.’ It was all this chatter and no face. Well, I almost lost it. Here I am talking to a cadaver and the cadaver is talking back. Amazingly, he survived! His brain was damaged from the drugs and he became a ward of the state. But he did survive. The surgeons gave him a new face.”

  7. i’m with you zombie. and its an easy one to call. magsG you crack me up. no stranger to meth, but never tried pcp. i know you are capable of some super human abilities but this goes way beyond any i’ve ever heard of. i’m in agree-ance with all those who call this one a crock of shit. unbelievable at that.

  8. when you do that to yourself, you know its time to lay off the drugs…i wonder if he came out of hospital and kept using that shit haha
    and to post 1, i knew id seen this pic somewhere! i dont listen to that crap but i remember it from one of my dads cds, years ago when i lived with my parents haha
    it never crossed my mind that it was a real pic back then…

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