Woman Stabs Herself in the Breast

Woman Stabs Herself in the Breast

Finally a video I can masturbate to. I don’t know for sure if it’s real or fugazi, but except for her breasts, everything else looks pretty real to me.

It’s a video of a woman stabbing herself in her left breast with a kitchen knife. Noises she makes as the blade penetrates her tit are the shit of the video. Multiple camera views kind of raise suspicion plus the tit itself looks all kinds of fugly, but other than that, if it’s real then this chick totally beats this self proclaimed masochist. Where did all the women with pretty breasts go?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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165 thoughts on “Woman Stabs Herself in the Breast”

    1. She’s a model that has already ‘committed’ several suicides by using different weapons respectively has been ‘killed’ and ‘tortured to death’ several times; her stage name seems to be ‘Britton’ and she can be found on two sites that somehow seem to be related to each other, ‘CNB’ (= Cuddly Necrobabes’) and ‘KHP’ (= KillHerProductions)

    2. fake as all hell the skin around the knife tip would have gave way and there would have been no indentation as she pushed the blade in after the first few seconds! and blood is not shit brindle brown colored i mean really!!!!lol its an okay fake video but only okay lol! 1 star !!!1

    3. That was the most fake thing i have seen. You really have no clue how it works when something like that happens. Biggest clue that was not real is the way the knife went in, there was no point trying to poke out the other side. That knife would have shown some tension on the other side of the boob once all the way in. Also, the entry was just way too neet and easy. She would have been in more pain than that.

    1. also when you have silicon breasts the last thing you would do is stick a knife in to them, you woudn’t pay all that money to then just ruin one of them.. Also, she doesn’t seem to have any other scars, you don’t just suddenly do something like that without a long history of self mutilation.

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooo!

    I can’t watch it on my iPad… This is why Apple devices are a pile of wank, they don’t support Flash as standard.

    What fucking device DOESN’T support Flash when most fooking sites/ videos on the nets are built on that very same system?

    The only reason I got this in the first place was because of price and simplicity.

    1. Same issue here, but the Skyfire browser will help with it. There have been no videos thusfar that it can’t convert. The only thing I don’t like is that it will only play in full-screen, which stinks with poor-quality videos.

      Should be able to find Skyfire in the App Store.

      1. My Atrix 2 is a tease, giving me the load animation but not actually loading the video. Never had display problems here before, except videos that have been taken down but that’s boy a problem with my phone

  2. I believe this to be fake, at first her left breast starts at around a D cup and then with the first camera angle change it becomes about an E cup. Also the knife is pushed inwards towards the body, had this been a real knife and a real breast she most certainly would have penetrated a lung or in the very least caused the change in air/body pressure to collapse a lung therefore her reactions would have been a lot different.

    1. Also I have just noticed, her nipple size and pigmentation also changes after the first camera angle change, the change is not consistent with sexual arousal and since the knife had only just started to cut her at this point it cannot be construed as symptomatic of blood loss either.

      1. Yeah your totally right. I just watched the first few seconds over and over and noticed exactly what you have. When she is holding her hand over her boob, you can see that the Areola over her left index finger which seems to be medium/large size. Then in when she inserts the knife, the Areola is smaller in diameter and a different tone of color as well.

    1. You do hear a spring, but the blade isn’t retracting into the handle. For one it is too long to fit in the handle. There is also a clean blade section between the handle and the bloody stained blade that remains constant. I think the boob is fake. There is no way someone could do this unless an anesthetic was used or she was one of those crazy Norwegian sisters that wound up in the UK. One of which killed a guy. But screw it all, I which I could use her moans as a ring tone. I would call myself frequently.

          1. @antivirus
            I wish! Ahahaha. That happyass photo was taken by a girl promising to show the goodies. That beez tricked me!
            Assuming you’re a woman, there’s a link to my email on my avatar babydoll;D ahaha.

          1. @spankmastaflex
            Oh fuck! I remember that post! Hahaha she IS a fuckin sexy thang. I remember when that post initially threaded and thinking “hmmmm wouldn’t mind gettin my hands on a naughty young lady like that!”

  3. Im thinking its fake…..i dont know of any woman that would orgasm as she slides a whole blasted knife into her chest no matter how much she is into it…plus i have seen this chickie poo before…i think she is a porn actress…so yah….thats my unprofessional opinion..:P

  4. Looks like she was acting, if it were real she would’ve stood up and did it completely topless so u can see it better, the position she’s in makes it look like shes covering a fake chest. Plus the skin around the neck area looks fake when she moved

  5. Obviously fake.

    Notice how there is no blood running, until they change camera angle, and then suddenly there is a bunch of blood.

    And what is up with the sounds of the knife going in? Very fake exaggerated sounds.

    1. What I noticed too is that you don’t see blood running down her boob when it is penetrated. There would have certainly been some squirt or bleed of some sort. The blood is shown after the knife is in fully. It was totally edited and blood was put there. That’s why it cuts to the close-up of the boob with the blood, not during.

  6. What’s with the squishing sound every time she goes deeper with the knife? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was real or fake but that squishy sound makes me wonder. There’s nothing unfathomable about a woman getting kicks out of stabbing her tit. Everyone should know by now that reality is more strange, crazy, weird, dangerous etc. than fiction. Real, fake, it’s a coin toss for me.

    1. @ego
      I’m a little embarrassed that you have a larger cock than me. (4x as big to be exact)
      Where’s your pussy? Is it somewhere below the dick?
      I’ve always been super intrigued by you. (I’ve seen previous convos between you and other members.)

          1. Mother fucker. *beat. Not bat. This keypad on this phone makes me look drunk.
            Side note: I don’t actually beat people up. Unless they wait too long at a green light of course.

  7. I think it’s fake. I don’t think any woman could do that to her boob without screaming, and writhing, in pain. I don’t even think a woman could get a blade in that deep without giving up on the stunt. I know this because of how many women I’ve been around who say how much it hurts when their breasts get hit, or pinched, or whatever. Also, my own manboobs have a very low tolerance for pain. So, you women on here don’t be tellin’ ol’ FD that he don’t know how it BE havin’ the boobs.

  8. i don’t know, Did anyone notice how the blood drips down before the knife actually punctures the skin? and whats the point to have any blood on the knife? to throw us off thats what. fake boobs, fake hair, fake lips, fake knife. deal.

  9. I have to vote fake on this one. Aside from all tthe stuff mentioned above, is it just me or do those shoulders and hands look pretty darn manly. So, maybe its a tranny. If thats the case, then we’ve got a perfect trifecta—a fake “woman” using a fake knife to stab her fake titty.

  10. Good day all…
    Absolutely fake.

    Anytime there are edits, you need to question why? Especially at critical points. Why didn’t she let go of the handle? It was deep enough to stay-put.

    You can see at the start of the video, the knife blade is bent at the tip. As she presses down, the blade is actually bending to appear to be going in (combined with soft breast). Then the *mysterious* EDIT. Then a handle with more blood. She can’t let go because the handle would drop.

    Nice job, but positively fake.


  11. Fake. She has blood on her hand before she starts stabbing. Looks Damn good through.
    Idk how anyone can think this is real. The stabbing looks like She’s stabbing rubber, the tit is all out of place. Why do you think she barely moves and never shows her oth er tits?

  12. This is faker than a 3 dollar bill. If she really stabbed that big ole’ sack of saline, it would have popped and there would have been a large amount of clear fluid running out of the hole. The boob is not a false boob. At least not in the sense mentioned by some. It is obviously an implant. The knife blade is collapsing in the handle. Also, her blood is that thick dark corn syrup blood. Human blood is a lot lighter colored.
    As a side note: I cant understand how her nipple looks weird. I wanna suck these tits all night! Beautiful implant.

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