Scrotum Intentionally Cut Open to Expose the Testicle

Scrotum Intentionally Cut Open to Expose the Testicle

Had enough of franks and beans pictures yet? Cutting scrotum open intentionally to expose a testicle like seen in this pic is a daring deed, but definitely not as long term effect one as the complete removal of testicles and subsequent fry up for supper as we have seen in the previous set of photos.

Now we know what fresh, out of the scrotum testicle looks like – and this one looks pretty healthy. That little drop of blood hanging at its bottom only adds an artistic touch to the image. Anyway – is it normal for guys to shave their ballsacks? This guy looks like he has his done about a week ago or so. What’s up with that? Or is that a pretty common practice nowadays? Probably more common than casual scrotum cutting to expose the testicles for a photo.

Thanks Erik for the pic 😉

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Scrotum Intentionally Cut Open to Expose the Testicle”

  1. It looks like it hurts, maybe that’s why he did it. I had an ex that shaved once, I’m pretty sure its to hide the fact that he got crabs from fucking anyone, male or female, that would agree. I don’t mind shaving, I do it because I think its more hygienic. I wouldn’t like it if my sweetie did, though, because of his natural auburn colored hair. Its his after all, so if he chooses to shave then no problem.

  2. Putting the ( nice, big) ball back in the sack and closing the sack up again will be really painful , but that’s probably what he likes.
    Interesting picture.
    BTW: some people DON’T shave? yikes!

  3. I wanna know what he did afterwards. Did he just pop it back in, or cut it off? Did he do the same to the other one? Wonder what it feels like if someone sucks an outside testicle… Why am I wondering this?

  4. Yeahh , I dont shave my Balls… Mainly because I dont Have Balls..
    But on that note. Shaved Balls feel nice and non-prickly.

    And to Usagi. Maybe! He cut it off and left himself with one ball.. then served it up as food at the nearest restaurant for you to eat!? Yummmy!

  5. Who the hell is the guy who post picture and comments…
    First he was saying that getting circonsize is barbaric and now he dont understand how come people shaved balls?
    Wich planet hes coming from?Its 2 common things that we see all the time………oh well…

  6. Why am I not surprised that someone who can’t even spell “circumcision” properly is unable to get what is being said? Go re-read what the poster said in the circumcision post dumbass – it talks about appreciation for extreme body modifications. If you are old enough to understand what repercussions the actions that you’re taking have, then by all means, do it. If you’re old enough and find self mutilation pleasurable – who are we to judge? But when it comes to defenseless infants who get mutilated without their knowledge or consent – that’s barbaric. Not that you would possibly understand judging by the level of your grammar. Get back to sucking on your whore mother’s tits, Alexia. You have yet to grow up to understand what is going on around you.

  7. fucking hell that doesn’t look like it feels very good. do you think it gets cold easier like that??

    I think so

    also, i can’t believe you guys are talking about shaving… this is just… uh…. WTF?

  8. i want my balls cut out and cooked i have big balls and want them cut out for food and sent to a restaurant
    my balls get in the way, they are to big can someone me get it done in real life please????….

  9. This is another picture that, as a man…could drive me insane…just…god, no. And yes, I shave everything..not only is it cleaner and just generally easier, it does make your dick look a bit bigger and the girls usually like it. And I can understand why, just having a bush of hair above your dick? Not appealing. You like it when the girl shave right? Well, they do too.

  10. AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That’s fucking AWESOME!!!!! I saw this and laughed my ass off. Hey, THANKS dude, for pulling your ball out like that for us. The ONLY thing that would’ve made that any cooler, was if he had pulled the other ball out too. Fucking brilliant photo man!!!!!!!

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