Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)

Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)

There’s nothing like being emo. You can say that nobody understands you, whole world is against you, and you can self inflict pain on yourself by cutting your own skin. And then you take pics of it to show off. I’m not sure what kind of admiration this emo kid was after when he/she took pics of their cuts on arms to show them off. Like what exactly would they expect – that someone would say: “wow, you’re so brave and strong to sustain this pain”? I could think of one thing to say, though: “Kid, you truly are a cut above the rest.”

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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159 thoughts on “Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)”

  1. What a dumbass. Why didn’t he just cut the whole arm off with a power saw? Just think of all the REAL attention he’d get doing that. Fucking emo’s.

  2. lmfao @ ash….why doesnt he make us a favor and just cut his arm off and die….1 less emo to worry about…more air for us…pathetic douche bag

  3. Hatefigure, I wasn’t laughing. And it’s not like I’m the only one that says insensitive things. Attack someone else for a change.

    I realize I’m just feeding the troll, but damn…

  4. LOL, Bradley – they did tell you. And they told you they never told anyone. They probably told the same thing to half million other people. “yeah man, I never told anyone about it. Wait a minute, I’m just telling you about it now!”

    Fucking attention whores, all of them emos.

  5. I don’t see how attention seeking can push someone this far?

    It has to be mental illness.
    If you think about it, Nobody in His/Her right mind would screw up there own body like that.

  6. An excellent point BloodShot and you are likely right. Attention whoring would not be drive one as far as to bleed themselves. There are easier way to do it nowadays. However whatever the force behind cutting your own arms is, the fact that you end up taking pictures of it to share with everyone is definitely attention whoring. I think you could agree on that, right?

  7. for those interested this is someone who is a attention whore a 1 body that makes the rest that suffer from a mental illness get a rep for this EMO tag , i for one dont talk about the cutting as its not hard to discuss but for those curious it ties into problems with regulating emotions and with rapid moood shifts cutting releas’s all that built up and allows the person to return to a calm state , this person cleary wasnt in distress for one u dont think about taking pictures as evidence nor do u post it on a site to show off what u done most hide and never speak a word this person makes me sick and i would like to endure some real pain (web hoster) set up a UFC type match with me and this person if male and i will set this person straight as people suffer from serious illness, especially i take it as a mockery!!!!!!!!!!!!! kool site 2 😛

  8. This is definitely a cry for attention, but also for help. I’ve seen this shit before with a chick that cut right down to the bone. It was later found out she posted the pictures in hopes of finding someone who could help her.

  9. ooo no!!! … dude why do ppl brag about being emo?? really?? “oo dude look I cut myslf cause I lost my rubber ducky!! oo bloody hell!! ooo now look at my artwork on my arms… hey u know wat?? I wanna show other ppl!!!” blahblahblah… there’s a difrrence between fake emos and real emos okay common sense…
    fake: ooo I wanna be emo so ppl can fell srry for myself I know i’ll cut myself and wear emo clothes cause there cool and emo ppl are hot!!! and their music is so kool!!! oo and my heart’s been broken!!!
    real emo :ppl who have REAL prombles like kids having fuck up lives like getting beat by their parents getting rape then telling their trusted person and they don’t belive them …. and so they don’t tell anyone!!!! okay.. their emo.. they don’t have to wear “emo clothes” or act emo/listen to emo music…
    ookay ppl are gonna pbly give me a mean msg.. but just letting ppl know … really this person is fake and wats our sorrow for them… I think the person is a chick… idk but please try to understand the diffrence…:)

  10. get a fucking grip of your life you pathetic little fucker there is people dieing every day because they are fucking starving and all you can do with your spare time is slit your fucking wristss sort your life out you prick or put yourself out of your missery and put a bullet in the back of your head you sad fuck

  11. Some things which strike me as odd on reading these responses –

    – The idea of being ‘fake’/poser etc… or ‘real’/serious etc…, as if mental illness is some kind of competition with specific rules to being ‘real’ – the correct direction, whether it is right to post pictures of it on the internet, etc…

    – The assumption that whoever did this has had an easy life with no problems, that they’re somehow doing it for kicks or attention alone. How do we know? Even if we they were, doesn’t it make you wonder how lacking in self esteem they must have been to desire the sort of attention this behaviour brings? Surely a desire for attention is a disorder in itself if it leads to this sort of behaviour? Even if the cutter in this instance is a manipulative sociopath attempting to elicit our sympathy, isn’t that behaviour a serious handicap to that person in itself? Do people chose to be bad people, or do we chose to see them as bad people?

    – The idea that because there are people in the world that suffer greatly, that those who suffer less, yet still suffer in some way, somehow deserve our scorn.

    – How angry many of these posts seem. Why did any of you/us come here? Do you enjoy making yourself angry? Is it really fair to judge this person’s behaviour in light of whatever compulsion drove us to click on a link entitled ‘Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts’?

    Hope the poster of these photos can sort out their problems some day. Life can be hard.

  12. 37 wait so ur like feeling for this person wen u don’t even know him/her…so u have no right no judement … there’s a diffrece between fake and real… I think this ones a fake… and why are u here?? u saw this and wanted to look at this…

  13. 36 – I’m not sure I feel anything either way for the person concerned, although I hope they chose to look for help rather than posting photos on the internet. I’m not particularly passing judgement, like I said I find this concept of ‘fake’ and ‘real’ which seems to crop up all over the place in relation to issues of mental health utterly bizarre.

    What are your reasons for thinking this person is a ‘fake’? I’ll assume you think it’s something to do with showing off on the internet, attention seeking or something like that. Doesn’t that make you wonder what could be lacking in this person’s life that they need to seek attention in this way? Likewise, 38 – If it were a trend, a fashion statement, or something similar, isn’t it still a problem?

    I might be totally wrong here, but perhaps some of you feel angry because this photo has stirred up feelings in you you don’t quite understand. Perhaps judging them as ‘fake’ protects you from those feelings – instead of feeling upset by the picture you can channel your feelings as anger at the poster instead.

    I’m not sure why I wanted to look at it really. It’s quite a visceral picture and that sort of stuff has always appealed to me.

  14. I have no idea why they’re doing it – attention, cry for help, etc… they’re all possible motives, but it’s just a photo so we can’t really tell. There’s no point imagining hypothetical reasons and then getting angry and attacking the person based on those imaginary reasons. Only the individual concerned really knows and they seem pretty adept at punishing themselves without the help of other people’s insults and judgement.

    I don’t think anything about this person any more than they’re clearly troubled in some way and need to be encouraged to seek help.

  15. 42 – Not exactly – I found some of the responses here a bit strange and wanted to share my thoughts. Personally, I find the idea that someone would say something as like 43’s comment, in response to something like this, harder to understand than the idea that someone could reach an emotional state where they feel the need to cut into their flesh.

  16. yes but then why would u show everyone?? wtf does this person want us to do??? like I said if this person was real… then they would had never shown anyone… sometimes to get away from the emotions for angry or sadness they cut themselfs… but real ones don’t really cut them deep… like this one..

  17. Attention could well be part or all of it but we don’t really know. Regardless, why does posting a picture on the internet somehow invalidate what they have done? Why do you assume they necessarily want us to do anything? Perhaps by posting it here they somehow feel they have expressed their feelings in a similar way an artist might post painting on a website. Do ‘real’ artists not show their art to anyone? Hell, perhaps this whole thing is some strange Actionist art experiment…

    Why don’t ‘real ones’ cut deep? Surely it’s possible that someone who cuts themselves to deal with emotional problems also craves attention?

    What makes you think these two possible motives are exclusive? And what makes a need for attention so strong it drives someone to cut themselves to this extreme somehow less valid a problem than emotional problems resulting in similar behaviour?

  18. See, the thing is, there are a lot of reasons people cut themselves. Not the least of which is for attention. I’m not talking about those emo fucks like this kid who cut themselves and then show it off. They do it for the sole purpose of attention. Really though, attention is the last thing most of these people want. People who do this sort of thing get extremely defensive about their cuts and scars and go to great lengths to hide them. Ever wonder why someone is wearing a hoodie when it’s scorching hot outside? Chances are, they’re hiding something.

  19. 47 – You’ve sort of missed the point – you say “…emo fucks like this kid…” “…do it for the sole purpose of attention” with absolutely no evidence to back that statement up. You can’t get inside this kid’s mind and know his true motives for doing it. Likewise, you’re making a huge assumption saying that attention is the *sole* purpose. Why does attention have to be a motive entirely exclusive to all others? What if the kid is, under your definition, a ‘genuine’ cutter doing it for emotional reasons, but also craves attention at the same time?

    Even if for sake of argument we assume attention is the sole purpose in this particular case, why resort to calling the kid an ’emo fuck’? Even if the motive is attention, there is still a serious problem there that needs addressing. Healthy people that crave attention learn to act, become stand-up comedians, play in a band, paint, that sort of thing. Judging or insulting this person is unlikely to encourage them to seek attention in healthier ways.

    In spite of saying “there are a lot of reasons people cut themselves” at the start, you’re still dividing cutters into two groups – one which is unworthy of sympathy and deserves nothing but scorn, attention seekers, “emo fucks like this kid”; and the other, the ‘genuine’ cases, who are ashamed of their scars, wear hoodies on summer days and so on.

    Perhaps it is this very attitude that makes “people who do this sort of thing” get so defensive in the first place? Perhaps knowing that this judgemental attitude exists, makes them ashamed and results in the behaviour which in turn define the ‘rules’? Perhaps the ‘fakers’ are not really so fake at all, but just hate themselves so much they are not concerned so much with being judged? Perhaps they want to be hated, because it will give them that last little push over the edge?

    Why concern yourself with the authenticity of someone’s mental disorder? It doesn’t matter either way, it is still a problem that deserves compassion and requires help or treatment of some kind.

  20. Marcus, you’re talking over your head. I have more evidence to back my statements up than you know. Being a “genuine” cutter and doing it for attention are not compatible. It’s one or the other.

    This kid is an emo fuck because people like him draw attention away from those who really need it. I say attention for lack of a better word but the point remains, people see kids like this almost proud to show this sort of thing off and assume that’s why all cutters do it. For attention. And what does society say to do to those who seek attention? Don’t give it to them. If it weren’t for people like this, society would recognize this problem for what it really is instead of just seeing it as a bunch of bored teenagers who want someone to say “Oh, you poor thing. You must be so damaged emotionally”.

    I agree with you 150% that this is a problem that deserves compassion. However, I do not feel that someone who does this sort of thing for attention and creates a negative stereotype of all cutters deserves the least bit of compassion. By saying “Look at me! See? See how much I must be hurting inside?” these fakers (and I do mean fakers) are drawing attention away from those who are truly in need of help, whether or not they want it. That is why I concern myself with the authenticity.

    I can’t help but notice you calling cutting a “mental disorder”. Unless I’m misreading what you were saying, you obviously don’t know a whole lot about this. It’s not a mental disorder. It’s a way of dealing with mental disorders.

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