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    Der Kopfsammler

    What is this last appeal to reason, you might ask?

    After the end of the first British offensive against Germany wich resulted on a British deafeat in Dunkirk, and the consequecedly surrender and annexation of France, Churchill, unhappy with the humiliation he had suffered, started bombing the main German cities. Hitler, in his continuous patience, and in hopes to see an end of all that unecessary destruction and bloodshed, having himself forbbiden the German troops to damage one single building with bombings during that first offensive both in Poland and France, and as a last attempt to put an end to that unwanted war in the most peaceful manner possible, he went as far as ordering airdrops of mass quantities of 4-paged peace panflets over the city of London, written in english, of his latest speech entitled “A Last Appeal To Reason”…

    That same speech was broadcasted throughout Europe in an attempt to aware people to see who the real blood thirsty aggressor was – the british warmonger known as Winston Churchill… Up until recently these appeals had been forgotten by time due to years of constant lies and demonization against Germans… but the lies not allways hide the truth, and today this documentary exists to wake people up for the reality of how the conflicts begun.

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    Barry Halls

    Nothing like a Nazi apologist. Nazis were BAD people. And by bad, I am not using nigger slang meaning good.

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      Der Kopfsammler

      You better bring some reasons to WHY do you believe “Naaawwtzeeees!” were “bad” people other than the fact that they told you that they were “bad” ever since you went to school, otherwise you’re just bringing an empty plate over here.

      “They were bad, period!” – is not a reason though, its just a childish tantrum.

      “They were bad, because they killed jews!” – is not a valid reason because the “6 million” numbers dont match with the reality nor the intentions of National Socialists, nor logic itself, but that would take a long time to explain. Besides, the “6 million” nonsense has been arround for way longer before the war started, theres evidence of that printed on newspapers if you want to see for yourself. Maybe you should instead of asking yourself what did the Germans do to Jews, rather ask what did the jews did to Germans during the Weimar Republic…

      “They were bad, because they invaded Poland!” – Learn a bit more of history, search about the inumerous attempts to call for peace to Poland, and their retaliation, learn about the Danzig Corridor Massacre, the so called “Bloody Sunday”.

      “They were bad, because they bombed UK!” – You mean in retaliation to the daily bombings the RAF were conducting? Again, learn a bit more of history, especifically the BEFORE that, like the complete annihilation of the city of Dresden and its inhabitants using firebombs… for that act of terrorism, any leader today would have razed UK to the ground.

      “They were bad, because they invaded USSR!” – The USSR was continuously advancing towards Germany, they had already attacked several eastern european countries before Germany retaliated with that “preemptive strike”, they had thousands of tanks and airbases built right in the borders aiming at Germany, they were getting ready for an invation of Europe. If it wasnt for Germany delaying the attack, Europe would be USSR… and knowing what they did to Ukranians during the Holodomor, killing dozens of millions by starvation, Europe would be a mass grave today.

      So yeah, you’re not insulting anyone by calling anyone a “Naaawwtzeee!! apologist”, especially when that “Naaawwwwttzeeee!!! apologist” has a better understanding of history than you do, buddy…

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      You stupid prick, you’re so brainwashed and stupid you don’t even know it; why? because you’re too stupid to know and understand how stupid you are. Wake up fool.
      This message is in reply to that Devil faced faggot, ‘Barry small brain Halls’.

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    Der Kopfsammler

    Adolf Hitler: A Last Appeal To Reason

    The youtube link is down (unsurprisingly) so i had to find another source for it… I cannot edit the main post because the timed edits on the OP is just ridiculous… I’d like to ask a moderator or an admin to put this video instead on the OP, and please, to correct the title for me as well… 😆 I somehow missed an “L” in His name…

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    History is written by the victors -Winston Churchill

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      Der Kopfsammler

      I dont know why is that quote attributed to him, the origins are traced way beyond that. I believe that it was George Orwell who should be attributed to it, the same man that in the 1984 book wrote “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” 😀

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    Might have been Orwell. Just goes to show how deep it runs..

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    @der-kopfsammler hello friend. I’m no Nazi apologist, yet there are just too many discrepancies with the oficial narrative. Thanks for sharing and bring to light more info to us. Your link is down.. Allow me to post a link for people to enjoy. If it doesn’t please you… Sorry for that.

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      Der Kopfsammler

      Why wouldnt that please me? 😆 I know that awesome video 😀 And i already posted a link to another source up but i’ll try to find another Youtube uploaded one.

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    Winston Churchill was the real ‘evil’, Hitler did not want war with Britain, however Churchill had other ideas due to being heavily involved with Zionist bankers and Freemasons.

    There’s also documented evidence which David Irving discusses highlighting how Churchill was bribed by fellow members of a secret group called ‘The Focus’, and their motives were to bring Hitler down at any cost.

    The only threat Hitler posed was to the Jewish banking cartel, and so they simply had to stop him, otherwise they would have been put out of business. Printing money out of thin air and charging interest on it is the biggest scam in existence, and still goes on today unquestioned….

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    Links down. Watched the video months ago though…..critical thinkers in this bitch……

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      Der Kopfsammler

      I already added a new link above to an upload. I cannot edit the OP anymore because fuck this forum’s logic…

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