Split Dick Pic

Split Dick Pic

Good old BMEzine material. I suppose the obvious advantage of having a dick split in half like that is that you can DP your bitch without any accessories. Obvious disadvantage is… how does he ejaculate? Can he cum at all with dick split in half? Man… I appreciate extreme body mods, but fuck me… I couldn’t do that shit to my Johnson!

Thanks a lot for the pic, Dave.

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71 thoughts on “Split Dick Pic

  1. Apparently a split dick exposes a greater surface area of nerve endings, so it’s actually easier and better feeling when you do fuck something. Also, there’s a hole left at the base of the cut; the urethra. Dudes with split dicks can sit down to pee, and jizz out of it. Can’t imagine the pain when splitting it. Looks pretty symmetrical though! Not my thing :P

  2. I’ve seen videos of this stuff (youtube I think?) during an erection the two halves sort of curled but didnt look ‘rock hard’, anyway I think most blokes do this to expose the urethra (inside of the penis) which must be super sensitive? Im certainly not an expert, I dont even have a dick (I cut mine off years ago, ha haa, not really, I’ve never had one!

    • Cool Elder Scrolls likeness. I bet he has self-enchanted a -30% shooting lighter, drool-like loads out of the base of his smileface dick enchantment.

  3. 2nd obvious disadvantage…half the size…so yeah you can stick in both but she’ll hardly feel it…and what if 1 side gets hard and the other is only half…then you have a hard softy. Guys have enough trouble with 1 slipping out….imagine 2. Wtf…

  4. Why is he covering the bottom genitalea? How do the tips stand erect? Urine and semen travel through the same passage in the center of the penis. I call fake on this one

  5. Vagina master race here. One of my friends did this… you basically put a plug into a peircing and stretch it out until its fully split. Bisected cock… Anyways i heard he cums out of both and its more sensitive.

    oh god why

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