Salt and Ice Wounds Update

This Photo Really Shows the Extent of Damage

Salt and Ice Wounds Update

This post updates the previously posted photos of salt and ice self inflicted wounds provided exclusively to Best Gore by BeautifulxDisaster. It’s interesting to see how the healing process is progressing and how the chemical burns and frostbites change with time.

Props once again to Best Gore member BeautifulxDisaster for the pics:

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29 thoughts on “Salt and Ice Wounds Update”

  1. I think the salt and ice thing is a tad on the masocistic side cause I remember when cutting it was more of the blood and wound I wanted to play with. Not nessasrily wanted to feel the pain of burning for long period of time. Or just damaging the skin. Burns are a different kinda pain, you know. I don’t know maybe thats just me. What do you think @beautxdisast?

          1. That looks like it was extremely painful. I have only cut myself a couple of times. One when I was 12 and another one like last month. I liked seeing the blood come out but then I kind of regretted it and lied to people I scraped myself with some wood. But this type of stuff is for those who aren’t afraid to let people know what they like.

          2. @cgartist18

            I don’t flaunt my body in public, or around friends or family. I do it for myself, not for any means of glorification.

          3. I didn’t mean to make it sound that way of you flaunting it for glorification. I just meant by others who aren’t shy to like not cover it up.

            Very sorry if I offended you. Didn’t intend to. :(

          4. Sorry, I realise now that came off sounding a little rash. But what I meant was, I strongly prefer to keep my scars a secret from society.

          5. Ah that’s cool. I do the same the times I do. Society shuns it a lot and think wrong of a person when they see marks of self harm.

  2. Reminds me of the movie fight club the scene of the chemical burn ^_^ my favorite part of the movie and it was a good quote too *first you you have to know not fear know that someday you’re gonna die *

  3. Salt and Ice wounds…can’t wait to see some Indian Burn wounds on here maybe even some Purple Nurples and Charlie Horses if were lucky, all that stuff is hardcore.

  4. I just recently learned about this salt and ice thing on the internet. I never took Chemistry in school. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock, or maybe I should have paid better attention in my science classes, so I could have been able to take Chemistry.

    Whatever the reason(s) for my salt and ice ignorance, I am not going to try this myself. Ice in my house is far too valuable to waste on the outside of my body. I make it in trays (Yeah, my fridge is crapola.), and it is saved for bourbon, and sometimes other liquids that pretend to be good to drink. Like soda, or tea.

    Thanks for sharing these pics with us. It is very interesting to see what such common household items can do to the body.

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