New Video of Matam – Self Flagellation During the Mourning of Ashura

New Video of Matam - Self Flagellation During the Mourning of Ashura

We’ve recently had a video of Shiite Muslims hacking their backs with swords on the Holy Day of Ashura posted on Best Gore, and here’s another one. This one was also filmed during the mourning of Ashura, a day which falls on the 10th day of Muharram – an important period of mourning in Shia Islam, and the first month of the Islamic calendar.

The practise of self flagellation with swords or whips is called Matam. It is done in remembrance of Imam Husayn and his suffering. While most Shia Muslims participate in Matam with just ceremonial chest beating, devotees in some South Asian countries, including Bahrain, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Iraq incorporate blades into the practise.

You can tell from the video that those who do participate in Matam with self flagellation have done it several times in the past. Their backs are visibly scarred. I have no problem with people who celebrate their religion in ways that do not harm others, regardless of how whacked out it may seem to the outsiders.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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95 thoughts on “New Video of Matam – Self Flagellation During the Mourning of Ashura”

      1. Opium for the people? Looks they are dusting themselves liberally with brown heroin! lol Any religion that encourages self mutilation is off the chain. Nobody with an IQ over 75 would even consider it.

        1. Fuck yeah I love opium too. That plant is the greatest thing in the world. Ever tried heroin? I did at a party once and I swear I would rather get high on that shit than get pussy anyday. I dream of the day all drugs will be legal. If everyone got high and chilled out there might not be as much war and violence.

        1. Oh shut up, Some religions if not most religions are terrible and not based in truth because there is only one truth, And most people who talk and act like you are zealots of a far greater and far deadlier belief system, The belief system of secularism and eugenics which leads to communism and war and purging of “undesirables”. The Majority of secualrist being just as bad in the heart as these murderous Muslims.

    1. I cant understand how ppl can believe in a invisable person up in the clouds that is better then humans, I believe in evolution. But if someone can show me proof then Ill gladly say I was wrong. let the fun begine lol

  1. These fanatic’s have old scaring to prove how fucked up they really have become over the years. The cuts are spraying blood all over anyone who watch’s too closely and they’re happy as a pig in shit. I’m waiting for those blades to shoot off into the crowd and slice off someone’s head or an arm…that would be entertainment.

  2. That still has to suck big time for the heavy guy because you can see that the cuts go through the inch or so of fatty tissue.
    Once it’s past all that protective scar and fat tissue and still cuts into muscle and tendon, you’ve got real medical problems

  3. That’s just natural selection going on. If people want to be fucking stupid & kill themselves over nothing, as long as they’re not hurting anyone else, let ’em go nuts.

    I’m surprised no one loses an eye or accidentally gets decapitated or something ~ could they stand any closer?!

  4. If they really wanted to show their devotion to their God they shouldv’e kept swinging until they sliced through the other side and bled to death. Why stop at a few flesh wounds? Bunch of pussies!

  5. Just one of many countries where self mutilation…flagellation…is practiced in the name of some “religion”. In the USA we call this masochism. The core participants are very experienced as testified by their mounds of scar tissue. They are probably payed to perform the ritual. Its really great that they are sprinkling what appears to be ashes all over one another. Ashes are a sign of mourning. perhaps they should just choose someone and behead them, get it over with?

  6. I had a certain respect for these people even though I don’t do religion myself. Gotta hand it to them, they have got balls for their beliefs.

    I wonder if afterwards anyone tried to make on of the open flesh wounds talk like a mouth ??? :p

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