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Around 8:30am on August 18th, 2014 a headless body was discovered by maintenance workers outside of Shallcross Stadium in Chatsworth, South Africa and despite an intense search, the head could not be located. Nevertheless, the body had been identified as that of 39-year-old Desiree Murugan who appeared to have been the victim of a violent sexual assault before being beheaded. Ms. Murugan was believed to have been involved in prostitution as well as drugs although she may have been able to keep this a secret from her 6-year-old son who was not told of his mother’s death until later that day due to his family not wanting the news to interfere with his sports activities for that day. Desiree had not been seen or heard from by any friends or family for at least two weeks but was assumed she was just working the streets again. A local Hindu priest who knew of her was saddened by her death as he said that he would often pray for her and understandably, the brutality of the crime has shocked and saddened the entire community. Her sister, Jennet spoke to media sources saying:

Regardless of her drugs and line of work, she did not deserve to die in such a barbaric way. She was a lovely person and would not harm anyone, even though she used drugs she was still a polite person

The head of Desiree was not found until four days later after a massive search was launched and police now have six suspects in custody, all ranged from ages 18 – 32 and including at least one woman. So some justice may be done. It’s just a shame that a boy has to have a whore for a mother. Exposure to that kind of lifestyle can be detrimental to a child’s development, especially a male. Hopefully, she kept that part of herself very far away from her family life.

On a side note, I do have my doubts as to the authenticity of the headless image. I know that there has been a huge push by the family of Ms. Murugan to pull a leaked image of her body so whether or not this is the real image, I don’t know but I will say that the headless body looks a hell of a lot darker than the image of Desiree. What do you guys think?

Headless Woman A Younger Desiree Staking Out the Area Body Being Taken Away

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Decapitated and Crucified Syrian Soldiers Displayed by the Islamic State in ar-Raqqa Mon, 01 Sep 2014 19:39:23 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Decapitated and Crucified Syrian Soldiers Displayed by the Islamic State in ar-Raqqa

I have here photos from The Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, showing the decapitated and crucified members of the Syrian Army. Their blatant disregard for human life is more and more apparent as they even get children to pose with the dead bodies. And a female holds a severed head with children around her. These little ones are being conditioned to believe this “Jihad” is the behavior that is expected of them. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the woman is actually just a terrorist mercenary disguised as a Muslim female just to further perpetuate the idea that Muslims are all bloodthirsty monsters. After all, we know who the Islamic State really works for. A change in name doesn’t change a damn thing. The Khazar want to spread dissent and promote hatred of Islam to the West so that it will continue to get a steady supply of brainwashed Americans who believe they are doing the right thing. This is not about oil. This is about power. This is about control.

Islam is a definite threat to the West in certain regards, I am not denying that. Especially to Eastern Europe which has enough problems already with gypsies. But, we must not forget who is pushing this mass immigration. We must remember who is causing the conflicts in the Middle East that is causing people to flee their homelands. If you take away someone’s homeland, naturally they will try to recreate it elsewhere. If you want to kill a tree, you do not hack at the branches, you must attack the roots.

Syrian Heads Hung Off of a Fence Fat Boy Poses Like a Hunter with His Skinny Friend Bushy-Haired Man Decapitated Bearded Syrian Soldier Two Heads on the Sidewalk Foot Resting on Bloodied Head Their Gang Signs are Rather Simple Head in a Box Head Wrapped in Plastic on Display Two Heads on a Statue Bloody Head Looks Like It's Yawning Head Impaled Next to a Coffee Cup Heads Impaled on a Fence Don't Know if Real Muslim Women Would be Allowed to Participate in This Child Poses with Rifle and Crucified Body

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Brazilian Teenager is Executed and Dumped at a Farm Mon, 01 Sep 2014 16:46:57 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Brazilian Teenager is Executed and Dumped at a Farm

The body of a young woman was found on a farm in Itamaraju, state of Bahia, Brazil. The Corpse has been identified as Marcia Dantas Correia, a teenager known to the police in the area as she had been arrested several times for minor infractions but never had any serious charges filed against her since she was underage although she was known to have been involved with drugs and prostitution. She was shot several times, I can see a bullet wound in her leg, but she was finished off with three shots to the head, with at least one going through the jaw. She was also laying their long enough to have flies begin laying their eggs. Had she been found a day or two later, she would have been found with a noisy, squishy swarm of white maggots in those eye sockets. She is believed to have been killed elsewhere and then dumped at the farm where she was later discovered. Coincidentally, her brother, also involved in the world of drugs, had been killed by drug dealers back in 2010. The killers even cut off the man’s ear and sent it to the family as a warning. I guess she didn’t take it too seriously.

She was a very pretty young woman and it’s such a shame that she had to get involved in this kind of lifestyle. Of course the Third World offers very little as opposed to the First World. Whereas in America, people are rewarded with millions of dollars a year for doing nothing, these people have to do whatever it takes just to put food on their plate.

Man Stands Over the Body Marcia Dantas Correia May Have Been Beaten Prior to Being Shot Looks Like She May Have Pissed Herself Her Brother was Murdered in a Similar Way Another Underage Prostitute Rings, Nails Done, Doing Good for Herself Underage Drug Addict got Involved with the Wrong People Blood and Bruising Around the Bullet Wound Doesn't Seem Like She was Raped Face Down in the Grass Photo of Lower Body ]]> 47
Murder Victim with Slashed Throat Laid on Autopsy Table Mon, 01 Sep 2014 11:36:31 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Murder Victim with Slashed Throat Laid on Autopsy Table

This man died after he was stabbed in the neck during a bar fight. His fresh corpse is shown laid out on an autopsy table. Blood that oozed out of his fatal neck wound looks still fresh, but there’s no more life in the victim.

The stab probably ruptured his carotid artery and when that happens, the bleed out is rapid. The only way to save his life would have been for someone to stick their fingers in the wound and pinch the artery on the side of the heart to stop the blood loss.

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Truck Completely Mangles a Woman on a Scooter Sun, 31 Aug 2014 22:28:42 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Truck Completely Mangles a Woman on a Scooter

No real info on where this took place, but if I had to hazard a guess I’d say Thailand or maybe Indonesia as they have a huge propensity of bicycle, motorcycle, scooter and moped traffic mixing with very large trucks and shitty to non-existent traffic laws. Seems like a good choice. Anyway, we have some real brutality here, boys and girls. Woman was struck, knocked off of her scooter and summarily “processed” by the wheels of that big-ass truck. She is stretched and ripped all over that asphalt. I’ve heard of loose women, but damn.

Body Crumpled and Torn on the Side of the Road Skinned Ripped from Leg Exposing Muscle The Elasticity of Human Flesh Bagging the Manged Remains Woman Hit by Massive Truck Trail of Minced Flesh Leads to the Scooter Bundle of Organs and Assorted Meat on the Road Woman Left Behind an Epic Smear

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Man is Smashed Like a Bug by a Concrete Block Sun, 31 Aug 2014 19:28:45 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Man is Smashed Like a Bug by a Concrete Block

This man was literally flattened after a giant concrete block happened to fall right down on top of him. It looks like it happened off of a main road into an open area, maybe a construction site and came lose from a support or wall but exactly how and why this block fell is unknown to me. It’s also unclear whether this man was working there or just passing through. But I think we can all agree that it fell with some fucking precision as it landed smack dead on top of the man walking next it at just the right moment. Poor guy might of had no time to even react. Maybe saw a huge shadow suddenly or heard a crumbling sound and that’s it. That’s all she wrote.

Naturally when I saw this I couldn’t help but think of Best Gore member thedre, who knows all about getting crushed by falling objects. So this post goes out to you, my friend. It could of been a whole lot worse.

Huge Block Came Out of Nowehere Leg Stuck Out in the Air, Flip Flop Still Attached Arm Severed and Skinned Bloodied Body Reunited with It's Arm Loader Needed to Life the Block Literally Flattened Body of the Victim

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Aerial Footage of Al-Shejaiya in Gaza Puts Indiscriminate Bombardment by Israel Into Perspective Sun, 31 Aug 2014 07:45:57 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Aerial Footage of Al-Shejaiya in Gaza Puts Indiscriminate Bombardment by Israel Into Perspective

Drone filmed aerial footage of Al-Shejaiya in Gaza, released by puts the indiscriminate bombardment by Israel into a perspective. You basically can’t really see a single building that wouldn’t have been attacked, which proves that all those “knock on the roof” or phone warnings were really naught but Public Relations propaganda moves. There was nowhere for the Palestinians to evacuate to as no matter where they’d move, they’d be bombed there too.

Thus all voices calling Operation Protective Edge a genocide were true. This offensive was about erasing entire neighborhoods, wiping out all indigenous population and breaking any will the Gazans may have had to resist. Yet despite the campaign, Gazans persevered and if anything, gained more support all over the world than they’ve ever had.

The video also proves that the Palestinians have every right – moral and legal – to defend themselves against the attacks by any means available.

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Just Another Day in Russia – Girl Caught on Dashcam Sun, 31 Aug 2014 04:56:58 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Just Another Day in Russia - Girl Caught on Dashcam

Mother Russia is so awesome. You never know what to expect and even when you’re ready for weirdness, she’ll still surprise you with something special.

This video is difficult to describe – it just has to be seen. During an early morning hour, a Mazda driver with dashcam rolling pulls up to an available parking slot and stops. A girl the walks into the camera’s field view and what ensues can only be described as “just another day in Russia“.

You can tell by how her hair bounced that she hit her head pretty hard against the front of that other car.

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The Caption This Photo Contest #75 Sun, 31 Aug 2014 01:52:32 +0000 Continue reading ]]> The Caption This Photo Contest #75

I bet seeing that title surprised many of you as it’s been over a year since we’ve had a Caption This Photo Contest. But I have been given the blessing to carry the torch in Mark’s absence. This signals the return of a BG tradition and so this latest edition is dedicated to our founder and oppressed brother, Mark Marek. So SOB’s, caption this photo if you can…

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Dead Man with a Badly Burnt Head Hangs from a Billboard Sat, 30 Aug 2014 21:32:31 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Dead Man with a Badly Burnt Head Hangs from a Billboard

Here’s a weird one for you. A man with a badly burnt head somehow managed to get caught in this billboard. What the actual fuck? I have a pretty good imagination but I cannot figure out how this happened. Was he playing Ghost Rider? Was it a Thai Bachelor Party gone horribly awry? I think this is a case for the BG detectives. I need your help. What do you guys think?

The Rat-Thurs fax. Wat Bang Krai Nok 34. Roundabout near Rama 5 Prompted
a male to hit blue car on lamppost shock. Were urged to volunteer to help.

Rat Thursday’s are the worst.

Man with a Badly Burned Head Hangs from Billboard View from the Other Side Beautiful Day, Nothing Out of the Ordinary

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