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A Brazilian TV News crew was working on a report about a dangerous stretch of road with an uncontrolled intersection where many traffic accident happen, and interviewed a motorcyclist who rode by there to obtain his opinion about this high traffic collision section of the road.

The motorcyclist gave them the interview after which he continued on his way only to be t-boned by another motorcyclist directly at the intersection the crew was filming the report about.

Point made, I suppose…

Props to Best Gore member Another Brazilian for the video:

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Subjugation of Thought Through Labels of Racism Fri, 25 Jul 2014 02:37:30 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Freedom of Speech, Not Fear to Speak

When I was growing up in the outer bayside suburbs of Brisbane, Australia in the 1980s I rarely saw a black person or an Asian except on TV. There was no crime, the house was permanently unlocked and I would roam for miles around with my brothers and our friends trying out ideas to catch yabbies, launch projectiles and explode stuff.

By the 1990s there were increasing numbers of fresh migrants from exotic locations. School devolved into a rougher place and my neighbours began having things stolen from their yards and houses. Graffiti started to appear around public places and telephone boxes became a target for rocks.

I’m not so naive to suggest all that crime was perpetrated by the immigrants. What I am saying though, is that the decline in societal values coincided with a shift in the ethnic dynamics of my community. The population of my childhood community approximately doubled over a period of 10 years from the mid 1980s to mid 1990s. I don’t know the exact percentages of white versus non white influx into the area, but I would suggest a fair guess would be 10-20% of new residents were from a range of backgrounds including Africa, East Asia, Pacific Islands, India and the Middle East.

You might say at this point that the crime may have been due to the 80% of new white residents, and you might be right. Not having access to the crime and police booking records, I simply don’t know. However, if school is a barometer for society as a whole, my personal observation was that the vast majority of antisocial behaviour was performed by non-white students.

A lot is made by the do-gooder excuse makers about self identification as a minority and the seeking out of like individuals and antisocial tendencies based on feelings of isolation. These excuse makers peer review each other’s work and declare each other experts, seek government advisory positions and before you know it they are influencing policy and program funding. In short order it becomes the official line that degenerate behaviour amongst minority groups is caused by lack of acceptance from the wider community of these people who are ‘different’ and that clearly there is an underlying racial stereotyping.

Police in Australia are not supposed to stop people and ask them what they are doing or check identification based on racial profiles. And I say fair enough. However, I absolutely want the police to ask a group of black people or islanders what they are doing if they are standing on a corner where people have reported being accosted by people matching that racial profile.

When prisons are disproportionately populated by particular racial groups, the inference should not be that the society from which the minorities are coming is fostering criminal behaviour by reducing opportunity for minorities. The inference should be that there is an inextricable link between the racial group and criminal delinquency because the culture within that group is inconsistent with cultural values of larger population. The shift needs to be made by the group which is not meeting the larger expectation, not the other way around.

It is only through identifying the real causes for delinquency that you solve a problem. Current programs aimed at reducing crime amongst minority populations don’t work despite the significant money poured into them. This is because these programs are largely about making excuses and shifting blame to deficiencies of opinion of the wider general society.

I am certainly not an expert on societal evolution between the various populations of people on the earth. But I don’t need to be to make observations and draw some generalised conclusions. Nor do you, and unless everyone is willing to do such things as use their brain to draw their own conclusions about observations, we will remain bound by the deductions of a few who essentially dictate debate and opinion for us all.

Making your own observations and drawing conclusions is easy. Debating your observations and conclusions is easy. Taking on opinions and conclusions of others is easy. Developing your opinions into a more sophisticated and informed conclusion is also easy. It is about making a start, building up in steps, and keeping an open mind.

These are not processes outside the grasp or capacity of the general population, however, they are processes which are not encouraged and are actively stymied through moderation of your language, your forums and general discourse. You are threatened with the label of racism for identifying trends related to race. Similarly you are threatened with the label of sexism for identification of trends based on gender. The reality is that the two primary ways of breaking down and finding patterns within a population, something our brain is designed to do, is to separate based on physically distinguishing traits. The easiest to separate on are gender and race, because they are the easiest to observe. It is not a case of simplifying complexity because the observer is incapable of higher order assessment through ignorance or prejudice. It is the first step, something to be built on and developed through engaged discussion, further observations and informed deductions.

All too often debate and conversations are shut down by the labelling of an opinion expresser. We are told our observation or opinion is simplistic, ignorant, racist etc. I don’t dispute that very often the person may well be putting forward a simplistic or ignorant opinion. We see it all the time in the comments on BestGore. But to shut down and banish someone for being at the start of a process of learning or opinion forming is a far greater crime than being uninformed.

As for the label of being a racist, I admit again that I see many comments posted on BestGore and other forums which seemingly target groups simply because of their race. However not all of these are examples of racism.

Racism is the determination of superiority of one race over another, and or favourable treatment of one race over another based on prejudice.

So if you decide you don’t want to date a black person because you don’t find black skin to be personally attractive, that is not racism. If you own a shop and won’t serve that black person because they are black, that is racism.

If you observe that the physiology of a black person enables them to run faster in a 100 metre race, that is not racist. If you observe that white people are able to live in low light environments without developing Vitamin D deficiencies due to physiological adjustment, that is not racist.

If you observe that societal development in European countries are evolved around seasonal variations and the necessity for an inherently cohesive unity to meet the needs of gathering, storing and surviving, that is not racism.

If you observe that societal development in sub Saharan African countries do not require the same seasonal variability planning of European regions, therefore the societies generally don’t appear to be as cohesive, that is not racism.

If you say one societal behaviour is better than the other regardless of the geographic location of that society, because of a racial prejudice, that is racism. But if you say your preference is that the norms of your society be complied with by a person entering your society from another, I don’t see this as racist, unless you ostracise that person without giving them an opportunity to meet your expectations.

Debate on multiculturalism in countries like Australia, Britain, the US etc, shift a desire for harmony and mutual expectation based on the principals of the base society from one of being about maintaining a lifestyle consistent with established values, to one of accusing the white societies centred on unity and cohesion of being racist.

The best defence against the destructive shut down of debate of important issues such as multiculturalism is to maintain dignity in your approach. Being labeled can be an emotional experience, it can make you feel belittled and vilified. It is an easy shutdown technique with sticking power. Dignity means maintaining your cool and staying out of a personal attacking game. Instead point out that the opinion expressed about you is ignorant and offensive. Address the behaviour, not the individual. And never let the name calling become the focus of the debate. Stay on topic, stay to the facts and your observations and always acknowledge the difference between the two.

We should all be prepared to talk amongst our friends, family, extended networks and social forums about issues that impact on is without the fear of zealots with ulterior motives and agendas hijacking and controlling debate and thought through intimidation and unfounded labelling. We all need to be prepared to engage in the discussion about our future and the future of our children.

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Man Wrecked by Blue Nissan in Thailand Thu, 24 Jul 2014 21:01:14 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Man Wrecked by Blue Nissan in Thailand

I have a small set of photos here of a man wrecked by a blue Nissan in Thailand. From what I can gather, the man was actually sucked under the car after being hit. Decent carnage, victim’s head is split as well as his side and limbs sporting ripped muscle and flesh. Unfortunately, we seem to be missing the obligatory death cheer team aside from the paramedics and I don’t see any flip flops or pointers, either. But, if you look at the man in picture four, you know he’s just waiting for his chance to point. But it’s the translation that actually makes this post epic.

When dawn on 19 July 2014 at approximately 5:30 pm, the rescuers G Chatham Island notified body found under the car interior PTT pump handle machetes T. Kham Yai, Ubon and staff. volunteers monitoring the scene.

Man found dead at the scene about 50 years old do not know the name – name and address do not wear the shirt under a blue Nissan pickup registration parked in front of the bathroom at the 9250 PTT Bangkok diffused from the statement handle. the driver of the pickup truck that. Self drive from Sam Sip a distance range of the scene to create a cherished home. Not see the car in front and behind the pedals, but they do not drive away too long and makes it rainy dark period really did not notice that until the arrival of the pump shaft PTT had machetes. visit the toilet after completing the mission is going to be the car to find people gathered around the car itself until the body was found trapped under the car as well. Rescuers G Chatham Island orders from the possessive case shift fingerprinting and varnish the bodies sent examiner. Hospital Sappasitthiprasong Waiting to contact relatives

Always remember to visit the toilet after completing the mission.

Road Victim Strikes His Death Pose Shredded Body Lies Leaking in the Middle of a Road Didn't Know a Nissan Could Look So Intimidating Rescue Worker Investigating the Scene ]]> 86
Gallery of Medical Gore Wed, 23 Jul 2014 22:27:36 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Gallery of Medical Gore

Life got you down? Foreign conflicts too confusing? Police brutality too rage-inducing? Well, put down that razor blade, Dr. Obli’s got 10cc’s of medical-related gore to get you back on your feet.

Some brutal shit here, guys. Guts everywhere, assorted body parts, autopsies and deformed infants. What the fuck else could you ask for? In the case of the baby, I can’t tell if it’s a living child being pulled from the woman so if anyone can offer their expertise it would be appreciated. As always, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and don’t be shy.

Mad Props go out to Best Gore member speak english or die for the pics.

Corpse with Innards Belched Forth Bloody Brain Ejected Whole from Head Assorted Body Parts in a Bag Unborn Baby Preserved and On Display Infant with Deformed Head Baby Looks Alive Baby Removed Via C-Section Man with Slashed Throat on Autopsy Table Preparing the Wound Collage of Autopsy Photos

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Israeli Soldier In a Tank Dies After Hamas Sniper Shoots His Arm Off Wed, 23 Jul 2014 17:51:05 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Israeli Soldier In a Tank Dies After Hamas Sniper Shoots His Arm Off

Al Qassam Brigades released a video of a Hamas sniper taking a shot at an Israeli soldier. The Israeli, identified as Captain Dmitri Levitas, was in a tank and was shot in the arm. The shot literally took his arm off, an injury that lead to the soldier’s death.

If we were to completely disregard the fact that this video is from Gaza, and just pretend for a second that this soldier invaded another country, bombed people’s houses and massacred their children, the defenders of the country would be in the utmost right to take him out in the same manner, and nobody could possibly object to it in any way. It doesn’t matter if you live in New York, Berlin, Manila, Budapest or Gaza, if a foreign force invades your land and starts to indiscriminately kill your friends and family, you have every right to defend yourself against the invader.

What this soldier was doing in Gaza was an act of terrorism and he would be considered a terrorist in any other city or country in the world. The people of Gaza have every right to defend themselves against terrorists who invaded their land with weapons and the intention to kill them.

Unlike the Israelis who kill mostly civilians half of whom were children, the Hamas sniper killed a soldier who was at the time illegally in his country committing acts of terrorism. The loss of life is sad no matter how you spin it, but while actions of Israelis are despicable and illegal under international law, the actions of this Hamas soldier were not only legal, but more importantly – morally justified.

The loss of any life truly is sad, but this death represents resistance to a military invasion that has killed over 400 civilians in a matter of days. It represents defense of homeland, defense of children and resistance to an apartheid occupation that keeps people locked in a massive concentration camp, denied of means to live a normal life.

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Dominican Man Wounded with a Machete Receives Emergency Hospital Treatment Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:13:11 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Dominican Man Wounded with a Machete Receives Emergency Hospital Treatment

A young Dominican man from the town of Bonao got into an argument with another man in a grocery story, and lost the argument after the other man pulled out a machete. He was taken to emergency hospital with wounds which were non life threatening, but required immediate cleaning and suturing.

The town of Bonao is located in the middle of the country between the capital of Santo Domingo and Santiago. It’s not a beach town so it doesn’t see any tourist traffic. Mountainous surroundings are quite pretty, though.

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Hoards of Israeli Shills Raid and Brigade Websites Like Best Gore to Manipulate Truth Tue, 22 Jul 2014 23:23:56 +0000 Continue reading ]]> The Hasbara War Room at IDC Herzliya Where Israeli Shills Trained and Paid to Manipulate the Information On Line Work out Of

What you see in the photo above is a “Hasbara War Room”, or Advocacy Room as they call it, at IDC (Interdisciplinary Center) Herzliya – a prestigious private university in Israel. Tens of thousands of students in Israel, Israelis abroad, as well as the Sayanim (Jews who respond to the Mossad calls to turn against the Goyim) around the world created an army of internet shills with the sole purpose to sell the genocide of Palestinians online, and whitewash the Israeli war crimes in the eyes of the general public, while making their victims look like the bad guys.

At Best Gore, we are well aware of shills as we’ve had numerous dealings with them. But you may have noticed the out of control upsurge of them as they raid Best Gore and other larger sites in response to the public now having access to the independent news about what’s happening in Gaza.

The Yahoodi used to have the monopoly on information and abused it systematically for decades. But their monopoly came to an abrupt end with the invent of the internet and to the horror of the Jews, the public now has access to all kinds of news, including news provided by people who just wish to inform the public and have nothing to gain by supporting this side over another.

One of the most significant achievements of independent reporting is the widespread exposure of the Holohoax. The Holohoax has been a source of billions of dollars for the fake victims and storytellers for decades, and because exposures of the fraud threatened the racket, the Yahoodi used the billions it raked in to finance a thorough research and development of tricks and techniques that would help them halt the growing spread of truth, and manipulate what’s already out there in their favor.

What Is Hasbara

To put it bluntly, Hasbara is Israeli propaganda. It’s a set of research, science and time tested methods that have for its sole goal to embed an image of Israel in the minds of the public that’s favorable to Israel.

A good example of how well Hasbara works can be observed on the Wikipedia page on Hasbara:

Hasbara refers to public relations efforts to disseminate abroad positive information about Israel. The term is used by the Israeli government and its supporters to describe efforts to explain government policies and promote Israel in the face of negative press, and to counter what they see as delegitimisation of Israel around the world. Hasbara means “explanation”, and is also a euphemism for propaganda.

Notice how the opening paragraph is cleverly decorated with “negative press”, and “delegitimisation of Israel”. One of the most important teachings of Hasbara is to continue to portray the Yahoodi as the victims. So long as the sheeple perceive the Yahoodi as the victims, they will continue siding with it because they will think that those poor defenseless Jews have suffered so much and they still face anti-Semitism and homophobia…

For as long as the recorded memory goes, the Yahoodi have been the predators, the exploiters and the instigators of violence. Wherever they turned up, they exploited the native population, sucked the ordinary people dry and tricked the nations into conflicts that descended them into ruin while financially benefiting the Jews. The same story has repeated over and over again, century after century the Jews would exploit the hospitality of the people and make themselves rich by ruining the nation, then get kicked out after they were figure out only to do the same thing again i their next destination. Like a parasite. Yet despite thousands of years of doing nothing but exploiting, terrorizing and destroying, they continued to portray themselves as victims, thus further exploiting the naturally compassionate nature of population of the lands they invaded.

This “forever victim” trick has worked for them for millennia and works just as well today as it always has. It’s one of the first thing they learn on their Hasbara courses and they’ve become masters at exploiting it. If you look back at your life and see a point at which you considered the Jewish people to have always been persecuted, know that at the same moment there was a shill grinning because his hasbara schooling helped him to trick you.

Israel Has The Right To Defend Itself

The latest Hasbara trick the trained shills are employed to promote is “Israel has the right to defend itself”. The “be the first to claim a position to force the opposition into the defensive” trick is one of the most established propaganda tools Hasbara teaches. Shill centrals, like IDC Herzliya would supply specially made software that allows thousands of shills to create and maintain thousands of accounts on popular websites and use them to force the “Israel has the right to defend itself” before everybody’s eyes from every angle. No matter where on the internet you go, they want you to see this line.

Just as over the millennia, the Yahoodi have exploited the natural compassionate nature of human beings for their selfish profits, they similarly exploit our natural tendency to not want to stoop to their level for the same reasons. That gives the Yahoodi a tactical advantage because it puts a vast industry of organized lying against an individual. As an individual, you don’t form PR teams to justify war crimes and killing children, but they do. And not only that, they do it without losing any sleep over it.

Shill Resources

They now have actual shilling courses in Israel. A Yahood can enroll to get a degree in shill raiding and brigading on the internet.

To get a first hand view at Israeli shill strategies, check out these publications:

  • Global Language Dictionary – The Israel Project’s “Global Language Dictionary” (2009) is the official ‘How To Shill For Israel’ manual
  • Hasbara Handbook – The World Union of Jewish Students material aimed at manipulating opeinion about Israel among students

Here’s a sample of what you can find in the documents:

Take some time to talk about Israel’s efforts to prevent civilian casualties. The issue of Palestinian civilian casualties is one of the most damaging in the entire debate. Americans accept Israel’s right to defend itself. They understand that Iran-backed Hamas hides behind civilians.

Nevertheless, they place the burden on the Israeli military to do everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties. They perceive Israel to have significant military superiority and to be held accountable to international standards of conduct. They will accept that some civilian casualties are inevitable, but if your language isn’t correct about how seriously Israel takes this issue, they will refuse to accept your arguments about the vulnerability of Israel’s civilians.

So here is the five-step approach to talking about civilian casualties in Gaza:
STEP 1 – Empathy: “All human life is precious. We understand that the loss of one innocent Palestinian life is every bit as tragic as the loss of an Israeli life.”
STEP 2 – Admission: “We admit that Israel isn’t always successful at preventing civilian casualties…”
STEP 3 — Effort: “We remain committed to doing everything in our power to preventing civilian casualties.”
STEP 4 – Examples: “Let me tell you how our armed forces are trained, tasked, and operate to ensure that Palestinian civilians remain safe.”
STEP 5 – Turn Tables: “It is a great tragedy that Iran‐backed Hamas shoots rockets at our civilians while hiding in their own. This causes tragic deaths on BOTH sides. What would you do if you were in this situation?”

Understand that these are the manuals to manipulate the public’s perception of Israel. They do not reflect how the Israelis feel. These are pure propaganda, result of decades of thorough research and billions of dollars spent of testing. After spewing this bullshit, the Israelis go back on the hill to celebrate more Palestinian children killed, and expressing desires that soon they all would be dead. The main difference between a Palestinian and an Israeli is that the former wishes to live in peace and have access to food and water, whereas the latter wishes for all Palestinians to be dead.

The sole fact that Israel has its army of shills, whereas the Palestine doesn’t, should tell you all about who the real aggressors are. If Israel was really under such grave threat from Palestine as they have us believe, do you think they could have shills working without interruption around the clock on manipulating the truth on the internet. Palestinians on the other hand are always caught up in an endless circle of running away from Israeli rockets, shells and snipers to sit in a cozy room in search of internet content to twist. Their daily survival is about desperate struggle to obtain drinking water and trying to locate bodies of relatives killed by the Yahoodi for proper burial. Most of them probably wish they could peruse the internet in peace, let alone have the opportunity to form groups like JIDF and organize mass content manipulation events.

In conclusion I would just like to affirm that we are aware of the increase in raids and brigading of Best Gore by Israeli shills and we are well familiar with their tactics. We will not allow the shills to manipulate the truth at Best Gore.

None of us is Palestinian, none of us is Ukrainian, none of us is Syrian, Iranian, or whatever other nation Israel currently attacks. None of us has any emotional, monetary or other ties with any of these countries. None of us receives any incentives that could motivate a specific bias. As such, there would be absolutely no advantage whatsoever for any of us in picking a side. And since there is absolutely nothing to gain, as there is nothing to lose for any of us, we simply say it like we see it.

We prefer upfront honesty and openness to being pretentious and playing games with your minds. We expose the truth and are proud of it. We pay a heavy price for this audacity, as can be witnessed by one of us being currently in soft detention and persecuted for exposing the truth. The rest of us are lucky not to live in Canada, but that doesn’t protect us against sustained attacks from the hoards of Israeli shills. Still, despite their numbers of financial resources, they continue to fall short of our dedication to defend the truth.

We criticize Israeli war crimes not because we are anti-Semitic, but because Israel commits war crimes. Thus it has always been, and thus it always will be. May the truth conquer all. Vincit Omnia Veritas.

PS – Since they’re out in full force, it won’t take long before they’re all over this post. Recognizing them should be pretty easy. They all use the same arguments because they all receive the same training. Props to the real Jews who publicly denounce Israel and distance themselves from Zionist war crimes.

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Gaza’s Genocide: Cries of the Innocent Tue, 22 Jul 2014 21:51:22 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Gaza's Genocide: Cries of the Innocent

You are about to see the truth of our reality as it stands today. In particular, the reality of the current state of Gaza and the results of the Israeli offensive against the Palestinians. However, do not think this is merely a Middle Eastern concern. It never was. This is something which has been in the making since World War II. Every day, all nations, whether they realize it or not, are being pushed inevitably towards all-out war. The true War To End All Wars because today, we have the means necessary to completely annihilate millions of people within the blink of an eye. And that god-like power is in the possession of a group of psychopaths who profit off of death, war and the suffering of the innocents as you are about to see below.

If dead, dying or injured children are your weak point, you might want to give this gallery a pass. The images below are horrific and heartbreaking and prove beyond a reasonable doubt that monsters really do exist.

Bodies Lie in Blood in a Bombed-Out House Body Smashed by Rubble Child Doesn't Want to Let Go of Rescuer Severely Injured Woman Bleeding Out in the Street Member of the Palestinian Press Can't Share His Experience Morgue Packed with Bagged Bodies, A Doctor Weeps The Silence of Childrens Corpses is Deafening Women Rush Past Bombed Building and Ambulance A Bloodied Woman in Mourning A Man Carries Two Little Ones to Safety People, Clearly in Shock, Walk Past Burning Buildings Injured and Dead Being Removed from War Zone with Haste Little Girl with Destroyed Head Lies in a Hospital Hallway Body Set Down on a Stretcher Blood Being Wiped from a Young Boy's Face An Adult Gives a Hand of Comfort to an Injured Child Corpse of a Young Child Held by It's Loved Ones Child's Body Burnt Black by Israeli Hellfire Woman Slouched Dead in a Basement in a Pool of Her Own Blood Young Girl Terrified to Tears by What She has Witnessed Young Men Rushing Bodies Away from Blast Area

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Florida Driver Falls Asleep After Stopping at Red Light Tue, 22 Jul 2014 13:56:42 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Florida Driver Falls Asleep After Stopping at Red Light

Between citizen murders by terrorist cops, the crashed Malaysian plane, the massacre of civilians in Ukraine and the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza, there has been too much unpleasantness in the world lately. So let’s start this week on a little lighter note.

A Florida motorcyclist wearing a helmet cam stopped behind a vehicle at the red light. After the light turned green, vehicles in the other turning lane moved, but the driver in front of the motorcyclist remained still. There was no response from him to the horn so the motorcyclist rode around and tapped on the driver’s window to discover that the driver was soundly asleep.

It’s both hilarious and scary when you realize you share the road with drivers that fall hard asleep on a whim and then shoot out before regaining full lucidity.

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Palestinian Man Searching Through Rubble for Family Shot by Israeli Sniper During Announced Ceasefire Tue, 22 Jul 2014 01:16:56 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Palestinian Man Searching Through Rubble for Family Shot by Israeli Sniper During Announced Ceasefire

A Palestinian man who was searching for his family through rubble that used to be the Shujaiya neighborhood in eastern Gaza City before sickly Israeli terror forces shelled it, was shot by one of the many Israeli snipers who moved into the devastated area to finish off anyone who’s still alive.

According to Joe Catron, an International Solidarity Movement activist in Gaza, the man hadn’t heard from his family but kept his hopes up thinking that maybe they survived the bombing, and went to look for them after Israel announced a brief ceasefire. He was a non combatant, a resident of Shujaiya who wanted nothing but to find his relatives.

Human rights activists who accompanied the man watched him being shot right before their eyes. As he lay in the rubble wounded, the sniper continued to fire until the man was dead. The ceasefire came as a response to the human rights activists requesting an opportunity to evacuate the injured and the dead from the wasteland that Israel turned Gaza into. This is what you get for trusting the Yahoodi to keep his promise.

Quoting Dr. Khalil Abu Foul of the Palestinian Red Crescent:

They said we would be able to evacuate the injured from the disaster zone, but they have been shelling ambulances…

An ambulance shown at the beginning of the video was one of the targeted by the Israeli terror commandos. Paramedic Faud Jaber was killed by the attack.

Dr. Mona el-Farra of the Red Crescent Society in Gaza told the International Solidarity Movement that:

The Israeli military is targeting medical facilities. 77% of medical facilities in Gaza have sustained damage, some of which have been completely destroyed.

It takes a special kind of sick to do something like that. An Israeli sick:

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