Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)

Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)

Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)

Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)

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20 thoughts on “Showing Off Bloody Emo Cuts on Arms (pics)

  1. My cousin did that when he was upset, got infected and now he has a stump where his forearm and hand used to be, your a dumbass and no one will ever take you seriously in any job you take in the future.

  2. “Fuckin Emo’s give goth a bad name”

    That kid should have taken that knife and stuck it in there heart…

    ニック Golden moments,

  3. fuck emos. stupid assholes. looks like this one did drugs and probably thought something was in his skin at one point. and then wanted to show off like a little bitch so he could look bad ass or be brave or some shit.

  4. Oh Kate I would love to watch you cut yourself and taste your blood. By the way everyone what the fuck is a EMO person anyway, even sounds pretty fuckin’ stupid!!!

  5. He is doing it wrong.

    These are obvious attention cuts. Surely everyone remembers the old motto “Cut down the road, not across the street” to get the job done right.

  6. i came close to doing this once.
    dont get me wrong i think im over it now, but i was so depressed @ that time in my life. i didnt do it to show off (FAGGOTS), i did it out of pure depression.

  7. Your should find a friend person, maybe from and let them do it to you that would be a very thoughtful Christmas gift even if it’s early what the hell!!

  8. Emmo person…. do you need to borrow my hacksaw? Better yet what about my chainsaw? Just clean the blood off the thing when your done bleeding out. Thanks. BTW, clean that shit up off the floor already will ya?

  9. I thought hate was usually deleted here? Don’t get me wrong, I disagree with this but for different reasons. I can’t judge a cutter; I’ve been one. But I would never post pictures to “show off”. That I find unacceptable. However, I also hold disdain for arbitrary hatred.

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