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Happy Halloween boys and gores. To celebrate Samhain, how about a little ghost story? This is Aokigahara, also known as Jukai (the Sea of Trees). It is a dense forest set at the base of Mt. Fuji less then 100 miles from Tokyo, Japan. The beauty of the forest and of two caves there in particular have drawn wilderness lovers and explorers from all over the world for many, many years…but, there is another reason Aokigahara is well known to the outside world, one that has forever branded it as the “Suicide Forest”.

One of the first things a visitor to Aokigahara will notice is the silence. Despite the richness of the woods, it is eerily quiet. Very little wildlife is ever seen or heard here because the forest belongs to the dead.

As recent as the late nineteenth century, the people of japan practiced Ubasute, an ancient tradition in which the old and sick were brought into the forest to die of exposure or starvation. The isolation had made it a common place for one to come to end their own lives as well, although it seems that it didn’t become as popular until a book called Kuroi Jukai (The Black Sea of Trees) about a jilted lover committing suicide in the forest.

Just how popular a site? Well, 78 people killed themselves there in 2002. In 2003, 105 bodies were removed from the forest. In 2004, 108 people committed suicide. In 2010, 54 were recovered. Japanese authorities hate to release the official yearly tally of bodies out of fear of creating some kind of suicide competition, to see how many people can kill themselves there. Nobody knows just what it is that draws so many people here to kill themselves. It can’t just be a novel romanticizing the idea of suicide.

Some have speculated that it’s location is a “magic” spot like the Bermuda Triangle that just attracts depressed people to it. The most popular method is by hanging and drug overdose. The person will even go out and buy all brand new hiking boots and camping gear, head on out to the woods and go camping while they reflect on their life and their troubles before gaining the courage to go through with the deed. Possible suicides become apparent when cars have been in the parking lot for days on end, becoming covered in leaves.

It’s a big job trekking through the woods for these potential suicides so there are volunteers who regularly comb the forest looking for bodies. Signs have been placed around the entrances to the forest telling suicidal people to reconsider and to seek help. But it seems to be an unlikely deterrent as people who are in that mindset are not going to be swayed by a sign outside a forest.

The average suicide in Aokigahara is typically middle aged men. The reason for this is speculated that the culture and psychology of the Japanese put much pressure on both men and women to succeed and when they feel that they have failed, especially men who have wives and families, they have no other choice but to off themselves as a way to atone. Suicide is prevalent in Asian countries as an honorable alternative to living as a pariah. This practice goes back centuries in Japan with the Samurai practice of Seppuku.

The cold mists rolling along the paths, the litter and abandoned camps, the random noose still hanging from a moss-covered tree. It is a candidate for the most haunted place on the planet. If you believe in that sort of thing, that is. I prefer to take the side of science and look at things logically. I mean there’s no such thing as…wait, did you hear something?

Welcome to Aokigahara Hanging is the Most Popular Form of Suicide Here Creepy Crawlies Cover His Hand The Month of March is When Suicides Seem to Increase Suicide Air Guitar Looks Like He's Hopping Imagine Coming Across This Wonder What Made Him Do It? Head Decayed Before the Body Most of the Face has Rotted Away Most Suicides Aren't Found for Some Time Almost Mummified Compilation of Bones More Bones The Forest Belongs to the Dead Lonely Skull by a Log Cool Perspective Shot Bought Brand New Boots and Gear to Go Off Himself Skull Picked Clean Random Shoes That were Collected A Noose Still Hanging Interesting Contraption One of Numerous Signs Telling People to Turn Away and Get Help

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The Mütter Museum of Philadelphia Fri, 31 Oct 2014 20:12:20 +0000 Continue reading ]]> The Mütter Museum of Philadelphia

Today is the perfect opportunity for me to talk about one of the coolest places I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting: The Mütter Museum of Philadelphia, state of Pennsylvania, United States. Halloween is basically Christmas for this gore fiend so this is going to be one of two Halloween presents I am giving to my SOB’s. So lets get started.

The Mütter Museum was founded in 1858 by Thomas Dent Mütter and is part of the Philadelphia College of Physicians. The bulk of the specimens were donated by Mütter for the purpose of biomedical research and overall education.

The exhibits vary from multiple wax casts of heads suffering various afflictions and conjoined twins; a woman mummified in the soapy residue known as adipocere, which results from dying in a moist area; there are books that are literally bound in human skin, and preserved veins, arteries and muscles of humans; a massive colon, multiple birth deformities, a ton of unborn babies in jars; brains on display and other assorted organs including a heart where everything has been removed save for the blood vessels, truly fucking awesome.

I spent hours there and don’t think I saw everything. There are drawers filled with all sort of medical instrumentation from the turn of the century as well as the famous Hyrtl wall of skulls which contains the skulls of people from damn near every country on the planet, tons of photos and informative exposition on all types of things. A wonderful place, and if you live in the area it is definitely worth checking out. Go to the Mütter Museum, indulge your fascination for the morbid and educate yourself at the same time.

The Hyrtl Skull Collection Skeletons of an Average Human, a Dwarf and a Giant Well Preserved Conjoined Twin Head Covered in Boils or Warts Syphilis? Photograph of the Man with the Giant Colon Massive Colon had Forty Pounds of Fecal Matter Removed from It The Soap Lady, Mummified by Adipocere Process This Conjoined Baby Has Become Kind of the Mascot of the Museum Two Headed Unborn Baby Preserved in a Jar Cast of Woman with Unusual Tumor Growing from Her Forehead Flying Fetuses Deformed Hands

*All images are used in accordance with the Fair Use Act ( Title 17 US Code).

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Brazilian Woman Sliced Chest Down – Own Privates Stuffed In Mouth Fri, 31 Oct 2014 14:33:31 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Brazilian Woman Sliced Chest Down-Own Privates Stuffed In Mouth

The incident happened in Teresina, Piaui, Brazil. The victim is identified as Krishna Pereira de Araujo, 26 years old, from the Hill of Hope, northeast of Teresina, Piaui.

Her remains were found at St. Joseph cemetery where she was found sliced from her upper chest cavity down to her crotch area where her vagina was cut up and stuffed in her mouth.

The Brazilian police already have a lead, and even a potential suspect but no further information about the investigation was released, so as not to harm the efforts underway.

Sure, we often get to see a body with its guts out or sliced open frequently but a vagina in the mouth? That’s something we don’t see everyday.

What could possibly be the motive behind this? Could she have done something to deserve this tragic death? I was thinking that the suspect might be a psychopath, a raging sexual sadist or someone whom she owed something that cost her her life but I guess we’ll never know. And that, my fellow Best Gorians, I leave entirely to your colorful speculations and imaginations.

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Islamic Front Training Camp Video Fri, 31 Oct 2014 14:28:14 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Islamic Front Training Camp Video

The Islamic Front and the Islamic State are not one and the same thing, although they have many things in common, such as that they were created, trained, armed and funded by our dear leaders (who called them “moderates”), and that they specialize exclusively in killing other Muslims and/or Christians, or other religious group, but have never exhibit actual hostilities toward Israel.

We’ve previously seen an ISIS training camp video (although it wasn’t very good), so here’s a very nicely filmed and edited video of the Islamic Front training camp video. Too bad they are not using all this training to fight the real bad guys.

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59 Year Old Brazilian’s Face is Caved in with Blunt Object Fri, 31 Oct 2014 11:56:41 +0000 Continue reading ]]> 59 Year Old Brazilian's Face is Caved in with Blunt Object

A 59 year old man identified as João Nunes dos Santos, also known as “Indian Joe” was found in a weed-infested lot in Bezerros, state of Pernambuco, Brazil. Details are lacking in the what-the-hell-happened department, but the victim’s wife says that João had a friend over that night (October 23) who was also in the company of another man known as “Mussum”, who was carrying a machete which he used when collecting cans to take to the local dump. All were drunk and Mussum was later seen in the same area where João’s body was discovered.

This man was subjected to a brutal assault. It does not look like machete did this to him. Seems he was attacked from behind and beaten with a blunt object until his face caved in. Interesting to note is his one finger being skinned. Don’t know what the significance of that would be. There are also wounds on the back of his head as well. Why the hell did 59 year old man deserve this?

Laying Dead in the Lot Authorities with Cameraman Subtle Pointer Eyes Smashed Into Head Finger Has been Degloved Blunt Object Punched Hole in Face Flies Filling the Hole The Cyclops Sleeps Blood Ran Down the Back Wounds to the Back of the Head João's ID

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Russian Cops Arrest a Colleague Whom They Caught Accepting Bribes Fri, 31 Oct 2014 02:12:18 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Russian Cops Arrest a Colleague Whom They Caught Accepting Bribes

Video from Sankt Petersburg in Russia shows a uniformed policeman being arrested and treated like a dog by his colleagues who caught him accepting bribes. When police have honor and take pride in the work they do, instead of covering each other’s ass, they’ll manhandle the bad apple like the worst criminal for dishonoring their entire force with their conduct.

How incredibly sad that it had to be, of all places, Russia that showed us how the police should be. In Canada, where police do far more evil things to people, like murder them or beat them up, the cops cover up for colleagues who abuse their positions of power and keep the evidence of abuses hidden. Unless a video surfaces the cops didn’t know existed, they would never be held to account cause a cop will not go after a cop. And they routinely lie about what happened, with their colleagues backing the lies up to turn the victim into a criminal.

In the USA, as we’ve seen in this compilation, not only do the cops never mess with their colleagues, but if a civilian suggests that they want to file a complaint against a cop, instead of expressing openness to investigate the possible bad apple that may be in their ranks, they threaten the civilian who has the nerve to want to complain about their misconduct.

And if occasionally an honest cop does happen, and blows whistle on how it is in the police force – they kill him.

Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video:

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Best Gore Member Shares Learning Experience He Got from Biking Thu, 30 Oct 2014 21:37:59 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Best Gore Member Shares Learning Experience He Got from Biking

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member whatsyourbestgore. In his own words:

I’d like to share my experience falling off of my bike in the lovely
river valley of Edmonton, AB.

I was biking on some paved trails in the river valley on my BMX with street tires, when I thought I would be impressive and do some downhill riding on the gravel trails. Of course, in hindsight, that was a terrible idea, especially since I was not wearing any safety gear. After losing control on a downhill turn, I wiped out pretty hard with my leg taking the brunt of the fall. My bike was fine, however I should not have used one of the only legs I will have in my life to shield one of the many bicycles I will most likely own. The jagged rocks did quite a number on my leg, but I was able to wrap it up using napkins and a plastic bag I happened to be carrying and biked home to bandage it up. Thinking I was some tough masculine superman of sorts, I neglected the advice of many and decided against getting it looked at by doctors and didn’t think stitches were necessary. I had used rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and polysporin and tried to mend it back to care myself. After a few days, the leg had swollen up, and the pain was so excruciating that I could no longer put any weight on it. I was forced to take a trip to the local medical centre where I was given a dose of strong antibiotics, which in turn gave me a bad case of oral thrush. I guess I should of taken the advice that was given to me in the beginning and had it looked at. Or maybe I should of used my brain and used safety gear, and not taken street tires on a gravel trail. I definitely learned my lesson. Luckily the infection – and the oral thrush – have cleared up. Happy riding.

Thanks for sharing, whatsyourbestgore. Now, I want you Best Gore members to entertain me with stories of your own mishaps with dirt bikes, atv/four wheelers, skateboard, snowboard, etc. Funny or serious, it doesn’t matter. I know there is a shit ton of you out there and I don’t partake in these sorts of things myself, mostly due to back issues so I like to hear what kinds of things you guys do.

A Couple Days After the Fall Bruising on the Foot Ten Days After Scars Two Months Later

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Man Stabbed and Beheaded on an Indian Reservation in Pau Brazil Thu, 30 Oct 2014 02:23:22 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Man Stabbed and Beheaded on an Indian Reservation in Pau Brazil

A man identified as Jose Raimundo Santos Rosa, 43, was found murdered inside his home in the Ourinho region on an Indian reservation, Caramuru Paraguassu, in Pau Brasil. He was savagely stabbed multiple times and then had his head cut off. Looks almost as if it were ripped off. No motive and no suspect(s) have been determined. A brutal killing. Makes you wonder what one would have to do to warrant such a thing.

Mad props to Infected Banana for this gory-ass hook up.

Head on a Couch Head Tossed Aside After Beheading Head Looks More Like It was Ripped Off Than Cut Off Nasty Leg Wound Numerous Stab Wounds to the Chest Somebody Really Wanted Him Dead Just Relaxing

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It Is Better to Die Like a Wolf, Than Live Like a Dog – Trailer by Pravy Sektor Thu, 30 Oct 2014 00:42:13 +0000 Continue reading ]]> It Is Better to Die Like a Wolf, Than Live Like a Dog - Trailer by Pravy Sektor

Ukraine’s extremist group Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) is touted as “ultra nationalist” and “neo-Nazi“, yet they are anything but. Sponsored by Israel, leaders of Pravy Sektor take orders from the Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, and cooperate closely with the Jewish community to advance the interests of Israel in Ukraine.

Zionist use this type of disinformation all the time. For example, the primary purpose of the Anti Defamation League is to defame those who expose too many Jewish lies to the public. So because the group was established with the primary purpose to defame, it was touted as “anti-defamation” to confuse the unaware. Similarly, to conceal the fact that the Israeli soldiers readily uses children as human shields, Jewish media is constantly in overdrive making up stories about the Hamas using human shields.

Pravy Sektor supports destruction of the Ukraine, and the enslavement of the Ukrainian people. But they do it under the false pretext of ultra nationalism, which often attracts well meaning Ukrainians, whose thinking is appropriately twisted to support that which corrodes their country, so they never get out of shit they are in. In other words, many of these kids were handed shovels to dig their own graves, but the shovels had a nice Ukrainian flag on the handle, so even though they systematically bury themselves and their families with them, they do it thinking they are preserving their identity.

There are, by the way, many such fake nationalists all over Europe. The English Defense League is another one like that. They mean well, but were tricked to fight the symptoms while protecting and nurturing the root cause of the disease. They too are digging their own graves while falsely believing they are serving their country.

So this Ukrainian group of fake, Israel-first nationalists who call themselves Pravy Sektor released a trailer for the upcoming documentary which will bear the title “It Is Better to Die Like a Wolf, Than to Live Like a Dog” and directed by Evgeniy Titarenko.

However anti nationalist they may be, I do like what the title says and fully agree with it. None are more helplessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free – said Goethe. Few understand the true meaning of freedom these days. And even fewer are willing to fight to set themselves free.

Check out the trailer below:

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Syrian Army Eliminates Group of Islamic Front Terrorists Plotting to Tunnel Bomb Them Wed, 29 Oct 2014 23:32:48 +0000 Continue reading ]]> Syrian Army Eliminates Group of Islamic Front Terrorists Plotting to Tunnel Bomb Them

Best Gore member Syrian_Boy put it like this:

The terrorists, or The Islamic Front, as they called them in Jubar, tried to use city sewers and self made tunnels to tunnel bomb Syrian Arab Army positions in Damascus. The Syrians however are keeping a watchful eye over their capital and eliminated the group before it could cause harm.

Thanks a lot for the video, Syrian_Boy. Stay safe.

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