Play Piercing – Anus Decorated with Syringes

Play Piercing - Anus Decorated with Syringes

Play Piercing - Anus Decorated with Syringes

This man was engaged in an act commonly known in some subcultures as play piercing, or the temporary insertion of piercing needles into one’s flesh, usually for fetishistic reasons. He seems to have taken it to the next level by sticking what seems like at least 50 syringes around his anus, causing a nice trickle of blood down his asscrack. If you look closely beyond the mess of needle points you can also see that his anal opening is several times bigger than what it should be, and he seems to have made his urethra bleed somehow as well. Well, I guess that’s some people’s idea of a good time.

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Author: kuchisake

I am a guest author, a daily reader for a little over a year, with a sizeable gore collection. My hobbies include criticizing local Chinese restaurants, and drinking ginger ale laced with bisphenol-A.

127 thoughts on “Play Piercing – Anus Decorated with Syringes”

      1. I am into bondage and pain and there is nothing I find hotter then dominating a male, or being totally man handled, but hell to the fuck no. I am not piercing anything remotely near my ass…infection would be a biiiiitch…wonder if he thought about what happens when he poops, what if he gets bad diarrhea, then its all up in the puncture marks….

        1. know what you mean im into bondage too, love dominating a man but find nothing hotter than being totally man handled but this is too much this is where i draw the thin almost non-existant line =P lol

          1. Pointless? you mean awesome! You can cum inside her without the risk of you baby-bater going to work.

  1. This is another one for the “just when I thought I’d seen everything” category. Somebody probably had to do this for him. You couldn’t pay me enough, and think of the smell of a stretched out asshole?

  2. Wow. Dude. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
    That is the first time today that I have seen a CAVERNOUS ASSHOLE with a half pound of HUGE FUCKING NEEDLES inside of it.
    I sorta wish I could un-see that.

    1. Hey I was gonna say “cavernous asshole”! he would need to stick something like a tampon up his bum so a shit doesn’t just slip out? his sphincter looks fucked (literally)

      1. I’m not sure that there was ANY OTHER WAY to secribe the diamiter of that fucking butthole.
        Groose. He needs a belly-band stomech shrinkwrap job done on his backdoor PRONTO.

          1. Ever seen “1 guy 1 cup”?
            This might be him, after getting completly board with inserting crazy breakables into his gayman’s cockholdster (butt….((ha,ha)) in all fairness, he is a stright dude and there was an exclusive intreveiw between Mark and that dude a while back.
            It’s some nastyfag- gayness, butt worth….no. Nevermind. It’s not worth checking out.

          1. Tiger, Very Good observation. You have read things I have written and remembered them.
            I am married on paper, but our marriage changed from the inside out a few years ago, only a few months after we were married, and have remained so, sence.
            We are very good friends, we strictly have each others best intrest but we also do what we want.
            It’s the benifits of being married, to have each others backs. However, like most things, from the surface it looks like a VERY good marriage. From the inside, we are just friends and nothing more.
            I can do, what I want, and so can she.

          2. I’m always hungrey, except for seeing a dude with a waffled cock. That just makes me want to look at something else. What do You look like?

  3. i wonder did he do it himself or did someone help him, but he sure is fucked if he needs a crap right about the time of the photo lol…..and how the hell is he gonna wipe if he does!!! ha!!

  4. What an ass ! I cannot believe that people do that for fun or the enjoyment of it for any reason. They MUST have a mental problem that makes them willing to risk a serious infection for no reason.

  5. Im a piercer and i do play piercings all of the time on people. Ive had guys ask me to do this to their cock and balls. ive done some on the balls. but N-E-V-E-R have i ever had anyone ask me to play pierce their asshole. pretty good picture, and not bad work staking the needles like that.

    1. Nope. I see ’em too.
      Weird mental problem, exteame genital mutilation.
      Wouldn’t that be fucked up if that ended up being somebody that you know, and they were bragging about being on best gore.

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