Self Harming Cuts on Arms and Knuckle from Smashing a Plate

Fresh Cut on the Knuckle from Smashing a Plate

Self Harming Cuts on Arms and Knuckle from Smashing a Plate

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member Gracious N. Gracious N is a self harmer and this is his story in brief:

The self harming is from a recent bout of depression and psychosis, which is derived from past traumatic events and heavy drug and alcohol consumption. It has been used as a coping method since I tried to overdose from anti depressants. I have been a self harmer for about 7 years and have in excess of 100 scars over my arms, shoulder, chest, legs and face. The fist shows a fresh cut on my knuckle from smashing a plate, due to not being able to control impulses. On the same photo you can also see two scars on my other knuckles by smashing glass bottles.

Thanks a lot Gracious N for sharing a little bit of your personal life exclusively with the Best Gore community. Photos are in the gallery below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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25 thoughts on “Self Harming Cuts on Arms and Knuckle from Smashing a Plate”

  1. No offense man, but if you were truly depressed or psychotic those cuts would be a lot deeper
    I’m not one to judge but it looks to me like you didn’t wanna hurt yourself, just show off for the pics – which is fine, but don’t say you did this because you were having a psychotic outbreak, those cuts barely pierce the skin
    Take a look at a few posts of real self harmers and then tell me you were truly trying to hurt yourself
    Get off the pills, smoke some weed.. You only have one life, stop wasting it

  2. Meh, I’m all for people sharing their depression stories so that others know that they aren’t alone in this world (suicide causes more deaths than cancer, RTAs and heart problems combined in young men (in the UK at least)), but sharing these pictures is a little… Confusing and also a little weird…

  3. @Gracious N, I know first hand how depression can rock your world. I’m sorry you feel such a strong need to self-harm but, I’m glad to see you have your wits about you to not cut very deeply.I hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. People are very interesting… the person who is showing us his cuts, what people say on comments… very interesting. I for one cut when I was like 15 years old, a decade later I can handle myself. I think there is a fine line between true depression and thirsting for attention.

    1. Not in this case. Cutting has nothing to do with depression. People have been depressed from the get-go — did they cut themselves in Ancient Greece? The Middle Ages? It’s a trendoid thing for bored middle class american girls to do to appear tragic and thus more interesting than they actually are.

      1. Perhaps.

        I wouldn’t completely disconnect the depression/SI correrrally though. Chronic attention seeking is often rooted in insecurity, which does have a strong association with depression. Which is the symptom and which is the cause? I cannot definitively say.

        You do have a point about the historical absence, but the variance in manifestation of mental states throughout time and geography may be due some consideration. Society was much more rigid and secretive in those times, with its own taboo methods of coping/attention seeking.

        ” Please pardon me while I systematically crush my torso, forehead, or feet into deformity, regularly consume lead-soaked wine, slaughter massive herds of buffalo from a moving train for recreation, vent my frustrations whipping my personal slave to ribbons, etc. 😉 ” has applied cross cultures and time.

        1. Don’t think any of the occurrences you’ve just cited have ever been connected with depression if that’s what you were saying, other than drinking (and then the lead ref isn’t really necessary as unleaded is also a great way to kill yourself), so I’m not sure they are really corollaries of this cutting trend.

          A better corollary might be self-flagellation, but I’m not sure even that really correlates, because that’s almost invariably an act of religious faith, fucked up though that may sound.

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