Self Harmer Tries Salt and Ice for Chemical Burns and Frostbite

Self Harmer Tries Salt and Ice for Chemical Burns and Frostbite

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member BeautifulxDisaster who’s from my ex home town of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. BeautifulxDisaster spiced up self harming with salt and ice which add chemical burns and frostbites to the cuts. In her own words:

Salt and ice probably seem like shit but you should try it out some time. It gives 3rd degree chemical burns & severe frostbite. Right now it looks like a yummy juice filled bubble balloon. I wonder if I drained it and tried to blow it up if it would take.. Hmm. I’m tempted to find out.

As for the cuts and frostbite, I figure it’s better to take it out on myself rather than him. I’m too sweet for that, besides, it makes me feel alive. Old habits die hard.

Many thanks to BeautifulxDisaster for Best Gore exclusive photos. Stay tuned for a cool video from BeautifulxDisaster which I will post soon:

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27 thoughts on “Self Harmer Tries Salt and Ice for Chemical Burns and Frostbite”

  1. I have heard of the salt and ice thing as a petty challenge between friends, i never really thought about it as a form of self harm in this context that is… hmm… its a good idea now that i think of it though 😉

  2. If salt is added into water it forms sodium hydroxide.

    NaCl + H2O = HCl + NaOH

    Sodium hydroxide is extremely corrosive and is capable of causing severe burns with deep ulceration and permanent scarring. It can penetrate to deeper layers of skin and corrosion will continue until removed. The severity of injury depends on the concentration of the solution and the duration of exposure. Burns may not be immediately painful; onset of pain may be delayed minutes to hours.

    1. I don’t like to be know it all, but You got it exactly other way around if it is about chemical reaction. It is called reaction of neutralization. When You add sodium chloride to water it undergoes hydrolisis, that produces ions Na+ and Cl-. The PH is neutral. You can check it with any basic acidity test. But salt solutions of light metals have however coagulation abilities. Besides, that is not a 3rd degree chemical burn. Salt does hurt in wound because it drains water from cells, as it creates hypertonic solution, but that is impossible to fuck yourself up like this with kitchen salt, through skin. Shit people swim in dead sea and don’t end up messed up like this. Moderate frostbite it might be, but chemical burn my ass. In this one, I say there’s something off with the creditability. But salt on frostbite still hurts like a motherfucker I suppose and for that I salute.

      1. Liquid water will interrupt the ionic bonds between sodium chloride yielding Na+ and Cl-. Solid water may react to form sodium hydroxide, but that’s not likely since it is unlikely to surpass the energy of activation.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that all the self harmers are female? Come on guys! Start hurting yourselves!…..on purpose that is.

    I feel alive looking at gore. I’m not a big fan of pain. I guess you could say I feel alive looking at other peoples pain.

      1. Harder to carry inside than out. Some of the shit males endure could hardly be relieved by knicks and scrapes. I admire you dick and ball toters. Some of you mofo’s are tough as nails. Women always exude their pain outward. Men carry it inside. Which I revere and respect.

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